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Downstream Regulatory Outlook: More Exports from the US, More Imports into China Amid Changing Renewables Policy Landscape

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全球石油產業的下游工程相關法規修改預測:在再生能源的政策環境變化中,美國的出口擴大和中國的進口擴大 Downstream Regulatory Outlook: More Exports from the US, More Imports into China Amid Changing Renewables Policy Landscape
出版日期: 2014年07月28日 內容資訊: 英文 11 Pages





  • 美國:許可蒸餾濃縮物(Distilled Condensate)的對外出口
  • 中國:對「茶壺式」(小規模)煉油廠的原油進口許可倍增
  • 美國:紐約州上訴法院,支持地方政府禁止水力壓裂
  • 加拿大:NEB(國家能源委員會)延期山脈橫斷管線的建設決策
  • 加拿大:交通安全委員會決定淘汰舊型貨車
  • 美國:能源部(DOE)認證東北部數百萬桶規模的汽油儲存基地
  • 印度結束對柴油燃料的價格補助金,印尼轉移至固定價格補助金制度
  • 美國環境保護署:預計2014年降低生質燃料的使用責任額
  • EU(歐洲聯盟):食用作物來源生質燃料的交通利用的限制
  • 加拿大:最高法院認識部分土地的原住民權利
  • 美國:聯邦提案提高汽油、柴油燃料稅
  • 中國:環保車的物品稅減免措施
  • 日本:對燃料電池汽車的津貼金、稅額扣抵制度
  • 俄羅斯:柴油燃料的硫磺含量相關法規
  • 澳洲:取消碳排放稅

Report reflects key actions undertaken by Governmental Agencies impacting the current and future oil environment. These rulings / adjustments to existing regulations could impact trade flows and / or impact project timing with an impact on Capital Expenditures.

Report considers changes in environmental regulations, Court rulings impacting projects, changes in bio-fuels mandates and potential significant energy flow impacts from initial Governmental decisions.


Governmental Agency Rulings including -

  • U.S. Department of Energy Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) approved a request from two (2) companies to export distilled (lightly processed) condensate from the U.S. This is the first approval granted and could open the door to a significant increase in distilled condensate and potentially distilled crude oil from U.S. - A GAME CHANGER!
  • Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) delays its decision on the Trans-Mountain Pipeline that will bring Canadian Oil Sands crude to Burnaby and Vancouver.
  • Canada's Transportation Safety Board mandates the phase-out of older rail-cars and then U.S. agency follows-up with similar ruling
  • India to end diesel subsidies while Indonesia moving to fixed fuel subsidy plan (both done to reduce Government budget deficits)
  • China to double crude import license to Independent refiners
  • Court Rulings
  • Canada's Supreme Court favors aboriginal's claims to lands putting Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal at risk
  • New York State Supreme Court ruling effectively ends fracking debate in New York State
  • Environmental
  • Australia moves to repeal is carbon tax
  • European Union places limit on food-based biofuels
  • DOE approved reduction in 2014 biofuel targets
  • China repeals its sale tax on "green vehicles"
  • Japan providing subsidies and tax breaks on fuel cell vehicles

Reasons to buy

  • The report will enhance your understanding of the impact of changing regulations on industry fundamentals.
  • Canada's decision to delay pipeline construction that would bring crude oil to their West Coast has infrastructure capital impacts as well as future trade flows
  • U.S. decision to allow distilled condensate exports opens-up opportunities to export condensate to South America / Asia and impact condensate splitter economics on proposed plants in U.S.
  • Changes in biofuel mandates in OECD countries would impact entire bio-fuel supply chain
  • Similar rail-car regulation in Canada & U.S. could promote rail transportation for incremental crude production in both Canada and U.S.

Table of Contents

  • U.S. Permits Distilled Condensate Exports from U.S.
  • China to Double Crude Import Licences to "Teapot" Refineries
  • What the Frac - New York State Court of Appeals Upholds Municipalities Fracking Bans
  • Canada's National Energy Board (NEB) Delays Decision on Trans-Mountain Pipeline
  • Canada's Transportation Safety Board Mandates Phase-out of Older Rail-Cars
  • Department of Energy (DOE) Approves Million Barrel Gasoline Reserve in U.S. Northeast
  • India Planning to End Diesel Price Subsidies: Indonesia Moving to Fixed-Fuel Subsidy Plan
  • US Environmental Protection Agency Expected to Reduce Biofuels Mandates for 2014
  • European Union (EU) to Limit Food Based Biofuels Used in Transport Fuels
  • Canada's Supreme Court Recognizes Aboriginal Title to a Specific Piece of Land
  • Proposal to Increase Federal Gasoline and Diesel Tax in U.S
  • China to Eliminate Sales Tax on Green Cars
  • Japan Providing Subsidies and Tax Breaks for Fuel Cell Vechicles
  • Diesel Sulfur Product Specification in Russia Changing
  • Australia Repeals Carbon Tax
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