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Submarine Optical Fiber Cables

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海底光纜的全球市場 Submarine Optical Fiber Cables
出版日期: 2018年01月01日 內容資訊: 英文 276 Pages


第1章 簡介,調查方法,產品定義

第2章 摘要整理

  • 產業概要
    • 簡介
    • 促進成長要素
    • 光纖-對海底應用而言有利的傳送媒體
    • 對網路經濟的貢獻增加:海底電纜的需求
    • 對頻寬的需求增加迫使全球海底電纜市場
    • 增加的網路流量
    • IP支援設備的增加帶動擴張頻寬容量的需求
    • 國際頻寬需求的分權化和電纜系統
    • 網路視訊的成長成為推動海底電纜系統使用的契機
    • 行動影音串流正盛
    • 經濟不穩定對海底電纜市場的影響
    • 國際海底電纜容量需求的增加
    • 由於成熟市場飽和電信業者追求新機會
    • 新興市場提供了一個新可能性的世界
    • 海底電纜企業仍在新途徑受到關注
    • 新海底電纜系統舖設不足:疑慮的原因是?
    • 現有的大陸間海底電纜系統
    • 比起安裝新網路,更新更受歡迎
    • 新路徑的電纜施工計劃增加
    • 已提案的全球海底電纜計劃
    • 海底電纜系統的資金籌措結構
    • 新計劃的投資:雖然緩慢但仍穩定流入
    • 新的應用提供成長機會
    • 高穩定性和高速連接用構成了網狀網絡
    • 電纜系統的低等待時間:電子交易公司間互相競爭
    • 技術進步保証了更快的海底傳送速度
    • 服務供應商致力於提升有線網路的彈性
    • 海底電纜面臨巨量資料的課題
    • 海底電纜:暴露在Snoopin、自然災害及金融危機的風險中
    • 由於混亂,政治鬥爭,海底電纜公司正在尋求替代路徑
    • 升級供應商熱門
    • SLTE市場:減速影響供應商利潤率
  • 海底光纜:簡介
  • 法規狀況
  • 近來產業活動
  • 主要企業
  • 全球市場概要

第3章 市場

  • 非洲
  • 大西洋橫斷
  • 歐洲及地中海
  • 太平洋橫斷
  • 東南亞
  • 其他


Product Code: MCP-7858

This report analyzes the Global market for Submarine Optical Fiber Cables in Kilometers. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2013 through 2022. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. The report profiles 104 companies including many key and niche players such as -

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks SAS
Ciena Corporation
Fujitsu Limited
Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited
Infinera Corporation
Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.

Table of Contents


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations


Data Interpretation & Reporting Level

  • Quantitative Techniques & Analytics

Product Definitions and Scope of Study

  • Submarine Optical Fiber Cables



  • Prelude
  • Submarine Cable Networks - The Lifeline of Global Communications
  • Evolution of Submarine Networks
  • Subsea Optical Fiber Networks - Past, Present, and Future
  • Outlook
  • Growth Drivers in a Nutshell
    • Repairs, Upgrades and Replacements to Drive Future Growth
  • Fiber Optics - The Preferred Transmission Medium for Undersea Applications
  • Internet's Rising Contribution to Economy: Need for Submarine Cables
  • International Bandwidth Usage Continues to Grow Exponentially
    • Table 1: Global International Bandwidth Usage (in Tbps) for years 2012 through 2016 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 2: Number of Internet Users Worldwide (in Million) and Penetration per 100 Population for Years 2011 through 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 3: Global Mobile Communications Market: Data Subscriptions as a Percentage of the Overall Mobile Subscriptions for Years 2011 through 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Growth Evenly Spread Out
    • Table 4: International Bandwidth Usage by Geographic Region (2012-2016): Ranked by % CAGR for Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East, Latin America, and Oceania (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Opportunity Indicators:
    • Table 5: Global Internet Usage (2017): Percentage Share Breakdown of Number of Internet Users for Select Countries (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 6: Worldwide Internet Penetration Rates (%) by Region: 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 7: Top 20 Internet Countries: Ranked by Number of Internet Users (in Millions): 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 8: Worldwide Active Broadband Subscriptions (Fixed, Mobile & Total) per 100 Population (2017): Breakdown by Geographic Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Internet Traffic on the Rise
    • Table 9: Global IP Traffic by Geographic Region (2016 & 2021) (in Exabytes per month) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Rise in IP-enabled Devices Necessitates Bandwidth Capacity Expansion
    • Table 10: Active Mobile Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants (2011-2017) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 11: Active Mobile Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants by Region (2017) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 12: Mobile Data Traffic Growth by Region (2016) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Growth in Internet Video to Trigger Use of Submarine Cable Systems
    • Table 13: Consumer Internet Video Traffic by Geographic Region (2014 & 2018) (in Exabytes per month) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Mobile Videos Streaming Gathers Steam
    • Table 14: Smartphone Penetration Worldwide (as a Percentage of Total Population) for Major Countries: 2017 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 15: Global Market for Smartphones (2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018P): Breakdown of Sales in Thousand Units (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 16: Global Smartphones Market (2016 & 2020P): Percentage Share Breakdown of Sales by Geographic Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 17: Global Mobile Subscriptions (2016): Percentage Breakdown by Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Impact of Economic Uncertainties on Submarine Cables Market
  • Emerging Markets Offer World of Possibilities
  • Submarine Cable Companies Focus on Unserved Routes
  • Lack of New Submarine Cable System Installations: A Cause of Concern?
  • Upgrades Find Favor over New Subsea Network Installations
    • Table 18: Average Lit Capacity (%) on Major Submarine Cable Routes Worldwide (2016) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Financing Structure of Submarine Cable Systems
  • Paradigm Shift in Ownership
    • Table 19: Funding for New Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Systems (1987-2015, 2012-2016 & 2017-2018): Percentage Share Breakdown of Investment by Financier(s) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • New Cable Projects Witness Turnaround in 2016
    • Table 20: Global Submarine Optical Fiber Cable Market (2008-2014): Percentage Share Breakdown of Investments in New Projects by Geographic Region (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Unconventional Applications Provide Growth Opportunities
  • Creating Mesh Networks for Greater Reliability and Faster Connectivity
  • Low Latency of Cable Systems: Sought After among Electronic Trading Companies
  • Technology Advances Promise Faster Undersea Transmissions
  • Service Providers Focus on Improving Flexibility of Submarine Cable Networks
  • Subsea Cables Encounter Challenges due to Big Data
  • Submarine Cables: At Risk from Snooping, Natural Disasters & Financial Crisis
  • Network Sabotage a Real Threat
  • Congestion, Political Feuds Push Subsea Cable Companies to Seek Alternate Routes
  • Upgrade Suppliers Gaining Prominence
  • Change in Competitive Dynamics
    • Table 21: Leading Suppliers of New Systems in the Submarine Cable Systems Market (2012-2016): Percentage Share Breakdown of New Systems Supplied for Primary Contracts for ASN, TE SubCom, NEC, Fujitsu, Huawei Marine, NSW, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • SLTE Market Slowdown Affects Vendor Margins
    • Table 22: Leading Vendors in the Global Submarine System Construction Market (2016): Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenues for ASN, TE SubCom, NEC Group and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 23: Leading Vendors in the Global Submarine Cables Market (2012-2016): Percentage Share Breakdown of Supply Contracts for ASN, TE SubCom, NEC, Huawei Marine Networks, Fujitsu, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)


  • History and Development
  • Optical Telephone Cables
  • Basic Structure of Submarine Communication Cable
  • Other Components of Submarine Cable Network
    • Cable Landing Points
    • Cable Landing Stations
    • Cable Termination Stations
    • IT Systems
    • Submarine Branching Units
  • Ownership Structure in Submarine Cable Industry
  • Submarine Cables: An Edge over Satellite Communications
  • SEA-ME-WE 3: The Longest Submarine Cable Network


  • Regulations for Cable Deployment and Protection
  • 2011 Omnibus Resolution on Oceans and the Law of the Sea: Glance at Key Specifications
  • A Peek into Provisions of UNCLOS for Undersea Cables
  • Convention for the Protection of Submarine Telegraph Cables
  • Australia: Legal Framework for Submarine Cables


  • ASN Commences Construction of New Submarine Cable for IOX Cable
  • Nexans Bags Supply Contract from Huawei Marine Networks
  • Xtera(r) Awarded Contract from DISA for New Regional Submarine Cable System
  • Hawaiian Telecom Completes Buildout of SEA-US Undersea Fiber Cable
  • ABDIG to Acquire Majority Stake in Fiber Prime Telecommunications
  • ASN Signs Turnkey Agreement with OPT for NATITUA Cable System
  • BTL and Huawei Marine Complete SEUL Submarine Cable Buildout
  • Huawei Marine Bags Contract for Submarine Cable System from SISCC
  • TE SubCom Bags SPMMA Maintenance Contract
  • Equinix and Eastern Light Enter into Partnership for Sweden-Finland Submarine Cable
  • Globe Telecom and BSCC Sign Agreement for Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Spur
  • ASN and Vocus Sign Agreement for New ASC System
  • Seaborn and Werthein Sign Agreement to Build ARBR Submarine Cable System
  • Ciena's MONET Subsea Cable System Selected by Angola Cables
  • H.I.G. Capital Takes Over Assets of Xtera
  • NEC to Supply Cable for HK-G Cable System
  • GTT Acquires Hibernia Networks
  • ASN Upgrades Transpacific Cable System with 8QAM Technology
  • TE Subcom and Ciena Sign Enter into Alliance for Open Submarine Cable Networking Solutions
  • Nokia Completes Acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent
  • ASN Bags Contract for Greenland Connect North from TELE-POST
  • NEC Bags Contract to Develop IGG Cable System from PT.Telkom
  • TE SubCom and Djibouti Telecom Consortium Sign Construction and Maintenance Agreement for DARE
  • ASN and TE Subcom Renew Maintenance Contract with Telefonica
  • NEC Bags Contract from DOCOMO for ATISA Submarine Cable System
  • Alcatel-Lucent Introduces 1620 SOFTNODE
  • ASN Bags Contract for Building Australia West Express Undersea Cable System from GoTo Networks
  • ASN Bags Contract for SAPL from Ocean Networks
  • ASN Streamlines Cable Ship Operations
  • Telekom Malaysia Bags Contract to Develop and Construct new 3,500km Submarine Cable System
  • Trans Pacific Express Selects Ciena for Submarine Cable Upgrade
  • Brazil Mulling Plans to Deploy Underwater Fiber Optic Cables in Amazon Basin
  • Alcatel-Lucent and ACE Consortium Completes Field Trial on ACE System


  • Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks SAS (France)
  • Ciena Corporation (USA)
  • Fujitsu Limited (Japan)
  • Huawei Marine Networks Co., Limited (China)
  • Infinera Corporation (USA)
  • Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Japan)
  • NEC Corporation (Japan)
  • Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH (Germany)
  • NTT World Engineering Marine Corporation (Japan)
  • Orange Marine (France)
  • S. B. Submarine Systems Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Seaborn Networks LLC (USA)
  • TE SubCom (USA)
  • Xtera Communications, Inc. (USA)


    • Table 24: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for Submarine Optical Fibers Cables by Route - Americas, EMEA, Intra-Asia, and Others Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Route Kilometers Added for the Years 2013 through 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Table 25: World 10-Year Perspective for Submarine Optical Fibers Cables by Route - Percentage Breakdown of Annual Route Kilometers Added for Americas, EMEA, Intra-Asia, and Others Markets for the Years 2013, 2017 & 2022 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)


  • The United States
  • US Government Tightens Control on Undersea Cable Services and Systems
    • The New Framework and its Objectives
  • Latin America
  • Overview
    • Table 26: International Bandwidth Demand in South America (2016): Percentage Share Breakdown by Country (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • New Wave of Projects Hit Latin America
    • Brazil: A Lucrative Connectivity Target for Submarine Cable Projects
    • Cuba Gets First Undersea Cable
  • Europe
  • Finland Looks to Expand Bandwidth through New Submarine Cable Link
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Submarine Cables in Asia: High Growth Opportunities
  • Japan: Earthquake and Tsunami Disrupt Fiber-Optic Submarine Cables
  • India: Submarine Cables Market on Expansion Mode
    • Major submarine cable systems currently connecting India to the rest of the world include:
    • Telecom Majors Team Up for Submarine Cable Projects
    • Monopoly Allegations in CLS Sector Hits Submarine Cables Market
  • The Middle East
  • Limited Submarine Cable Systems Lead to High Broadband Prices
  • Africa
  • Need for Connectivity Drives Focus onto Submarine Cables
    • Table 27: Select Submarine Cable Systems in Africa by Route Length and Capacity (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
  • Imminent Explosion in International Connectivity through Submarine Cables
  • High-Capacity Submarine Cables to Wire-up Africa
  • Emergence of VoIP Services
  • African Countries Take Measures to Control High Cost of Bandwidth
  • Extending Connectivity to Landlocked Nations is Key for Future Growth
  • East Africa - An Overview
    • Submarine Cable Systems Spur Demand for Broadband Internet Services
    • Surging Demand for Mobile Communications & Internet Services
  • West Africa - An Overview
    • Launch of New Cable Systems to Bring Broadband Connectivity
  • Southern Africa - Leading the IP Bandwagon
  • Nigeria - A Large Market
    • Submarine Cable Systems to Drive Down Bandwidth Prices
    • Delay in Approval for National Broadband Policy Affects Investments
    • Table 28: Select Submarine Cable Systems Connecting Nigeria (includes corresponding Graph/Chart)
    • Egypt: An Important Host of Submarine Cables
  • Southeast Asia
    • Pan-East Asia Route: A Review
      • Select Pan-East Asian Systems
    • Challenges Facing Intra-Asian Market for Submarine Cables
  • Australia & New Zealand
    • High Cost of Internet Data Transmission over Submarine Cables
    • Creating Mesh Networks for Greater Reliability and Faster Connectivity
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