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石油、天然氣產業的再生能源 - 各主題分析

Renewable Power in Oil and Gas - Thematic Research

出版商 GlobalData 商品編碼 1009984
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 44 Pages
石油、天然氣產業的再生能源 - 各主題分析 Renewable Power in Oil and Gas - Thematic Research
出版日期: 2021年05月31日內容資訊: 英文 44 Pages






  • 參與者
  • 趨勢
  • 石油、天然氣產業趨勢
  • 技術趨勢
  • 法規趨勢
  • 宏觀經濟趨勢
  • 產業分析
  • 變化的全球電力混合
  • 再生能源轉移的石油、天然氣企業
  • 石油、天然氣事業的再生能源整合
  • 主要經濟國的再生能源趨勢
  • 再生能源部門的石油、天然氣企業的M&A活動
  • 時間軸
  • 價值鏈
  • 風力發電的價值鏈
  • 太陽能光伏發電的價值鏈
  • 企業
  • 石油、天然氣企業
  • 設備、服務供應商
  • 詞彙表
  • 附錄
  • 附錄A:主要的石油、天然氣企業再生能源生產能力
  • 附錄B:主要的石油、天然氣EPC供應商再生能源契約
  • 各主題的調查手法
  • 關於GlobalData
  • 聯絡處


Product Code: GDOG-TR-S049

The oil and gas majors are actively restructuring their businesses to incorporate renewable energy capabilities in their portfolio. This has a two-way benefit of reducing their carbon footprint, while also nurturing high returns from this emerging market. The majors are utilizing their cash resources to build a new paradigm shift in the energy sector through investments in renewable energy projects, especially solar and wind power. The growing involvement of the oil and gas industry players in the renewable energy sector will further boost the rapid developments in low-carbon energy production.


  • This report reviews the oil and gas industry leaders for their increasing involvement in renewable power projects.
  • It provides an overview of the competitive positions held by the leading oil and gas players and EPC contractors in the renewable power theme.
  • It highlights the various trends influencing the renewable power theme.
  • It traces the development of renewable power infrastructure in leading economies across the globe.
  • It also analyses the solar and wind power value chains and identifies major players across different segments of both the value chains.

Reasons to Buy

  • Identify the key industry, technology, macroeconomic, and regulatory trends impacting the global adoption of renewable power.
  • Overview of renewable power adoption among leading economies around the world.
  • Understand the renewable power value chain and the key players in it.
  • Identify and benchmark key oil and gas players and EPC contractors based on their competitive positioning in the renewable power theme.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive summary

  • Players
  • Trends
  • Oil and gas trends
  • Technology trends
  • Regulatory trends
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Industry analysis
  • The Changing Global Power Mix
  • Oil and gas companies transitioning to renewables
  • Integration of renewables in the oil and gas operations
  • Renewable power trends in leading economies
  • M&A activities of the oil and gas companies in renewable sector
  • Timeline
  • Value chain
  • Wind power value chain
  • Solar PV value chain
  • Companies
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Equipment and Service providers
  • Glossary
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: Renewable power capacity of leading oil and gas companies
  • Appendix B: Renewable power contracts of major oil and gas EPC vendors
  • Our thematic research methodology
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