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Grid Edge100:Grid Edge部門的M&A及創業投資趨勢

The Grid Edge 100: M&A and VC at the Grid Edge

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Grid Edge100:Grid Edge部門的M&A及創業投資趨勢 The Grid Edge 100: M&A and VC at the Grid Edge
出版日期: 2015年01月22日 內容資訊: 英文


本報告提供Grid Edge部門的M&A、創業投資、私人股權、企業投資、M&A等趨勢的相關調查、Grid Edge市場定義與分類、各市場區隔的各種契約數量、契約額、投資額等資訊彙整。


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 Grid Edge市場定義及分類

第3章 各市場區隔M&A、VC

  • AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure)
  • 通訊
  • 需求面管理(DSM)
  • 配電自動化


第1章 摘要整理

  • Grid Edge部門的VC&PE契約和美國的VC契約比較:過去的變化
  • Grid Edge部門的VC&PE:投資額、契約數量
  • Grid Edge部門的VC&PE:各市場契約數量
  • Grid Edge部門的M&A:額及契約數量
  • 參與企業 vs 撤退企業:各市場
  • Grid Edge部門的VC、PE、M&A:一覽

第2章 Grid Edge市場定義與分類

  • Grid Edge市場定義
  • Grid Edge市場分類
  • Grid Edge供應商的分類:最後路程配電經營者
  • Grid Edge供應商的分類:「Behind-the-Meter」經營者

第3章 M&A、VC:各市場

  • 對AMI的VC&PE投資
  • 其他AMI的資金供給
  • 對通訊的VC&PE投資
  • 能源儲存、燃料電池
  • 電網支援
  • 網路營運
  • 軟體電網
  • 公共事業經營者的資金供給的分散式太陽能
  • 網路安全

第4章 總論

  • VC&PE投資:DSM
  • VC&PE投資:DSM(各類型)
  • DSM部門的M&A
  • VC&PE投資:配電自動化
  • 資金確保良好的配電自動化的新興經營者
  • VC&PE投資:能源儲存、燃料電池
  • VC&PE投資:能源儲存、燃料電池(各類型)
  • 能源儲存、燃料電池部門的M&A
  • A123 Systems的發展
  • VC&PE投資:電網支援
  • VC&PE投資:網路營運
  • VC&PE投資:軟體電網
  • 對公共事業經營者的資金供給的分散式太陽能的企劃案融資與股票投資
  • VC&PE投資:網路安全等

From the customer to the control center, the electric power industry is undergoing a transformation. Opportunities for growth at the grid edge are driving investment into innovative companies to commercialize advanced networking, distribution automation, distributed generation, energy storage, and energy control and management solutions. These solutions are enabling a new energy paradigm that will create additional competition among utilities and ESPs to provide not only energy, but also power and energy management solutions to customers. These solutions will increase the reliability, resiliency, and efficiency of the energy system while giving customers control of their energy use. Understanding emerging trends in venture capital (VC), private equity (PE), corporate investment, mergers and acquisitions

provides a window into the current and future state of the various grid edge submarkets, empowering market participants to make informed decisions and ensure prominent positions in the decentralized energy system of the future.


With more than 400 venture capital deals, 175 acquisitions, and 400 companies tracked, this slide-based report provides a comprehensive view of activity in the various technology-specific markets that make up the grid edge industry.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Grid Edge Market Definitions & Taxonomy

3. M&A and VC by Market

  • 3.1. Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • 3.2. Communications
  • 3.3. Demand-Side Management
  • 3.4. Distribution Automation

List of Figures*

1. Executive Summary

  • Grid Edge VC & PE Deals Versus U.S. VC Deals, 2011-2014
  • Grid Edge VC & PE Investment Value and Deal Count
  • Grid Edge VC & PE Deal Count by Market
  • Grid Edge M&A Value and Deal Count
  • Entrants Versus Exits by Market
  • Grid Edge VC, PE and M&A at a Glance

2. Grid Edge Market Definitions and Taxonomy

  • Grid Edge Market Definitions
  • Grid Edge Market Taxonomy
  • Grid Edge Vendor Taxonomy: Last-Mile Distribution
  • Grid Edge Vendor Taxonomy: Behind the Meter

3. M&A and VC by Market

  • VC & PE Investment in AMI
  • Other AMI Funding
  • VC & PE Investment in Communications
  • 3.5. Energy Storage and Fuel Cells
  • 3.6. Grid Support
  • 3.7. Network Operations
  • 3.8. Soft Grid
  • 3.9. Utility-Financed Distributed Solar
  • 3.10. Cybersecurity

4. Conclusion

  • Investment Prior to a Communications IPO, 2007-2013
  • VC & PE Investment in Demand-Side Management
  • VC & PE Investment in Demand-Side Management by Type
  • M&A in Demand-Side Management
  • VC & PE Investment in Distribution Automation
  • Best-Funded Distribution Automation Startups
  • VC & PE Investment in Energy Storage and Fuel Cells
  • VC & PE Investment in Energy Storage and Fuel Cells by Type
  • M&A in Energy Storage and Fuel Cells
  • The Evolution of A123 Systems
  • VC & PE Investment in Grid Support
  • VC & PE Investment in Network Operations
  • VC & PE Investment in Soft Grid
  • Utility-Funded Project Financing and Equity Investment in Distributed Solar
  • VC & PE Investment in Cybersecurity

*All figures incorporate data from 2010-2014 unless otherwise indicated.

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