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Mobile Medical Apps Trends

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 30 Pages
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行動醫療應用程式市場趨勢 Mobile Medical Apps Trends
出版日期: 2014年01月01日 內容資訊: 英文 30 Pages


第1章 擴大行動醫療應用程式:醫療的恩惠

  • 簡介
  • 行動醫療應用程式定義

第2章 市場概要

  • 行動醫療應用程式的市場方案
  • 行動醫療應用程式的推動市場要素
  • 法律規範
  • 技術的進步
  • 政府的輔助
  • 策略性夥伴關係
  • 遠程電信服務
  • 更佳的患者管理
  • 行動醫療應用程式市場課題
  • 醫療應用程式VS健康應用程式
  • 主要的行動健康/醫療應用程式的評估網站
  • 受歡迎的行動醫療應用程式
  • Dr.Chrono App
  • EZ Derm
  • GU Path
  • General Radiology 3 Flashcards
  • PubMedster
  • 行動醫療應用程式:下載前10名

第3章 美國的行動醫療應用程式市場

  • 行動醫療應用程式市場預測將飛躍性地成長
  • 推動市場的要素
  • 醫療專業選擇的前3名醫療應用程式
  • 4個主要的FDA認證醫療應用程式類別
  • 法規方案
  • 美國議會:行動應用程式法規
  • 醫療應用程式:FDA的計劃
  • 促進系統互通性的新架構

第4章 近來產業活動

第5章 產品的銷售與引進

第6章 市場參與者

第7章 附錄

Product Code: 146163

A mobile medical app refers to software that is developed to run on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Designed to assist the clinical community, these apps play an important role in modern medicine.

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Mobile Medical Apps market worldwide. The report also provides global market estimates and projections for Mobile Health Apps in US dollars and Units for years 2012 through 2017. Supported with 4 market data tables, the report highlights the ever increasing permanence of Mobile Medical Apps. The report highlights the recent M&A activities in the industry involving key players including Athenahealth, Jawbone, US HealthConnect Inc., Azumio and others. The report also discusses the launch of Mobile Medical Apps by leading manufacturers including Mayo Clinic, Happtique, Apple, mRemedy and others witnessed by the industry over the last few years. In addition, 68 companies operating in the Mobile Medical Apps arena worldwide including Apple, Google, iHealth Lab, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Quest Diagnostics are profiled.

Table of Contents


  • A Prelude
  • Mobile Medical Apps - Definition


  • Mobile Medical Apps - Market Scenario
    • Table 1: Global Mobile Health Apps Revenues (2012-2017) in US$ Million
    • Table 2: No. of Mobile Health Care Apps Downloads Worldwide (2012-2017) in Million
  • Mobile Medical Apps - Market Drivers
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Technological Advancements
  • Government Support
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Remote Tele-services
  • Increasing Better Patient Care
  • Mobile Medical Apps - Market Challenges
  • Medical Apps Vs Health Apps
  • Major Mobile Health/Medical App Review Sites
  • Popular Mobile Medical Apps
  • Dr.Chrono App
  • EZ Derm
  • GU Path
  • General Radiology 3 Flashcards
  • PubMedster
  • Mobile Medical Applications - Top 10 Downloads by Order of Preference
    • Table 3: No. of Health Apps Downloads by Consumers Worldwide (2012) - By Category Percentage Market Share for Fitness Related, Healthcare Education, Weight Reduction/Weight Control, Sleep Related and Other Medical Conditions, Women's Health/Pregnancy Related, and Others


  • Mobile Medical Apps Market to Witness Exponential Growth
  • Market Drivers
  • Top 3 Medical App Categories Preferred by Healthcare Professionals
  • Four Major FDA Qualified Mobile Medical App Categories
    • Table 4: iPhone Consumers No. of Health App Downloads in the US (2012) - By Category Percentage Market Share for Exercise Related, Weight Control/Diet Related, Stress Relieving/Relaxation, Women's Health Related, Health Calculator, and Others
  • Regulatory Scenario
  • US Congress - Mobile Apps Regulations
  • Medical Apps - FDA Time Line
  • New Framework to Drive System Interoperability


  • Athenahealth Takes Over Epocrates
  • Jawbone Takes Over Massive Health to Refine UP Health Device
  • Rock Health Introduces Online Guide on Medical App Regulations
  • US HealthConnect to Take Over Healthcare Assets of Complemedia
  • Zenetek Inks Joint Venture Agreement with Health Sciences Group
  • Azumio Takes Over SkyHealth
  • HIMSS Releases Guide for Medical Apps Evaluation
  • MHRA Classifies Mersey Burns App as Class I Medical Device
  • Aetna Acquires Healthagen
  • Doro Takes Over Prylo
  • Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong Takes Over Vitality
  • Healthagen Acquires AppointmentCity Service
  • Humana Takes Over Interest in Discovery Holdings
  • Peaksware Acquires Fitness Apps from Screenmedia
  • USA Mobility Takes Over Amcom Software
  • Vocera Acquires Wallace Wireless
  • WellDoc Acquires Oncology Care Home Health Specialists
  • Wolters Kluwer Health Acquires Lexi-Comp


  • Mayo Clinic Develops Mayo Clinic Patient App
  • Samsung Unveils Galaxy S4 Mobile Handset with Fitness and Health Trackers
  • Happtique Launches Healthcare Mobile App mRx...
  • Apple Introduces Apps Hall
  • Epocrates Introduces New App Directory for Medical Professionals
  • mRemedy Introduces Custom Apps for Medical Community
  • The Cambridge Launches Sermo Mobile Application


  • Aetna, Inc. (USA)
  • AirStrip™ Technologies (USA)
  • AliveCor, Inc. (USA)
  • Apple, Inc. (USA)
  • Asthmapolis (USA)
  • athenahealth, Inc. (USA)
  • Axial Exchange (USA)
  • Azumio, Inc. (USA)
  • BinaryLabs, Inc. (USA)
  • Confidant Systems (USA)
  • Croi, the West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation (Ireland)
  • D Sharp Mobile Software Corporation (Canada)
  • Danike, Inc. (USA)
  • Dental Anywhere™ (USA)
  • Discovery Ltd. (South Africa)
  • DrChrono, Inc. (USA)
  • Endloop Mobile, Inc. (Canada)
  • EP Detect (UK)
  • Epocrates, Inc. (USA)
  • Fooducate Ltd. (Israel)
  • Glooko, Inc. (USA)
  • Google, Inc. (USA)
  • Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Happtique, Inc. (USA)
  • Healthagen (USA)
  • Humana, Inc. (USA)
  • Hyrax, Inc. - My Medical (USA)
  • iHealth Lab, Inc. (USA)
  • InternetArray, Inc. (USA)
  • Jawbone (USA)
  • Labstyle Innovations Corporation (USA)
  • Leading Edge Apps LLC (USA)
  • Lexicomp, Inc. (USA)
  • LifeMed Media, Inc. Dba dLife (USA)
  • Mayo Clinic (USA)
  • Med ART Studios (USA)
  • Medimetrix Solutions Exchange LLC (USA)
  • Microsoft Corporation (USA)
  • Mobisante, Inc. (USA)
  • MyFitnessPal LLC (USA)
  • MyNetDiary, Inc. (USA)
  • Orca Health, Inc. (USA)
  • Peaksware LLC (USA)
  • Physicians Interactive Holdings LLC (USA)
  • Planmeca Oy (Finland)
  • Plextek Ltd. (UK)
  • ProApps by (AM) Ventures, A Division of Antal Media, Inc. (USA)
  • Qualcomm Inc. (USA)
  • Qualcomm Life, Inc. (USA)
  • Quest Diagnostics, Inc. (USA)
  • QxMD Medical (USA)
  • Remedy Health Media (USA)
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Skyhealth LLC (USA)
  •, Inc. (USA)
  • Teladoc, Inc. (USA)
  • Telcare, Inc. (USA)
  • The Vitality Group (USA)
  • Unbound Medicine, Inc. (USA)
  • University Health Network and the Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)
  • US Healthconnect, Inc. (USA)
  • Vocera (USA)
  • WebMD LLC - Medscape (USA)
  • WellDoc, Inc. (USA)
  • Withings (France)
  • Wolters Kluwer (The Netherlands)
  • ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. (USA)
  • Zenetek (Vietnam)


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