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Blockchain Use Cases and Business Models Transforming the Automotive Industry

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 987575
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 65 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
區塊鏈用例和商業模式將改變汽車行業 Blockchain Use Cases and Business Models Transforming the Automotive Industry
出版日期: 2020年12月24日內容資訊: 英文 65 Pages








  • 汽車區塊鏈的概念證明
  • 汽車區塊鏈的優先領域
  • 汽車區塊鏈用例和業務
  • 使用區塊鏈的產品ID
  • 汽車區塊鏈的車輛識別標準
  • 汽車區塊鏈VID
  • 汽車代幣化
  • 未來基於加密令牌的生態系統
  • 交通中基於密碼令牌的生態系統
  • 基於唯鏈工具鏈的企業解決方案
  • 企業解決方案技術堆棧
  • SHIFT移動汽車平台
  • SHIFT移動解決方案
  • 車載錢包解決方案可保護財務和數據交易
  • 多維數據集令牌使用計劃


  • 區塊鏈公司的OEM參與
  • 豐田的區塊鏈計劃
  • 寶馬/VeChain數字汽車護照
  • MB/Icertis合作夥伴關係:可持續發展
  • MB/Icertis:合同合規性儀表板


  • 汽車生態系統中的區塊鏈轉型
  • 汽車區塊鏈:促進者和戰略要點


  • 增長機會1:汽車行業的區塊鏈解決方案


Product Code: K59B-18

Supply Chain to CASE Will Unwind New Revenue Models by Leveraging Secured Solutions

The aim of this research study is to give an overview of blockchain solutions, key use cases, and applications adopted in the automotive industry. The study focuses on the strategies that original equipment manufacturers adopt, the business models they use, key vendors, and core features. In the connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) era, blockchain scalability that does not compromise security is a key challenge preventing its widespread adoption in the automotive industry.

Blockchain-based start-ups and global companies were primarily focusing on proofs of Concept and projects in the financial sector. Frost & Sullivan analysis indicates that blockchain technology will reshape the insurance, automotive, healthcare, and logistics industries with innovative projects by 2025. Technology companies and start-ups focusing on blockchain technology are building the infrastructure to advance the complex implications of the technology: industrial applications, smart cities, data markets, fintech, banking, information privacy, encrypted communications, gaming, and supply chain.

The automotive industry will pilot parts traceability, supply chain visibility, contract management, in-vehicle payments, ownership/identity management, and data monetization blockchain projects by 2022. Considering data monetization, automotive companies should lay down aggressive roadmaps for the development of futuristic data management strategies (including what level of data needs to be collected, how data labeling will happen, and what the level of scaling in future will be) and accordingly set up an ecosystem for storage, processing, and service delivery. Automotive firms can leverage deeper insights from generated data and create compelling use cases for connected and autonomous vehicles. Tokenization will develop new business models across supply chains; rewards, asset maintenance, and data monetization are examples. The ability to reassess and revamp business models and align an organization with a service-oriented model will be a critical success factor.

Table of Contents

Strategic Imperatives

  • Why Is It Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative 8™
  • The Impact of the Top Three Strategic Imperatives 8™ on the Automotive Blockchain Industry
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™

Blockchain Definitions

  • Definitions of Key Terms
  • Definitions of Key Terms (continued)
  • Blockchain Terminology
  • Blockchain Properties

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings
  • Blockchain-Industry Adoption vs Revenue Share
  • Blockchain Investment Analysis
  • Blockchain Use Cases across Industries
  • Growth Restraints and Industry Adoption
  • In-Vehicle Retail Activity
  • Blockchain's Role in Automotive Cybersecurity
  • Automotive Blockchain Ecosystem
  • OEM Engagements with Blockchain Companies
  • Token-based Business Model
  • Automotive Blockchain: Current vs Future

Research Aim and Objectives, Background, and Methodology

  • Research Scope
  • Research Aims and Objectives
  • Research Methodology

Use Case and Enterprise Solution Analysis

  • Automotive Blockchain Proofs of Concept
  • Automotive Blockchain Focus Areas
  • Automotive Blockchain Use Cases and Companies
  • Product Identity Using Blockchain
  • Automotive Blockchain Vehicle Identity Standard
  • Automotive Blockchain VID
  • Automotive Tokenization
  • Futuristic Cryptographic Token-based Ecosystem
  • Cryptographic Token-based Ecosystem in Transportation
  • Cryptographic Token-based Ecosystem in Transportation (continued)
  • Enterprise Solutions Based on VeChain Toolchain
  • Enterprise Solution Technology Stack
  • SHIFTMobility Automotive Platform
  • SHIFTMobility Solutions
  • Car Wallet Solution to Secure Financial and Data Transactions
  • Cube Token Usage Plan

OEM Engagements

  • OEM Engagements with Blockchain Companies
  • OEM Engagements with Blockchain Companies (continued)
  • Toyota's Blockchain Endeavors
  • BMW and VeChain Digital Vehicle Passport
  • MB and Icertis Collaboration: Sustainability
  • MB and Icertis: Contractual Compliance Dashboard

Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Blockchain Transformation in Automotive Ecosystem, 2020
  • Automotive Blockchain: Drivers and Strategic Imperatives

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Blockchain Solution for Automotive
  • Growth Opportunity 1: Blockchain Solution for Automotive (continued)


  • Conclusions and Future Outlook
  • List of Exhibits
  • Legal Disclaimer