National eHealth Initiatives Advancing Global Precision Medicine Market, 2018-2025

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  • 對本報告中主要問題的認識
  • 精準醫學的六個主要主題
  • 精密藥品-各地區市場概況
  • 精確醫療供應商狀況:按主要類別
  • 主要國家/地區的精準醫療護理程度
  • 主要考慮
  • 傳播COVID-19感染期間的精準醫學


  • 分析範圍
  • 個性化藥物與精密藥物
  • 精密藥品類別
  • 患者分層:數據量,信息來源,介紹狀態
  • 精密醫學:主要領域和數據來源


  • 全球精密醫療市場-宏觀和微觀角度
  • 創新藥物模式的變化
  • 精密醫學處於臨床試驗階段的最後階段
  • 主要藥物基因組生物標誌物
  • 精確醫療供應商情況


  • 精準醫學的核心領域:基於情景的預測
  • 精密醫學的核心領域:預測樂觀情景的前提
  • 精密醫學的核心領域:預測的前提-悲觀情景
  • 精準醫學的核心領域:市場利潤情景預測分析
  • 精密醫學的核心領域:按細分細分的市場利潤預測
  • 精密醫學的核心領域:主要細分領域的預測假設


  • 主要國家與精密醫學的關係
  • 各國精確醫療對策:需要考慮的因素
  • 精準醫療反應指數:美國
  • 精準藥物反應指數:歐盟國家/英國
  • 精準藥物反應指數:亞太地區


  • 主要增長機會


  • 增長機會(1):CDx和基於生物標記的TRx
  • 精準醫學臨床試驗趨勢:主要地區
  • 伴侶生物標誌物調查的主要領域
  • 精準醫學時代的新臨床試驗設計
  • 主要國家的TRx/CDx合規指數


  • 增長機會(2):用於精確診斷的基因組學技術
  • 精密醫學的患者分層:通過組學/診斷因素
  • 主要新技術和方法的採用水平
  • 用於精確診斷的基因組學技術
  • 主要NGS供應商的狀態
  • 主要國家的組學研究響應指數


  • 增長機會(3):精準醫學的信息學解決方案
  • 精準醫學信息學:市場形勢
  • 精準醫學信息學:市場規模
  • 推薦行為(C2A):用於Xifin-MDx的精確醫學信息學(分子診斷)
  • 主要國家/地區的電子醫療(電子醫療)合規性指數



Product Code: K3BE-52

Taiwan, Estonia, and Finland Emerging as Key Markets Fueling Growth Opportunities in Precision Medicine Informatics

Precision medicine is transitioning toward wider acceptance, due to mounting payer pressures and regulatory changes that are shifting pharma businesses from prescriptive to more predictive and personalized models. Emergence of value-based reimbursement models and healthcare consumerism trends are helping move the treatment model from 'one-size-fits-all' to a stratified and outcome-based targeted therapeutics concept called 'precision medicine' (PM).

Companion diagnostics (CDx) and targeted therapeutics (TRx) are going beyond oncology and spreading more toward therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases, central nervous system (CNS), and cardiovascular diseases. Despite a relatively high success rate for PM R&D assets commercialization in recent years, considerable challenges exist around proving clinical utility and a regulatory and reimbursement framework, which is rigid, decentralized, and non-uniform.

Advances in omics technologies help in identifying molecular targets with the help of molecular insights generated by datasets about the disease pathogenesis. PM informatics is the key component of the PM ecosystem. PM-cognitive analytic platforms capable of leveraging genomic, clinical, financial, and lifestyle data, while delivering actionable clinical insights at the point of care, are gaining market traction. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the key enablers for utilizing the full potential of PM for building predictive models based on multi-omics data, given a big hurdle in the adoption of PM is lack of technology infrastructure.

Genomic sequencing has huge potential to support the COVID-19 outbreak exploration, especially in comprehending the re-emergence of potential COVID-19 outbreaks.

In terms of geographic outlook, although the specific focus on PM research started in the United States and the EU, countries such as Canada, China, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan have made significant advances in recent years in this area by way of significant investments to develop in-country research and scientific expertise to improve access. Considering the infrastructure requirements for utilizing omics in clinical practice, China and Japan are beating other leading countries in terms of both research initiatives and regulations and infrastructure development.

Research Scope:

This research service analyzes the key building blocks for the precision medicine ecosystem to provide strategic imperatives and growth opportunities for key participants. The study captures both the global and regional flavors for PM market opportunity realization such as: market projections, drivers and restraints, country readiness index, and major government and commercial initiatives. The study also provides live case studies and innovative business models for leading companies in the PM space.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • What does the PM ecosystem look like? Who are the key stakeholders and what are their roles?
  • What are the gaps in the PM ecosystem and how these can be filled by market partners?
  • How big is the PM market? What are the growth opportunities by major therapeutic areas, market segments, and technologies by 2025?
  • What are the major market drivers and restraints for the PM market?
  • Which are the countries that demonstrate the highest growth opportunities for PM? How are the regulatory and reimbursement landscape evolving across these countries?
  • What are the most promising business models emerging in the healthcare space to enable PM practice?
  • What are the winning and losing strategies that can be gleaned from existing market case studies and companies to watch?
  • How are companies monetizing these emerging models, services, and solutions?
  • What are the human and material resources required, and what is the most efficient way to procure these?
  • What are the market projections for specific services and solutions?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • 6 Big Themes for Precision Medicine
  • Precision Medicine-Regional Market Overview
  • Precision Medicine Vendor Landscape by Major Market Clusters
  • Precision Medicine Readiness of Major Countries
  • Key Insights
  • Precision Medicine in the Wake of COVID-19

Research Scope, Definitions, and Segmentation

  • Research Scope
  • Personalized Vs Precision Medicine
  • Precision Medicine Categories
  • Patient Stratification-Data Volume, Sources, and Adoption
  • Precision Medicine-Key Segments and Data Sources

Current and Future State of Precision Medicine

  • Global Precision Medicine Market-Macro to Micro Visioning
  • Changing Modalities of Innovative Drugs
  • Precision Medicine in the Late-stage Clinical Trials Pipeline
  • Major Pharmacogenomics Biomarkers
  • Precision Medicine Vendor Landscape

Precision Medicine Market Projections (2019-2025)

  • Scenario Contingent Projections for Core Precision Medicine Segment
  • Forecast Assumptions for Core Precision Medicine Segment- Optimistic Scenario
  • Forecast Assumptions for Core Precision Medicine Segment- Pessimistic Scenario
  • Core Precision Medicine Segment-Revenue Forecast Scenario Analysis
  • Core Precision Medicine Segment-Revenue Forecast by Subsegments
  • Forecast Assumptions-Core Precision Medicine Key Subsegments
  • Forecast Assumptions-Core Precision Medicine Key Subsegments (continued)

Precision Medicine Cluster Benchmarking by Major Countries

  • Select Countries' Readiness for Precision Medicine
  • Factors Consideration for Precision Medicine Country Readiness Index
  • Country Readiness for Precision Medicine-US
  • Country Readiness for Precision Medicine-EU and UK
  • Country Readiness for Precision Medicine-APAC

Growth Opportunities in Precision Medicine

  • Major Growth Opportunities

Opportunity Analysis-CDx and Biomarker-based Targeted Therapeutics (TRx)

  • Growth Opportunity 1-CDx and Biomarkers-based TRx
  • Precision Medicine Clinical Trials Trends in Major Regions
  • Top Areas of Companion Biomarker Research
  • New Clinical Trial Designs in the Era of Precision Medicine
  • New Clinical Trial Designs in the Era of Precision Medicine (continued)
  • Select Countries' TRx and CDx Readiness Index

Opportunity Analysis-Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostics

  • Growth Opportunity 2-Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostics
  • Precision Medicine Patient Stratification by Omics/Diagnostic Factors
  • Level of Adoption of Select Novel Technologies and Approaches
  • Genomics Technologies for Precision Diagnostics
  • Select NGS Vendor Landscape
  • Select Countries' Omics Research Readiness Index

Opportunity Analysis-Precision Medicine Informatics

  • Growth Opportunity 3-Precision Medicine Informatics Solutions
  • Precision Medicine Informatics Market Landscape
  • Precision Medicine Informatics Market Size
  • C2A: Xifin-Precision Medicine Informatics for MDx
  • Select Countries' eHealth Readiness Index

Key Conclusions

  • Key Conclusions
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