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Latin America PV Playbook - Q4 2017

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南美的PV計劃 Latin America PV Playbook - Q4 2017
出版日期: 2018年01月22日 內容資訊: 英文

本報告提供南美的太陽能光電發電市場趨勢的相關調查,市場規模的變化與預測,各部門 (公共事業、產業、商用、住宅) 的明細,計劃的發表及進展趨勢,市場影響因素分析等彙整資料。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 各地區分析

第3章 巴西

第4章 智利

第5章 墨西哥

第6章 阿根廷

第7章 其他南美各國

第8章 中美及加勒比海各國




Latin America is the global frontier for unsubsidized solar markets. With high insolation levels and growing demand, it is positioned to be one of the most attractive regions on the planet for solar development. Eyeing the region's potential, GTM Research introduced the Latin America PV Playbook, the industry's most in-depth analysis of the budding South American, Central American and Caribbean solar markets.

Latin American market is on track to grow exponentially, with a cumulative forecast of 41 gigawatts of PV demand installed between 2016 and 2021. Annual installations are on track to more than double over the same period. By the end of the decade, Latin America will represent 10 percent of global PV demand.


Countries covered include:

Argentina | Bahamas | Belize | Bolivia | Brazil | Costa Rica | Cuba | Chile | Colombia | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | El Salvador | Guatemala | Honduras | Jamaica | Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | Uruguay

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Regional Themes
  • 3. Brazil
  • 4. Chile
  • 5. Mexico
  • 6. Argentina
  • 7. Rest of South America
  • 8. Central America and the Caribbean

List of Figures from Full Report

Executive Summary

  • Latin America Coverage Transformation
  • Latin America PV Demand, 2013-2022E
  • Latin American Markets' Share of Regional Demand,
  • 2016-2022E
  • Major Market Drivers
  • Regional Project Pipelines (MWdc)
  • Latin America Market Segmentation, 2016-2022E

Regional Themes

  • Sample Regional Market Attractiveness Rankings
  • Regional and Global System Costs
  • Global Excess Capacity Ratio
  • Latin American PV Supply Auctions
  • Recent and Upcoming Regional Auctions


  • Brazil Historical Installation by Segment
  • Brazil A-4 Results
  • A-4, A-6 Awards by Price, Generation, Capacity
  • Brazil Competitive Landscape Pipeline
  • Brazil Overall PV Demand Scenarios, 2016-2021E


  • Chile Overall PV Demand, 2016-2022E
  • Chile Overall Generation Shares by Technology, 2015-2022E
  • Chile NCRE Shares 2012-2017
  • Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande Grid NCRE Share
  • Sistema Interconectado Central Grid NCRE Share
  • Chile Overall NCRE Pipeline


  • Mexico Overall PV Demand Scenarios, 2016-2022E
  • A3 Auction Project Bids and Details
  • A3 Auction Winners by Technology
  • A3 Auction Winners by Grid and Buyer
  • A1-A3 Auctioned PV Capacity by State
  • Mexico Distributed Generation Demand, 2015-2022E
  • Mexico Residential System Cost Forecast 2017-2022E
  • Market Penetration by DAC Clients by Region


  • Argentina's Year of Renewables
  • RenovAR 2 Project Details
  • % Share of RenovAR 2 Projects by Technology
  • Argentina Segmented PV Demand, 2016-2022E

Rest of South America

  • Rest of South America Overall PV Demand, 2016-2022E
  • Rest of South America Market Drivers

Central America and the Caribbean

  • Central America Overall PV Demand, 2016-2022E
  • Caribbean Overall PV Demand, 2016-2022E
  • Island Power Markets Study
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