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Business of Olympic Games - Tokyo Olympic Games Overview, Impact of COVID-19, Sponsorship and Media Landscape

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奧林匹克運動會比賽大會事業-東京奧林匹克運動會概要,COVID-19的影響,贊助商,媒體形勢 Business of Olympic Games - Tokyo Olympic Games Overview, Impact of COVID-19, Sponsorship and Media Landscape
出版日期: 2021年05月31日內容資訊: 英文 56 Pages





第1章 摘要整理

第2章 東京奧林匹克運動會概要

第3章 託管和競標的流程

第4章 社群媒體

第5章 COVID-19的影響

第6章 以前的奧林匹克運動會的影響

第7章 贊助商分析

第8章 媒體情勢

第9章 奧林匹克運動會選手

第10章 附錄


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The Business of Olympic Games - Tokyo Olympic Games Overview, Impact of COVID-19, Sponsorship and Medica Landscape

The Business of the Olympics report takes a much closer and in-depth look at the delayed 2020 Games in Tokyo. The report itself aims to highlight the business operations that are involved in the Olympics from media to sponsorship landscapes, highlighting trends and insights into the evolution of these packages for sponsors and broadcasters over the cycles of recent hosted editions of the Games. Further to this, the report breaks down the current landscape of the Tokyo event specifically, breaking down rules and costs in relation to ticket sales and all things concerned with pandemic. Much has been reported on about the difficulties the Games' organisers face with regards to ticket sales and this report illustrates these worries, as Jake Kemp breaks down how as much as $854.06 million could be lost without fans in 2021. As a whole, this report offers a strong insight into what the Games will be like in 2021 and offers fantastic insight into how brands and broadcasters are capitalising on their individual agreed rights.

The Games in Tokyo has seen a huge rise in the quantity of sponsorship deals associated with the Olympics. The increase in these deals during this rights cycle, represents a potential long term shift to sponsorship as the IOC's main source of income, a default position typically taken up my media rights. Ticket sales at each of the past three Summer Olympic Games have sold very well (in excess of 90 per cent) and Japan had strong realistic ambitions of achieving equally high, if not higher, levels of tickets. With no international fans already confirmed for the event in 2021, millions will be lost for all concerned, with the tourism sector and local and national Japanese also unable to profit for the arrival of foreign fans.

A clear and in-depth breakdown of all concerned deals with the Tokyo Games and how they impact on the Games' operations. Great context offered, with comparisons to previous editions of the Games and specific details on how much the IOC is generating from the Games and where it could see big losses in 2021.


  • This report highlights the evolving changes of the IOC set-up including a clear breakdown of the change in its host city bidding processes.
  • The report looks at the presence of social media with the IOC and the event, comparing its following with that of other major competitions.
  • The report looks deep into the effects of the pandemic, not only on the IOC and the national and sporting federations but also the country of Japan itself.
  • The report breaks down a bunch of potential different scenarios for the IOC, identifying potential costs associated with each scenario.
  • Highlights and explores all the deals associated with the Games from both a sponsorship and media rights perspective.
  • The report also looks closer at the individual rights of athletes at the Games, identifying key names to look out for in Tokyo and explains how they could profit commercially from any success.

Reasons to Buy

  • The report helps you understand the current situation of the commercial operations of the Olympics, with specific detail across all major areas for the Tokyo Games.
  • Discover emerging trends and insights into this landscape, with useful information from both a federation and brand perspective.
  • The report helps build an understanding of how the IOC conducts its business and offers insight into how future deals and plans for the Games will be carried out.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Tokyo Olympic Games Overview

3. Hosting & Bidding Process

4. Social Media

5. Impact of COVID-19

6. Impact of Previous Olympic Games

7. Sponsorship Analysis

8. Media Landscape

9. Olympic Athletes

10. Appendix

List of Tables

List of Tables

  • Ticket Losses Table

List of Figures

List of Figures

  • Previous Host Games Chart
  • Bidding Process Chart
  • Cost of Winning Past Olympics Chart
  • Host City Breakdown Charts

2021 Calendar

  • Social Media Following Comparison Chart
  • National Federations' Social Media Chart
  • COVID-19 in Japan Chart
  • Tickets sold Chart
  • 2012 & 2016 legacy/Impact Graphs
  • Sponsorship Breakdown Charts - by value, locations and sectors
  • IOC Revenue Sources Chart
  • Hours of live coverage charts
  • Broadcast fees Comparison Charts