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TrendSights Analysis:個人化醫療

TrendSights Analysis: Personalized Health

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 34 Pages
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TrendSights Analysis:個人化醫療 TrendSights Analysis: Personalized Health
出版日期: 2016年12月31日 內容資訊: 英文 34 Pages

熟悉IT技術的現今消費者,積極收集自己的健康問題相關資訊之後,利用各種產品 (保健食品等) 和服務,希望過「更佳的生活」。隨著消費者的資訊數量增加,對應特定健康問題的解決方案的需求正逐漸擴大。

本報告提供個人化醫療 (Personalized Health)的現況與未來展望相關分析,市場、技術定義和社會重要性,主要的推動因素,目前市場動靜,具體的產品與服務案例,未來的市場機會,一般消費品 (FMCG) 供應商應致力的事項 (相關產品的形狀、包裝、形態等) 等調查、考察。


  • 市場概況
  • 「個人化醫療」是什麼?
  • 為何個人化醫療最重要?
  • 什麼成為個人化醫療的促進者?
  • 個人化醫療的實現手段
  • 個人化醫療的未來趨勢
  • 附錄
Product Code: CS0031TS

Today's digitally savvy consumers are taking their personal wellbeing into their own hands by using products and services that address their specific health needs and help them ""live better."" As awareness increases, demand for more targeted health solutions continues to rise. Advances in science and technology are opening up avenues for bespoke offerings tailored to individuals' genetic profiles.

  • Growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases is driving demand for functional products targeted at improving existing health conditions.
  • The heightened likelihood of suffering an allergic reaction or intolerance to products is driving a focus on omitting certain ingredients in formulation

Trend drivers

  • Digitally savvy consumers are adopting a DIY approach to meet their health goals and general wellbeing needs.
  • Aging populations, obesity, and sedentary lifestyles have created more chronic diseases.
  • Empowered consumers are seeking products that are individualized to their specific health needs.

Consumer targets

  • Millennials find functional products, nutraceuticals, and cosmeceuticals most appealing.
  • Consumers in Latin America and Asia have the most favorable perception of products personalized to their health needs.

Companies are trying to incorporate functionality into everyday products so consumers don't need to change their habits to reap health benefits. Furthermore, they are developing products tailored to the health requirements of specific demographics e.g. protein for seniors and investing in alternative ingredients to provide free-from formulations, while providing core product benefits such as taste, or efficacy (in personal care).

Companies mentioned in this report: Bfree, Kewpie, Unidiet, Gatorade, Kinohimitsu, Geneu, Footlogix, Jason Gluten Free, Evolve, Sanytol, Seventh Generation, Perfect Fit, Woof and Brew, The Laughing Dog.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Trend Snapshot
  • 2. What is Personalized Health?
  • 3. Why is Personalized Health important?
  • 4. Who is driving Personalized Health?
  • 5. How can Personalized Health be capitalized on?
  • 6. What Next in Personalized Health?
  • 7. Appendix
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