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Sport Stadium Naming Rights - Analysing Regional Imbalance, Title Partner Deal and Deal Values, Sponsor's Sector and Location

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 109 Pages
體育場命名權:地區的不平衡,冠名合夥人的交易,交易的銷售額,贊助商的部門與定位分析 Sport Stadium Naming Rights - Analysing Regional Imbalance, Title Partner Deal and Deal Values, Sponsor's Sector and Location
出版日期: 2021年06月15日內容資訊: 英文 109 Pages





第1章 摘要整理

第2章 運動場的命名權-NBA

第3章 運動場的命名權-NFL

第4章 運動場的命名權-MLB

第5章 運動場的命名權-NHL

第6章 運動場的命名權-MLS

第7章 運動場的命名權-Premier League

第8章 運動場的命名權-La Liga

第9章 運動場的命名權-Bundesliga

第10章 運動場的命名權-Serie A

第11章 運動場的命名權-Ligue 1

第12章 北美和歐洲比較


Product Code: GDUKSPC71744

Given the heavily commercial nature of United States (US) and Canadian based sport and culture (more widely) it is not surprising to see stadium naming rights much more plentiful and common sight in North America. Its younger and more modern stadiums do not boast the same history as those in Europe, with its younger age enabling partnering brands a greater chance of building a stronger and more long-term association with a specific venue or team. The report also looks closer at what type of brands are getting involved in these partnerships, with one standout sector across all leagues looked at, whilst also analysing the global appeal of the rights.

The stadium naming rights report looks at the current landscape for main sponsorship rights to the biggest and most popular stadiums in the world. In particular, the report focuses and makes a contrast between the landscape felt between the five biggest European soccer leagues and the five biggest sports leagues in North America. It looks closely and breaks down every deal pertaining to each team and generates some interesting insights and trends in the market. Great for under the current market and identifying how and why the markets are so different across different sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

In-depth analysis offered for each league individually, whilst then offering a larger overall assessment and comparison of both markets. Other highlights include the current value of the stadium naming rights in each market, identity of emerging trends and differences between the two continental markets.


  • The report offers a great insight into the rights holders as of 2021, with all up to date deals.
  • In exploring these deals more closely, there are a number of key findings that has enabled Jake Kemp to identify a number of trends and highlight to strength of the rights in different markets.
  • In looking at the leagues in isolation, the report offers an in-depth into the biggest sports markets on the planet before coming reviewing them all together to identify a number of insights.

Reasons to Buy

  • With the COVID-19 pandemic having hit all sporting leagues and teams hard over the past 15 months, stadium naming rights, particularly in Europe, could represent an easy route for teams to repel some of its incurred losses.
  • As such these type of deals could become much more substantial and so this report helps identify the value of the market and which sectors are currently involved.
  • The report helps identify some key differences in the two markets as well as a number of emerging trends.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Stadium Naming Rights - NBA

3. Stadium Naming Rights - NFL

4. Stadium Naming Rights - MLB

5. Stadium Naming Rights - NHL

6. Stadium Naming Rights - MLS

7. Stadium Naming Rights - Premier League

8. Stadium Naming Rights - La Liga

9. Stadium Naming Rights - Bundesliga

10. Stadium Naming Rights - Serie A

11. Stadium Naming Rights - Ligue 1

12. North America vs Europe

List of Tables

List of Tables

  • Team Deals Table for each league

List of Figures

List of Figures

  • Deal Values Chart for each league
  • Sector Breakdown Chart for each league
  • Location breakdown chart for each league
  • Stadium age Chart for each league
  • Stadium Capacities for each league
  • North America v Europe Sector & Location Charts
  • North America v Europe Stadium Capacity Chart
  • North America v Europe Stadium Age Chart
  • North America v Europe Number of deals chart
  • North America v Europe deal values Chart