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能源、公共事業產業上數位轉換 (DX)的趨勢

Digital Transformation Trends in Energy & Utilities

出版商 GlobalData 商品編碼 893790
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 44 Pages
能源、公共事業產業上數位轉換 (DX)的趨勢 Digital Transformation Trends in Energy & Utilities
出版日期: 2019年05月15日內容資訊: 英文 44 Pages

本報告提供全球能源、公共事業產業上數位轉換 (DX:數位轉型)的普及、活用狀況相關分析,其主要的效果 (效率改善,降低成本等) 和普及促進、阻礙因素,各領域、各技術詳細趨勢,今後的技術進步、產業發展可能性等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 能源、公共事業產業:數位轉換的策略
  • 能源、公共事業產業:主要的優點
  • 能源、公共事業產業:公共事業的生態系統
  • 能源、公共事業產業:石油、天然氣產業的生態系統
  • 能源、公共事業產業:主要趨勢
  • 能源、公共事業產業:推動及阻礙市場要素
  • 能源、公共事業產業:技術和使用案例
  • 能源、公共事業產業:人工智能 (AI)
  • 能源、公共事業產業:區塊鏈
  • 能源、公共事業產業:連網型設備/IoT (物聯網)
  • 能源、公共事業產業:機器人、無人機
  • 能源、公共事業產業:數位轉換的策略
  • 能源、公共事業產業:其他新技術
  • 能源、公共事業產業:未來展望


Product Code: DT0211IL

Rising costs and tremendous competitive pressure have forced the hands of energy and utility companies to finally keep up with times of equipping themselves with necessary tools to become an intelligent and agile industry. With the industry on the brink of wide scale digital transformation, companies are poised to choose from an extensive array of technological trends for the ongoing digitization.

Insights, real world examples of innovation and implementation of disruptive technologies across the value chain.


  • Digital Transformation in Energy & Utilities enables DigData-driven analysis and insights to enhance operations, inspections and maintenance, thereby reducing production and investment costs.
  • Advanced data analytics platform will detect anomalies in real-time to increase the environmental health and safety in Energy & Utilities.

Reasons to buy

  • Gain insights into disruptive technologies in Energy & Utilities sector.
  • Gain insights into Market Drivers & Inhibitors of Digital Transformation in Energy & Utilities .
  • Gain insights into Key Trends, Value Chain and Use Cases of Digital Transformation in Energy & Utilities
  • Gain insights into future outlook of Digital Transformation in Energy & Utilities.

Table of Contents

  • Energy & Utilities: Transformation Strategy
  • Energy & Utilities: Key Benefits
  • Energy & Utilities: Utility Ecosystem
  • Energy & Utilities: Oil & Gas Ecosystem
  • Energy & Utilities: Key Trends
  • Energy & Utilities: Market Drivers & Inhibitors
  • Energy & Utilities: Technology and Use Cases
  • Energy & Utilities: Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy & Utilities: Blockchain
  • Energy & Utilities: Connected Devices & IoT
  • Energy & Utilities: Robotics & Drones
  • Energy & Utilities: Other Emerging Technologies
  • Energy & Utilities: Future Outlook