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未來的公共事業法規:Grid Edge的預測

Regulating the Utility of the Future: Implications for the Grid Edge

出版商 Greentech Media Inc. 商品編碼 324193
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 89 Pages
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未來的公共事業法規:Grid Edge的預測 Regulating the Utility of the Future: Implications for the Grid Edge
出版日期: 2015年01月13日 內容資訊: 英文 89 Pages

由於電力基礎設施、市場設計,及經營模式的複雜且廣泛的被迫改變的分散式能源資源及客戶能源管理解決方案的劇增,電力產業立於戲劇性變化的入口。分散式發電、微電網、儲能及需求反應客戶導入的擴大,對公共事業、技術供應商、第三方能源服務供應商及客戶來說,展現出產生永續的、數位、雙向性的、可信賴的,及有效率的電力網的空前機會。這個活動在傳統穩定充分受理解的領域境界展開。Greentech Media稱這個領域為Grid Edge。

本報告提供美國中打開未來的公共事業道路的主要5個州相關研究、主要課題、主要相關利益者的地位,及Grid Edge相關對企業來說的商機等資料彙整,為您概述為以下內容。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 公共事業的未來:背景、趨勢

第3章 通用的課題、機會

  • 共同的題目、議論
  • 網閘所扮演的角色
  • 誰決定,誰投資
  • 促進或抑制與客戶競爭
  • 零售比率的設計
  • 資料收集、存取
  • 與業績聯動的比率作成
  • 基準基礎設施

第4章 加州

  • 背景
  • 手續
  • 計劃
  • Grid Edge的商機
  • 彙整

第5章 夏威夷州

第6章 麻薩諸塞州

第7章 明尼蘇達州

第8章 紐約州

第9章 結論



New technologies and consumer demand for cleaner energy are rapidly transforming the power sector, most notably in the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER) like solar PV, demand response, and energy storage. This DER growth is challenging traditional business models that are predicated on ever-growing demand for electricity and need for capital investments in centralized technologies.

The need for a "utility of the future" is at the forefront of conversations within and outside of utilities, with numerous conferences, reports, consulting pitches, and collaboratives addressing the theme. The discussion is prompting action among progressive regulators. This 89-page report analyzes the five states that are paving the path for the utility of the future, whether driven by the opportunity that grid-edge technologies can offer or by technological, financial, and political pressure.

With proceedings underway in leading states such as California, New York and Hawaii, this report is able to identify key issues, the position of key stakeholders, and speculate on what business opportunities may be created for grid-edge companies through these proceedings. For companies outside of the dockets, this report can be viewed as a field guide with which to identify the most appropriate proceedings to track and engage in.


Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Utility of the Future: Background and Trends

3. Common Issues and Opportunities

  • 3.1. Common Themes and Debates
  • 3.2. The Gatekeeper Role
  • 3.3. Who Decides and Who Invests
  • 3.4. Promoting or Inhibiting Competition From Customers
  • 3.5. Retail rate design
  • 3.6. Data Collection and Access
  • 3.7. Performance-Based Ratemaking
  • 3.8. Baseline Infrastructure

4. California

  • 4.1. Background
  • 4.2. Proceedings
  • 4.3. Timeline
  • 4.4. Business Opportunities for the Grid Edge
  • 4.5. Takeaways

5. Hawaii

  • 5.1. Background
  • 5.2. Proceedings
  • 5.3. Timeline
  • 5.4. Business Opportunities for the Grid Edge
  • 5.5. Takeaways

6. Massachusetts

  • 6.1. Background
  • 6.2. Proceedings
  • 6.3. Timeline
  • 6.4. Business Opportunities for the Grid Edge
  • 6.5. Takeaways

7. Minnesota

  • 7.1. Background
  • 7.2. Proceedings
  • 7.3. Timeline
  • 7.4. Business Opportunities for the Grid Edge
  • 7.5. Takeaways

8. New York

  • 8.1. Background
  • 8.2. Proceedings
  • 8.3. Timeline
  • 8.4. Business Opportunities for the Grid Edge
  • 8.5. Takeaways

9. Conclusion

List of Figures

2. Utility of the Future: Background and Trends

  • "Utility of the Future" Projects

3. Common Issues and Opportunities

  • Reducing Utility Disincentives
  • Deployment of AMI and AMR

4. California

  • California Market Share
  • California Dockets Affecting the Distribution System
  • Potential Services From Grid-Edge Technologies
  • Proposed Energy Storage Procurement Targets (MW)
  • Proposed Changes to Residential Rates
  • Timeline of California Dockets

5. Hawaii

  • Hawaii Market Share
  • Electricity Prices in Hawaii
  • Grid Edge Impacts in Hawaii
  • HECO's Forecast Energy Mix for Oahu
  • Timeline of Hawaii Dockets
  • HECO's DG Interconnection Plan
  • Advanced Inverter Feature Sets
  • HECO's View of the Modern Grid

6. Massachusetts

  • Massachusetts Market Share
  • NGRID's Vision of the Future
  • Time-Varying Rate Options
  • Timeline of Massachusetts Dockets
  • Massachusetts Grid Modernization Taxonomy
  • National Grid's Smart Grid Pilot

7. Minnesota

  • Minnesota Market Share
  • Value-of-Solar Calculation Table
  • Timeline of Minnesota Dockets

8. New York

  • New York Market Share
  • The Distribution System Platform
  • The Three Roles of the DSP
  • Demand Management Program From NYSERDA and Con Ed
  • Timeline of New York Dockets
  • Products Purchased by the DSPP
  • Products Bought by and Sold to Customers, DER Owners, ESCOs and Other Third Parties
  • Proposed Data Exchange
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