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Global Connected Car Market Outlook, 2020

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 940863
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 114 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
全球連網汽車市場的展望、2020 Global Connected Car Market Outlook, 2020
出版日期: 2020年05月18日內容資訊: 英文 114 Pages

在市場從新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的影響下回復之後,遠程信息處理系統的導入會更為增加。汽車產業處於OTA功能與雲端戰略實現的最前線,從其相關的服務中有著大規模的獲利機會。連網功能甚至不再是汽車的選擇功能而是基本功能。在汽車產業面臨大規模的變革中,汽車製造商不單只是硬體的製造商,更需要進化成科技產業。汽車需要進化成為「附有輪子的智能軟體綜合平台」,組織全體也需要進化成為科技公司。,汽車製造商為了要達到這個變化下的目標,開始與各大IT公司聯手共同合作。

本報是調查全球的連網汽車市場並包含全球經濟的現狀及未來預估、新冠肺炎 (COVID-19) 的影響、汽車用OS、遠程信息處理、5G、數據收益、HMI等連網汽車的主要功能與技術的動向、實際案例、企業與其合作夥伴及方式、成長機會、未來展望等資訊情報。


  • Covid-19:全球經濟的現狀與影響預估
  • 全球市場、先進市場、新市場的成長
  • 全球經濟的預估:前5位預測
  • 全球GDP成長:概述
  • 主要經濟國家:主要預測





  • AR與VR:MR的出現
  • 案例學習:MBUX□JLR 3D
  • 通過生物識別技術監控駕駛員
  • V2X的使用
  • V2X:導入OEM與未來展望
  • 汽車市場的未來前景
  • OEM平台與服務比較
  • 汽車內支付:商業模式
  • 與支付技術的合作
  • 汽車音響
  • 案例學習:Harman□Continental
  • IT大公司影響連網汽車的未來
  • IT大手:比較分析
  • 連接性關連規則


  • 連網汽車的IoT化
  • 汽車用IoT平台功能
  • 案例學習:VW朝科技公司的改變
  • 案例學習:Daimler的eXtollo雲端平台
  • 汽車區塊鏈:事例□加入企業
  • 汽車區塊鏈:OEM的加入
  • 數據收益化:重點案例
  • 使用Continental收集數據
  • 網路安全的新創公司:戰略合作與投資
  • 網路安全:汽車安全運營中心(VSOC)


  • 汽車OS環境
  • 數位助手
  • 數位助手:合作
  • 嵌入式遠程信息處理路線圖
  • 案例學習:BMW&PSA
  • 服務動向
  • 連接服務:新的商業架構
  • HMI的動向
  • HMI:Elements of Future UX
  • OEM導航:概要
  • 車用音響:動向與成長因素
  • 一級供應商:概要


  • 連網汽車預測:以地域區別
  • 全球嵌入式遠程信息處理出貨量預測
  • 導航市場現狀
  • 全球HMI市場
  • V2X出貨量預測
  • 全球UBI市場:TSP與保險公司的市場份額
  • 智能手機界面技術


  • 競爭環境:連接服務(歐洲)
  • 競爭環境:HMI(歐洲)
  • 歐洲的OEM應用整合:導論
  • 歐洲的OEM的遠程信息處理服務:導論
  • 歐洲的OEM的HMI功能:比較分析
  • 北美的OEM應用整合:導論
  • 北美的OEM的遠程信息處理服務:導論
  • 北美的OEM的HMI功能:比較分析
  • 中國的OEM應用整合:導論
  • 中國的OEM的遠程信息處理服務:導論
  • 中國的OEM的HMI功能:比較分析


  • 產業生態系統轉型
  • 成長機會:下游業務和收入流
  • 戰略的必要條件



Product Code: K47E-18

The Adoption of Telematics Systems will Increase after the Market Recovers from the COVID-19 Impact; Automakers at the Forefront of Implementing OTA Capabilities and Cloud Strategies will Capture Huge Revenues from Associated Services

Connectivity is increasingly no longer an optional feature for vehicles. The automotive industry is in the midst of a massive transformation, where automakers are no longer hardware makers but are evolving into tech companies. The study aims to provide an insight into the challenges and technology innovations of the new decade that will transform the automotive industry, especially connected cars. The evolution of the current generation of vehicles into 'software platforms on wheels' will require the transformation of the entire organization into a tech company. Automakers have started to align themselves with tech giants through partnerships to achieve this transformation goal.

This research service covers an overview of how tech companies are helping automakers with their connected car strategies. Topics such as marketplace, feature-on demand, V2X, etc., have been covered in adequate detail. The prospects for 2020 are summarized as trends, which are mainly technology-oriented. The study also explains what to expect in the upcoming years.

The trends gaining traction in 2020-like operating system, telematics, 5G, data monetization, and human-machine interfaces (HMI)-have been covered in greater detail. Technology updates from the recent CES event, partnerships/collaborations, and regulatory impacts on connectivity and so on have also been discussed.

The study also includes a discussion on the different scenarios we can expect as a result of the degree of impact COVID-19 has on the economy in general and on connected car deployment in particular, and implications of the same. Technology trends that play a major role in transforming the connected car market such as augmented/virtual/mixed reality, in-car commerce, biometrics, V2X, IoT platforms, blockchain, cybersecurity, etc., are covered with case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of these technologies in the current scenario. Solutions specific to in-vehicle experience such as digital assistants, connected services, HMI, audio technologies, etc., have also been showcased. Certain exhibits provide a comparison of the different players in the ecosystem. Detailed technology insights and breakdown of business models have also been provided in some cases. Market forecasts that highlight the region-wise break-up of connected cars, embedded systems, UBI, etc., for major regions such as North America, Europe, and China have also been covered.

This connected car outlook analyzes growth opportunities, strategic imperatives for automakers, Tier Is, network operators, and all the players of the connected car ecosystem. Conclusions and future outlook on the market have been provided with a summarization of what to look forward to in the upcoming year and beyond.

Table of Contents

2020 Global Economic Outlook-Executive Summary

  • Covid-19 Global Economic Impact-Visioning Scenarios
  • Global, Advanced, and Emerging Markets Growth
  • Global Economic Outlook 2020-Top 5 Predictions
  • Global Economic Outlook 2020-Top 5 Predictions (continued)
  • 2020 World GDP Growth Snapshot
  • Major Economies-Key Predictions for 2020

Connected Car-Executive Summary

  • 2019 Highlights-Predictions versus Actuals
  • Top Predictions for 2020
  • Automotive OS Landscape
  • Embedded Telematics Progression
  • Connectivity-5G in Automotive
  • Data Monetization-Key Use Cases
  • HMI-Elements of Future UX
  • Features on Demand-Customer Research Findings
  • Hook Model to Capture Connected Car Customers
  • Connected Car-Regional Highlights
  • Connected Car-Regional Highlights (continued)

Research Scope, Objective, Background and Methodology

  • Research Scope and Objectives
  • Definitions of Connected Cars and Connectivity
  • Research Background
  • Research Methodology

Market Updates and Themes

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 Updates
  • Digital Cockpits and Large Displays Continue to Hog the Dashboard
  • Recent Connected Car Partnerships and M&A

2020 Connected Car Trends-Features

  • Trend 1-Emergence of AR, VR, and MR
  • Case Studies-MBUX and JLR 3D
  • Trend 2-Driver Monitoring with Biometrics
  • Driver Monitoring Systems-Companies Active
  • Trend 3-V2X Adoption
  • V2X-OEM Deployments and Future Outlook
  • Trend 4-Future of In-vehicle Marketplace
  • Marketplace-OEM Platform & Services Comparison
  • Trend 5-In-vehicle Payments: Business Models
  • In-vehicle Payment-Technology Partnership Categories
  • Trend 6-Evolving Automotive Audio, 2030
  • Case Studies-Automotive Audio: Harman and Continental
  • Trend 7-Future of Connected Cars Driven by Tech Giants
  • Tech Giants-Comparative Analysis
  • Trend 8-Regulations Affecting Connectivity

Auto IT and Data Monetization Trends

  • Trend 1-IoTization of the Connected Car
  • Automotive IoT Platform Capabilities
  • Case Study-VW's Transformation into a Tech Company
  • Case Study-Daimler's eXtollo Cloud Platform
  • Trend 2-Automotive Blockchain: Use Cases and Companies
  • Automotive Blockchain-OEM Engagements
  • Trend 3-Data Monetization: Key Use Cases
  • Analysis of Global Data Monetization Use-cases
  • Case Study-Continental Data Collection
  • Trend 4-Cybersecurity Start-ups: Strategic Partnerships & Funding
  • Cybersecurity-Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC)

Solution/System Trends

  • Automotive OS Landscape
  • Digital Assistants
  • Digital Assistants-Partnerships
  • Embedded Telematics Roadmap
  • Case Study-BMW & PSA
  • Connected Services Trends
  • Connected Services-New Packaging Structures
  • HMI Trends
  • HMI-Elements of Future UX
  • OEM Navigation Overview
  • Automotive Audio-Trends and Drivers
  • Tier I Suppliers-Overview

Connected Car-Market Forecast

  • Region-wise Connected Cars Forecast
  • Global Embedded Telematics Unit Shipments Forecast
  • Navigation Market Landscape
  • Global HMI Market Penetration-2019 to 2022
  • V2X Unit Sales Forecast 2025
  • Global UBI Market-Market Share of TSPs and Insurance Companies
  • Smartphone Interfacing Technologies

OEM Comparative Analysis

  • Competitive Landscape-Connected Services (Europe)
  • Competitive Landscape-HMI (Europe)
  • European OEMs' App Integration Summary
  • European OEMs' Telematics Services Summary
  • European OEMs' HMI Features Comparative Analysis
  • North American OEMs' App Integration Summary
  • North American OEMs' Telematics Services Summary
  • North American OEMs' HMI Features Comparative Analysis
  • Chinese OEMs' App Integration Summary
  • Chinese OEMs' Telematics Services Summary
  • Chinese OEMs' HMI Features Comparative Analysis

Growth Opportunity Analysis

  • Transformation in Connected Car Industry Ecosystem-2020
  • Growth Opportunity-Downstream Business and Revenue Streams
  • Connected Cars-Strategic Imperatives


  • Key Conclusions and Future Outlook
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Abbreviations
  • Abbreviations (continued)
  • Abbreviations (continued)
  • Abbreviations (continued)
  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)