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與人工智慧 (AI) 一起進入超車道:推動移動的未來

Into the Fast Lane with AI: Driving the Future of Mobility

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 931789
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 43 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
與人工智慧 (AI) 一起進入超車道:推動移動的未來 Into the Fast Lane with AI: Driving the Future of Mobility
出版日期: 2020年03月30日內容資訊: 英文 43 Pages

汽車製造商目前正致力於導入一系列模仿、強化、協助人類行動的AI技術,包含語音控制、車載資通訊系統、朝內攝影機、觸控感測介面、個人化平台等。自然言語處理 (NLP) 和搭載機械的車載助理,能夠在無人類干預下使車輛因應語音命令、並推斷需採取的行動。為了提升安全性,AI系統也實裝於車輛上,確保使用者能夠享受無差錯的順暢體驗。

本報告研究分析使用於車輛的人工智慧 (AI) 技術,系統性彙整概要、使用案例、主要企業、投資動向、未來ROADMAP等情報。


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 概要 - 汽車產業的AI

  • 汽車產業的AI應用
  • 市場規模 - 全球汽車市場的AI
  • 全球汽車生產:按區域
  • 汽車AI - 技術價值鏈
  • 整體汽車價值鏈的AI使用案例

第3章 汽車研發過程中的AI

  • AI使汽車研發團隊能夠有效審查數據、改善分析、優先進行創新
  • 使用案例 - 研究開發

第4章 汽車供應鏈中的AI

  • AI透過使物流系統透明、精簡、靈活,降低了汽車供應鏈的複雜度
  • 使用案例 - 供應鏈

第5章 汽車製造中的AI

  • 基於AI的協作式機器人與人類操作員的協同作業,能夠更快速完成重複性任務並提升整體效率
  • 使用案例 - 製造

第6章 汽車行銷與銷售中的AI

  • 汽車企業持續導入使用AI/ML功能的程式自動化
  • AI系統有助OEM在合適的時機向顧客提供銷售、服務以增加收益
  • AI使用案例 - 行銷和銷售

第7章 提升駕駛/顧客體驗的汽車AI

  • 汽車製造商正致力於汽車AI系統交互作用的更智能化
  • AI使用案例 - 提升駕駛/顧客體驗

第8章 汽車產業主要投資和合作夥伴關係

  • 汽車企業為了強化功能並維持競爭力,對於AI主導的初創企業越來越有興趣
  • 汽車製造商正組成團隊加速AI導入

第9章 汽車產業監管發展

  • 美國、新加坡、中國加速實現自動駕駛的行動

第10章 專利情勢

  • 美國與中國為AI相關汽車專利登錄的領先國家
  • AI相關研究創製將在導致未來5年間的專利數激增
  • 策略見解

第11章 產業聯絡資訊

  • 主要聯絡資訊
  • 免責聲明
Product Code: D97B

An insight into how AI is likely to open up new opportunities for OEMs in the near future

Artificial intelligence (AI) will hold as a key enabler in transforming the automotive industry. Currently, the automotive industry is focusing on integration of AI in self-driving cars, while other application areas include R&D, procurement, supply chain management, manufacturing, mobility services, and customer experience.

Automotive manufacturers are currently working on implementing a range of AI technologies to mimic, augment and support actions of humans, including voice controls, telematics, interior-facing cameras, touch sensitive surfaces and personalized platforms. In-car assistants powered by natural language processing (NLP) and machine enable vehicle's to respond to voice commands and infer the actions to take, without human intervention. AI systems are also being implemented in vehicles to provide more safety, ensuring users to enjoy a glitch free and smoother experience.

This presentation will touch on:

  • Types of AI technologies deployed in vehicles
  • Key application areas of AI within the automotive value chain - Use case examples
  • Companies that are actively involved in the development and commercialization of automotive-based AI technology
  • Highlight some of the key investments trends
  • Key initiatives and regulations pertaining to AI in automotive sector

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Research Scope
  • 1.2. Research Methodology
  • 1.3. Research Methodology Explained
  • 1.4. Key Findings

2.0 Overview - AI in the Automotive Industry

  • 2.1. AI Application in the Automotive Industry
  • 2.2. Market Size - Global AI in Automotive Market
  • 2.3. The Global Automotive Production by Region
  • 2.4. AI in Automotive - Technology Value Chain
  • 2.5. AI Use Cases Across Automotive Value Chain

3.0 AI in Automotive Research & Development Process

  • 3.1. AI Enables Automotive R&D Teams to Review Data Efficiently, Improve Analysis, and Prioritize the Innovations
  • 3.2. Use Cases - Research & Development

4.0 AI in Automotive Supply Chain

  • 4.1. AI Reduces the Automotive Supply Chain Complexities by Making Logistics Systems Transparent, Lean, and Flexible
  • 4.2. Use Cases - Supply Chain

5.0 AI in Automotive Manufacturing

  • 5.1. AI-based Cobots Work Along with Human Operators, Completing Repetitive Tasks More Quickly and Increasing the Overall Efficiency
  • 5.2. Use Cases - Manufacturing

6.0 AI in Automotive Marketing and Sales

  • 6.1. Automotive Companies are Continuing to Adopt Programmatic Automation Using AI/ML Capabilities
  • 6.2. AI Systems are helping OEMs to Increase their Revenue through Sales and Service Recommendations to Customers at the Right Time
  • 6.3. AI Use Cases - Marketing and Sales

7.0 AI in Automotive Enhancing Driver/Customer Experience

  • 7.1. Automotive Manufacturers are focusing on Making Interaction with Cars' AI Systems More Intelligent
  • 7.2. AI Use Cases - Enhancing Driver/Customer Experience

8.0 Key Investments and Partnerships in the Automotive Industry

  • 8.1. Automotive Companies are Accelerating their Interest in AI-led Startups to Enhance their Capabilities and Stay Competitive
  • 8.2. Automotive Manufacturers are Teaming up to Accelerate their AI Implementation

9.0 Regulatory Developments in the Automotive Industry

  • 9.1. US, Singapore and China are Accelerating their Efforts to Make Autonomous Driving a Reality

10.0 Patent Landscape

  • 10.1. The US and China are the Leading Countries in AI-based Automotive Patent Registrations
  • 10.2. Research Initiatives Around AI will Result in Exponential Rise of Patents in the Next 5 years
  • 10.3. Strategic Insights

11.0 Industry Contacts

  • 11.1. Key Contacts
  • Legal Disclaimer