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Sterilized Society - TrendSights Analysis 2020

出版商 GlobalData 商品編碼 979334
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 48 Pages
無菌社會-趨勢網站分析2020 Sterilized Society - TrendSights Analysis 2020
出版日期: 2020年11月26日內容資訊: 英文 48 Pages

無菌社會是「健康與保健」以及「舒適與不確定性」大趨勢的一部分。 COVID-19全球健康危機使消費者購買他們認為健康、安全且值得信賴的產品。消費者對傳染病的恐懼和憂慮在最近的歷史上已大幅升級,使他們在持續關注衛生和健康方面更加關注。 同樣,謹慎的消費者需要對所購買產品的完整性,安全性和可靠性感到放心。因此,在了解消費者在衛生,清潔和健康方面的行為,尤其是對免疫力的關注,並反映出各個部門在創新中獲得的經驗教訓之後,無菌社會是最相關的趨勢之一。




  • 摘要整理
  • 趨勢概述
  • 趨勢分析
  • 什麼?
  • 為什麼?
  • 誰?
  • 如何?
  • 未來的影響



Product Code: CS2005TS

Sterilized Society is part of the Health & Wellness and Comfort & Uncertainty mega-trends. The COVID-19 global health crisis has made consumers pursue products that they perceive as healthy as well as safe and trustworthy. Consumers' fear and anxiety around the infectious diseases has escalated significantly in recent history, making them even more hygiene- and health-attentive on a continual basis. Also, cautious consumers need reassurance as to the integrity, safety, and reliability of products they buy. Therefore, Sterilized Society is one of the most relevant trends in understanding consumers' behavior towards hygiene, cleanliness, and health, particularly immunity concerns, and reflecting the lessons thus gained in innovation across various sectors.

Society is obsessed with cleanliness, hygiene, and immunity, and the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted this obsession. The Sterilized Society trend captures that there is an escalating obsession with hygiene, cleanliness, and immunity among global consumers, as awareness of infectious disease and how it can affect or be affected by consumer choices rises. Furthermore, the deepening connection between hygiene and health is creating opportunities to incorporate broader functionality into products to enhance the "wellness factor."


  • Consumers are increasingly health-conscious, with almost two thirds claiming to be highly attentive to their health in general. They are also proactive rather than reactive towards health issues.
  • Consumers are now connected to health information and news around the clock, increasing awareness of health issues.
  • Well-publicized disease outbreaks or food safety issues fuel fear, desire to mitigate risk, and drive sales of antiviral and antibacterial products.
  • Consumers seek products that perform effectively and efficiently to eliminate these Sterilized Society-driven concerns.

Reasons to Buy

  • Understand a specific consumer trend and company responses in order to tap into what is really impacting the industry.
  • Gain a broader appreciation of the fast-moving consumer goods industry by gaining insights from both within and outside of your sector.
  • Access valuable strategic take-outs to help direct future decision-making and inform new product development.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Trend Snapshot
  • Trend Analysis
  • What?
  • Why?
  • Who?
  • How?
  • Future Implications