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Drones in Construction - Thematic Research

出版商 GlobalData 商品編碼 980212
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 47 Pages
建設產業的無人機:各主題分析 Drones in Construction - Thematic Research
出版日期: 2020年10月30日內容資訊: 英文 47 Pages

無人機和無人飛機 (UAV) ,航空、防衛以外的產業也日益受歡迎。近來合理價格的產品也登場,提供建設產業的產品、服務的企業也增加了。

本報告提供建設業的無人機的活用狀況相關分析,無人機的概要和主要用途,產業的背景情況 (各種技術的進步,法規趨勢,宏觀經濟趨勢等),主要企業的無人機事業的發展趨勢,市場規模趨勢預測,供應鏈整體的影響等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。



  • 企業
  • 技術的概要
  • 趨勢
    • 技術趨勢
    • 宏觀經濟趨勢
    • 法規趨勢
    • 建設產業的無人機的趨勢
  • 產業分析
    • 市場規模與成長預測
    • 競爭分析
    • M&A (企業合併、收購)
    • 時間軸
  • 價值鏈
    • 硬體設備層
    • 軟體層
    • 服務層
  • 無人機對建設產業的影響
    • 效率
    • BVLOS法規
    • DaaS(無人機即服務)
  • 在建設產業的活用狀況:案例研究
  • 企業
    • 上市公司
    • 非上市公司
  • 詞彙表
  • 參考文件


Product Code: GDCON-TR-S011

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become increasingly popular in industries other than aviation and defense for which they were primarily developed. The affordability of drone technology has increased in recent years, and this has coincided with a rise in the number of drone-related companies providing new drone-enabled services to those working in industries such as construction.

This report provides a detailed analysis of drones technology and its application in the construction industry


  • This report explores drones technology and its use cases in construction.
  • It identifies the key players dominating the current technology theme.
  • The key technology, macroeconomic and industry trends are also analyzed.

Reasons to Buy

  • Understand the importance of drones technology in construction.
  • A review of some of the case studies highlighting the growing capabilities of drones in addressing business challenges across the industry.
  • Identify and benchmark key companies and technology providers based on their exposure to the theme.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Players
  • Technology briefing
  • Trends
  • Technology trends
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Regulatory trends
  • Drone trends in construction
  • Industry analysis
  • Market size and growth forecasts
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Timeline
  • Value chain
  • Hardware layer
  • Software layer
  • Service layer
  • Impact of drones on construction
  • Efficiency
  • BVLOS regulations
  • DaaS
  • Construction case studies
  • Companies
  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Glossary
  • Further reading