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Grid Edge100: 圍繞Grid Edge的企業聯盟

The Grid Edge 100: Partnerships at the Grid Edge

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Grid Edge100: 圍繞Grid Edge的企業聯盟 The Grid Edge 100: Partnerships at the Grid Edge
出版日期: 2015年07月22日 內容資訊: 英文

電網現代化的錯綜世界,進行企業合作對各供應商來說是取得Grid Edge的整個市場的流通管道,還有從提供重點解決方案到提供涵蓋市場全域的解決方案,取得進化管道的捷徑。為了滿足公共事業企業及終端用戶雙方的需求,建立供應商間強力關係的事變得重要,以及在競爭激烈、急速持續演進市場環境,如何進行聯盟策略、看清供應商的定位,是贏得成功的重要的指標。

本報告提供Grid Edge市場的領域之一,以及領域間的企業聯盟的動向分析,採取重要策略的各企業公司詳查。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 Grid Edge市場,供應商,及產品

  • Grid Edge市場定義
  • Grid Edge市場分類
  • Grid Edge 100: 最後一哩配電電網市場供應商分類
  • Grid Edge 100: 位於智慧電表背後的市場供應商分類

第3章 廣泛填補市場領域間的主要企業

  • ABB的Grid Edge業務聯盟
  • Alstom的Grid Edge業務聯盟
  • GE的Grid Edge業務聯盟
  • Shneider Electric的Grid Edge業務聯盟
  • Siemens的Grid Edge業務聯盟

第4章 生態系統形成經營者

  • Itron的企業聯盟生態系統
  • Landis+Gyr的企業聯盟生態系統
  • Silver Spring Network的企業聯盟生態系統
  • Cisco的企業聯盟生態系統

第5章 各市場聯盟策略

  • AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
  • 通訊
  • 需求端、經營管理
  • 配電自動化
  • 能源儲存
  • 電網支援 - 電動車整合
  • 電網支援 - 微電網
  • NOC (網路營運中心)
  • 軟體電網
  • 分散式太陽能光電發電

第6章 結論

第7章 附錄: GE的Alstom收購概要


In the complex world of grid modernization, partnerships expand distribution channels for vendors across all grid edge markets and enable the evolution from point solutions to holistic approaches. Vendors are partnering to develop innovative solutions and to ensure the interoperability of new technologies. For startups, partnerships also bolster marketing presence, build credibility, and develop a potential customer base. Strong relationships among vendors are critical in meeting the needs of utilities and end users alike, and partnership strategies are a key indicator of how vendors are positioning themselves to succeed in this competitive and rapidly evolving environment.

The Grid Edge 100 comprises leading vendors including the following:


This slide-based report - the second in the Grid Edge 100 series - analyzes partnership activity across and within grid edge markets, featuring companies with leading strategies. Highlights from the report include in-depth coverage of conglomerate players, illustrations of grid edge ecosystems, and a database categorizing the offerings of the Grid Edge 100.

Markets covered include:

AMI | Communications | Distribution Automation | Demand-Side Management | Distributed Solar PV | Energy Storage | Grid Support - EV Integration | Grid Support - Microgrids | NOC | Soft Grid

Sample Figures



Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Grid Edge Markets, Vendors and Products

3. Cross-Market Players

4. Ecosystem Providers

5. Partnership Strategies by Market

  • 5.1 . AMI
  • 5.2. Communications
  • 5.3. Demand-Side Management
  • 5.4. Distribution Automation
  • 5.6. Energy Storage
  • 5.7. Grid Support - EV Integration
  • 5.8. Grid Support - Microgrids
  • 5.9. NOC
  • 5.10. Soft Grid
  • 5.12. Distributed Solar PV

6. Conclusion

7. Appendix: GE-Alstom Acquisition Overview

List of Figures

2. Grid Edge Markets, Vendors and Products

  • Grid Edge Market Definitions
  • Grid Edge Market Taxonomy
  • The Grid Edge 100: Last-Mile Distribution Grid Vendor Taxonomy
  • The Grid Edge 100: Behind-the-Meter Vendor Taxonomy

3. Cross-Market Players

  • ABB's Grid Edge Partnerships
  • Alstom's Grid Edge Partnerships
  • GE's Grid Edge Partnerships
  • Schneider Electric's Grid Edge Partnerships
  • Siemens' Grid Edge Partnerships

4. Ecosystem Providers

  • Itron's Partner Ecosystem
  • Landis+Gyr's Partner Ecosystem
  • Silver Spring Networks' Partner Ecosystem
  • Cisco's Partner Ecosystem

5. Partnership Strategies by Market

  • AMI/FAN Network Provider Common Partners
  • Partnerships Between C&I Energy Management Software Providers and Distributed Energy Resource Providers
  • Select Connected Home Developer Alliances and Ecosystems
  • Distribution Automation Communications Integrations and Partnerships
  • S&C Electric's Grid Edge Partnerships
  • Select Energy Storage Working Relationships - Utility Scale
  • Select Energy Storage Working Relationships - C&I and Residential
  • Select Solar-Plus-Storage Partnership Geographies
  • Solar-Plus-Storage Partnership Timeline
  • Automotive Battery OEMs
  • EV Charging Partner Ecosystems
  • North American Microgrid Partnerships
  • Global Microgrid Partnerships
  • Duke Energy's Mount Holly Microgrid Project Site and Partners
  • Soft Grid Partner Ecosystems
  • Opower's Soft Grid Partner Ecosystem
  • Distributed Solar Partnerships

7. Appendix: GE-Alstom Acquisition Overview

  • GE's Acquisition of Alstom's Power and Grid Businesses: Portfolio Fit
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