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北美的微電網 (2015年):由能源的局部性最佳化的發展

North American Microgrids 2015: Advancing Beyond Local Energy Optimization

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北美的微電網 (2015年):由能源的局部性最佳化的發展 North American Microgrids 2015: Advancing Beyond Local Energy Optimization
出版日期: 2015年07月07日 內容資訊: 英文

微電網從軍事利用和遠隔地的社群取向的利基用途,轉變為公共事業和城市、社群、公共機關用電力網的現代化工具 。這個變化增大市場機會,從2015年到2020年市場規模成長到3.5倍以上。

本報告提供北美 (美國) 的微電網市場相關調查、微電網的引進情形、主要客戶和使用案例、微電網的各種技術及供應商、成本及優點、影響市場成長因素分析、設備容量及市場規模(額)的預測、課題與市場機會等彙整資料。


  • 摘要整理
  • 主要的考察
  • 簡介
  • 微電網定義與演進
  • 市場促進因素、障礙
  • 北美微電網的發展
  • 微電網客戶和案例研究
  • 技術、供應商
  • 微電網的經濟學和財務
  • 市場潛力、預測



The microgrid market is undergoing a transformation from a niche application intended for military bases and remote communities to a grid modernization tool for utilities, cities, communities and public institutions. This change is expected to grow the market opportunity by over 3.5 times between 2015 and 2020, to over $829 million annually.

The recent wave of announced projects and state-level resiliency programs are enabling further development and standardization of microgrid technologies for the next generation of advanced, more renewable-heavy projects. Substantial regulatory and legislative changes to utility franchise rights and rate structures (already underway in states such as New York, Maryland and Illinois) are projected to increase microgrid value propositions, further accelerating adoption in the later years of the forecast period. As solar PV adoption rates increase, flexible microgrid solutions are becoming a significant component of renewable integration strategies in regions extending beyond high penetration states such as Hawaii and California.

Regional Total Microgrid Generation Capacities by End-User Type

                        Donut graphics are scaled according to generation capacity (operational and planned)
                        Generation capacities do not account for energy storage

                     Source: GTM Research.

This 120-plus slide-based report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current and future U.S. microgrid market, including capacity and opportunity forecasts through 2020, competitive positioning of key vendors, and market drivers and barriers that shape the current and emerging microgrid landscape. The report also identifies trends and costs across microgrid market segments and describes key operational and planned deployments, identifying specific challenges and opportunities.

The analysis builds upon data collected in GTM Research's microgrid database. The included database features a list of 216 microgrid deployments and expansions that are currently planned, under construction or operational.


Leading Seven States: Operational Microgrid Capacity

                     Source: GTM Research.

Cumulative Operational Microgrid Capacity, Base Case Forecast

                     Source: GTM Research.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Key Insights
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Microgrid Definition and Evolution
  • 5. Market Drivers and Barriers
  • 6. North American Microgrid Deployments
  • 7. Microgrid Customers and Case Studies
  • 8. Technology and Vendors
  • 9. Microgrid Economics and Financing
  • 10. Market Potential and Forecast

Select List of Figures

  • Seven Key Microgrid Benefits Enabled by Grid Edge Technology
  • Recent State Energy Reliability Initiatives
  • Map of U.S. Operational Microgrid Deployments by End User Type
  • Leading Seven States in Operational Microgrid Capacity, Segmented by Generation Source
  • Annually Commissioned Microgrid Generation Capacity by Year
  • Largest Ten Known Microgrid Projects by Generation Capacity
  • Total Known Operational and Planned U.S. Microgrid Generation Capacity
  • Annual Operational Microgrid Energy Storage Capacity
  • Total Known Operational and Planned U.S. Microgrid Energy Storage Capacity by End User Type
  • Operational Microgrid Energy Storage Capacity by End User Type and Technology
  • Largest Ten Known Microgrid Projects by Energy Storage Capacity
  • Ranking of Microgrid Implementation Drivers by End User Type
  • Understanding the Northeast Microgrid Market - Operational Microgrid Capacity by End User and Generation Source
  • Connecticut Operational and Planned Microgrid Capacity by Resource
  • Understanding the Connecticut Microgrid Market
  • Case Study - UCSD Microgrid Project
  • Mapping Microgrid Functionalities to the Grid Edge Cube
  • Differentiating Centralized and Distributed Microgrid Control Architectures
  • Microgrid Vendor Taxonomy
  • Microgrid Vendor Segmentation - Control and Energy Management
  • Recent Microgrid Partnerships
  • Microgrid Benefits and Avoided Costs
  • Pros and Cons of Microgrid Financing Vehicles
  • Evaluation of U.S. Microgrid Market Potential
  • U.S. Microgrid Capacity Growth, Under Different Forecast Cases
  • Comparing 2014 and 2020 Microgrid Capacity Shares by End User
  • Cumulative Operational U.S. Microgrid Capacity by Resource, Under Base Forecast Case
  • Annual U.S. Microgrid Market Potential
  • Cumulative Future U.S. Microgrid Market Potential by Investment Segment, Under Base Forecast Case
  • Comparing Average Microgrid Cost by End User
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