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Private Cloud Server Trends

出版商 Global Industry Analysts, Inc. 商品編碼 297811
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 28 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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私有雲端伺服器全球動向 Private Cloud Server Trends
出版日期: 2014年01月01日 內容資訊: 英文 28 Pages



第1章 私有雲端伺服器 - 加速虛擬化

  • 私有雲端主機 - 無限擴大的機會
  • 私有雲端主要資產
  • 私有雲端主機 - 成功真言
  • 資料安全性
  • 彈性
  • 服務信賴性
  • 託管型私有雲端模式
  • 專用私有雲端
  • 虛擬私有雲端
  • 公用雲端主機
  • 私有 vs 公用雲端
  • 對私有雲端投資的考慮重要因素
  • 收入
  • 私有雲端觀察
  • 服務供應商
  • 內部基本設施
  • 設計
  • 適當硬體/軟體選擇
  • 購入 vs 構築 vs 再使用的決定
  • 購入
  • 構築
  • 再利用
  • 虛擬化與私有雲端

第2章 市場動向

  • 雲端運算主要動向
  • 混合平台的人氣
  • 價值的集中
  • 業界指南
  • 資料儲存新方法
  • 行動接續
  • 雲端安全的共有責任

第3章 最近產業活動

  • Rackspace Hosting持續Exceptional Cloud Services事業
  • HostGee在沙烏地阿拉伯設立HostGee雲端伺服器
  • Cisco設立綠能資料中心
  • Lloyd Group取得Greenhouse
  • VMware將Kitty追加Socialcast
  • CA Technologies吸收Hyperformix
  • HP為持續3PAR事業而將Dell賦予高價
  • KT設立大型私有雲端
  • Telstra為提供紐西蘭與澳洲的私有雲端服務與Accenture合作

第4章 產品發售

  • Accenture發表Accenture 雲端平台
  • Rackspace Hosting發表OpenCenter
  • Akitio發表MyCloud迷你個人云端伺服器
  • Microsoft發表Windows Server 2012私有雲端工具新系列
  • Shuttle發表Omninas KD20儲存設備
  • Data Robotics發售Drobo FS
  • Oracle發表Exalogic彈性雲端
  • OpSource重編新服務與方案

第5章 市場參與企業

  • Accenture PLC (愛爾蘭)
  • Aeronomy LLC (美國)
  • Akitio (美國)
  • Alteryx, Inc. (美國)
  • AltiGen Communications, Inc. (美國)
  • Anoosmar Technologies Pvt., Ltd. (Vaultize) (印度)
  • AT & T, Inc. (美國)
  • BitCloud (澳洲)
  • BroadRiver Communications Corporation (美國)
  • Brocade Communication Systems(美國)

第6章 補充

Product Code: 146125

The Cloud computing technology enables client organizations to use remote servers for storing and manipulating data, as well as for accessing it via multiple devices. Private clouds feature controlled, customized restrictions on data access and resource dedication. Private cloud hosting is regarded as a highly powerful and efficient hosting platform for accelerating time-to-market and reducing infrastructure costs.

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Private Cloud Server market worldwide. The report also provides global market estimates and projections for Private Cloud Servers in US dollars and Units for years 2012 through 2017. Supported with 2 market data tables, the report highlights the ever increasing permanence of Private Cloud Servers. The report also discusses the launch of personal cloud servers, cloud platforms, and other storage devices by leading manufacturers including Accenture, Akitio, Shuttle, Inc. and others witnessed by the industry over the last few years. The report further highlights the recent M&A activities in the industry involving key players namely Rackspace Hosting, VMware, CA Technologies, and others. In addition, 70 companies operating in the personal cloud server arena worldwide are profiled.

Table of Contents


  • A Prelude
  • Private Cloud Hosting - A Sky of Endless Opportunities
  • Key Properties of Private Clouds
  • Private Cloud Hosting - The Success Mantra
  • Data Safety
  • Flexibility
  • Service Reliability
  • Hosted Private Cloud Models
  • Dedicated Private Cloud
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud Hosting
  • Private Vs. Public Cloud
  • Critical Factors to Consider for Investment in Private Cloud
  • Revenue
  • Insight about Private Cloud
  • Service Provider
  • Internal Infrastructure
  • Design
  • Selecting the Correct Hardware/Software
    • Table 1: Global Private Cloud Server Revenues (2012-2017) in US$ Million
    • Table 2: Global Private Cloud Server Shipments (2012-2017) in '000's of Units
  • Buy Vs. Build Vs. Reuse Decision
  • Buy
  • Build
  • Reuse
  • Virtualization and Private Cloud


  • Major Trends in Cloud Computing
  • Popularity of Hybrid Platforms
  • More Focus on Value
  • Industry Guidelines
  • New Approaches to Data Storage
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Cloud Security Demands Shared Responsibility


  • Rackspace Hosting Takes Over Exceptional Cloud Services
  • HostGee Sets Up HostGee Cloud Servers in Saudi Arabia
  • Cisco Sets Up Green Datacenters
  • Lloyd Group Bags Greenhouse IT
  • VMware Adds Socialcast to Kitty
  • CA Technologies Gobbles Up Hyperformix
  • HP Outbids Dell to Take Over 3PAR
  • KT Sets Up Large-scale Private Cloud
  • Telstra Forms Alliance with Accenture to Offer Private Cloud Services in New Zealand and Australia


  • Accenture Introduces Accenture Cloud Platform
  • Rackspace Hosting Introduces OpenCenter
  • Akitio Launches MyCloud Mini Personal Cloud Server
  • Microsoft Unveils New Range of Private Cloud Tools for Windows Server 2012
  • Shuttle Unveils Omninas KD20 Storage Device
  • Data Robotics Launches Drobo FS
  • Oracle Introduces Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • OpSource Reorganizes Offerings into New Services and Solutions


  • Accenture PLC (Ireland)
  • Aeronomy LLC (USA)
  • Akitio (USA)
  • Alteryx, Inc. (USA)
  • AltiGen Communications, Inc. (USA)
  • Anoosmar Technologies Pvt., Ltd. (Vaultize) (India)
  • AT & T, Inc. (USA)
  • BitCloud (Australia)
  • BroadRiver Communications Corporation (USA)
  • Brocade Communication Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • CA Technologies (USA)
  • Canonical Group Ltd. (UK)
  • Capris Ltd. (Canada)
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • CloudPassage, Inc. (USA)
  • Codero (USA)
  • Coding Best Software Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Combell Group NV (Belgium)
  • Connectria Hosting (USA)
  • Dell, Inc. (USA)
  • Digiweb Ltd. (Ireland)
  • Drobo, Inc. (USA)
  • EMC Corporation (USA)
  • Evolve IP LLC (USA)
  • GigeNet (USA)
  •, Inc. (USA)
  • GoGrid (USA)
  • Hewlett-Packard Development Company LP (USA)
  • Hivelocity Ventures Corporation (USA)
  • Horizon Private Cloud (USA)
  • (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hostway Corporation (USA)
  • IceWEB, Inc. (USA)
  • International Business Machine Corporation (USA)
  • Jolera, Inc. (Canada)
  • Joyent, Inc. (USA)
  • KT Corporation (Korea)
  • Lazu (Australia)
  • Lloyd Group, Inc. (USA)
  • Matsco Solutions Group (USA)
  • Microsoft Corporation (USA)
  • Monarch Personnel Group Ltd. (UK)
  • Nebula, Inc. (USA)
  • Net4 India Ltd. (India)
  • NetDepot (USA)
  • Nutanix, Inc. (USA)
  • Oliver James Enterprise (UK)
  • OpSource, Inc. (USA)
  • Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • Princeton Hosted Solutions LLC (USA)
  • Proxy Networks, Inc. (USA)
  • Quostar Solutions Ltd. (UK)
  • Rackspace Hosting, Inc. (USA)
  • Rapidswitch (Iomart Hosting Ltd.) (UK)
  • RSAWEB (South Africa)
  • SavvisDirect (USA)
  • Sequencia Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Server Intellect (USA)
  • ServInt Flex (USA)
  • Shuttle, Inc. (Taiwan)
  • SingleHop LLC (USA)
  • SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Spark Support Infotech Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • StratoGen, Inc. (USA)
  • Tekoa Software, Inc. (USA)
  • Telstra Corporation Ltd. (Australia)
  • UKFast.Net Ltd. (UK)
  • VMware, Inc. (USA)
  • WestHost (USA)
  • ZeroLag Communications, Inc. (USA)


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