歐洲的電子健康紀錄 (EHR) 的發展所帶來的成長機會:到2024年之前的預測

Growth Opportunities from the Evolution of Electronic Health Record (EHR) in Europe, Forecast to 2024

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本報告調查了歐洲電子健康紀錄 (EHR) 市場,針對市場概要、競爭情勢、對市場成長的影響因素、各部門市場及成長機會等進行分析。



  • 市場背景
  • 市場定義
  • 市場部門區分
  • 成長促進要素與抑制要素


  • EHR進化的特徵是,以EMR轉換成全包式的醫療紀錄
  • 只需一個存取步驟即可整合患者病例的完美保健生態系統
  • 分析EMR解決方案供應商必須的主要產品功能
  • 從EMR進化成EHR:新的應用程式與保健模式登場
  • 影響EHR在歐洲成長的大趨勢
  • EHR是近未來的醫療保健概念的重要因素
  • 整合型醫療保健:促進EHR進一步普及的歐洲整體主要動向


  • 所有人都扮演了一定的角色
  • EHR / EMR、生命科學產業
  • EHR / EMR、醫療設備產業
  • EMR / EHR、官辦及民間保險供應商
  • EHR / EMR、醫療保健供應商



  • 市場前提條件
  • 市場工程測定
  • 獲益預測
  • 國家/地區別的獲益預測
  • 獲益預測討論
  • 部門別的EMR採用分析


  • EMR供應商情勢
  • 排名較前的供應商:歐洲的主要地區及英國
  • 穩固的EHR形成因素
  • 市佔率分析
  • 競爭結構
  • 銷售結構
  • 銷售結構討論


  • 在歐洲既是潮流引領者,也是EMR發展的一環的企業
  • Cerner
  • Intersystems
  • Dedalus S.p.A
  • Better (Marand)
  • 主要競爭企業
  • 未來形成EMR市場的主要發展



  • 在歐洲10國的EMR的成熟度
  • 對EHR進化的即時反應性


  • 醫療制度概要:丹麥
  • 醫療制度概要:瑞典
  • 醫療制度概要:愛沙尼亞
  • 醫療制度概要:英國
  • 醫療制度概要:荷蘭
  • 醫療制度概要:西班牙
  • 醫療制度概要:德國
  • 醫療制度概要:比利時
  • 醫療制度概要:法國
  • 醫療制度概要:義大利




  • 在未來策略不可或缺的5個成長機會
  • 成長機會1:提供整合型保健技術的夥伴關係
  • 成長機會2:透過將AI / ML納入EHR軟體,將焦點放在改善重要文件
  • 成長機會3:裝置連線解決方案的成長
  • 成長機會4:PHM (Population Health Management/集體健康管理) 的支援
  • 成長機會5:存取患者的EHR
  • 為了成功、成長的戰略要務




Product Code: ME4B-48

Actionable Strategies and Tactics to Accelerate Growth in a Transforming Market

The healthcare IT landscape is witnessing rapid transformation as governments focus more on value-based care and preventive health programs to reduce the overall economic burden on health systems, along with increased efficiency in managing increasing patient populations. The basic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is evolving into a more comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR). The EMR, which primarily records and stores the summary of every physician-patient encounter, is becoming a longitudinal and comprehensive record that stores information from various sources, such as portals, wearables, and devices. This EHR, along with interoperability frameworks, cloud computing, data analytics, and security solutions, forms the basic architecture of upcoming healthcare concepts, such as population health management, care coordination, and patient engagement. Healthcare authorities and governments across Europe have gradually come to terms that EHR is imperative for achieving value-based care and implementation is not a one-time process and requires a continuously evolving strategy to keep pace with market developments. Initiatives by government and regional healthcare authorities for paperless documentation are favoring the adoption of EHR across Europe, which is further augmented by Europe's eHealth policies and digital agenda. As a result, the current EHR strategy in Europe is more collaborative and focused on integrated care with specific attention given to interoperability and cross-border healthcare. The key competencies of global companies trying to gain a foothold in Europe are scalable solutions and several years of experience in a variety of healthcare IT applications. Europe-based vendors benefit from an in-depth understanding of cultural, regulatory, and operational aspects of the regional market on which they are focused. Until now, failure of healthcare IT initiatives, slipping timelines to execution, and revamping of contracts have resulted in EHR vendors updating their market strategies in Europe. However, their focus on data security, data analytics, chronic disease management, personalized care, and clinical decision support will drive stronger uptake among hospitals and health systems.

The rapid care transformation and digitization comes with a paradigm shift in the entire care and tech ecosystem. Business models and strategies of participants are undergoing a change, and new participants are emerging. It is imperative to stay abreast with these changes.

Research Highlights:

This study focuses on clearing the air around the usage of the terms EHR and EMR and provides an insight into the maturity of EMR and the readiness of European countries to adopt a more comprehensive EHR. Growth opportunities for various healthcare stakeholders that can arise from the evolution of the EHR have also been highlighted.

Table of Contents

Executive Dashboard

  • Key Findings
  • Scope and Segmentation
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • CEO's Perspective
  • Executive Summary-3 Big Predictions
  • EMR Maturity in 10 European Countries-Summary
  • Readiness for the Evolution to an EHR
  • Purpose of this Experiential Study
  • 5 Step Process to Transformational Growth

Growth Environment-Market Overview

  • Market Background
  • Market Definitions
  • Market Segmentation
  • Drivers and Restraints

The Evolution of the EHR

  • The Evolution of EHR is Marked by the Transformation of an EMR Into a More Comprehensive Medical Record
  • The Complete Care Ecosystem Merging Into One Accessible Patient Record
  • Analysis on Key Product Features Required by Providers in EMR Solution
  • Evolution of the EMR to an EHR-New Applications and Care Models Emerge
  • Mega Trends Impacting Growth of EHR in Europe
  • An EHR is a Key Component of Upcoming Healthcare Concepts
  • Integrated Health Care-A Key Trend Across Europe for 2020 Driving Greater Uptake of EHR

Role of Key Stakeholders in the Evolution of the EHR

  • There is Something for Everyone
  • EHR/EMR and the Life Sciences Industry
  • EHR/EMR and the Life Sciences Industry (continued)
  • EHR/EMR and the Life Sciences Industry (continued)
  • EHR/EMR and the Medical Devices Industry
  • EHR/EMR and the Medical Devices Industry (continued)
  • EHR/EMR and the Medical Devices Industry (continued)
  • EMR/EHR and Public and Private Insurance Providers
  • EHR/EMR and the Healthcare Providers

Regulatory Impetus

  • The EU Impetus for its Member States to Proliferate EHR Usage and Interoperability
  • The EU Impetus for its Member States to Proliferate EHR Usage and Interoperability (continued)

Revenue Forecasts

  • Market Assumptions
  • Market Engineering Measurements
  • Revenue Forecast
  • Revenue Forecast by Country/Region
  • Revenue Forecast Discussion
  • Segment-wise EMR Adoption Analysis

Vendor Ecosystem

  • EMR Vendor Landscape
  • Top Rated Vendors by Key Regions in Europe and UK
  • Building Blocks of a Robust EHR
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Competition Structure
  • Distribution Structure
  • Distribution Structure Discussion

Key Companies to Watch

  • Companies That are Setting Trends and are a Part of the EMR Evolution in Europe
  • Cerner
  • Intersystems
  • Dedalus S.p.A
  • Better (Marand)
  • Top Competitors
  • Top Competitors (continued)
  • Top Competitors (continued)
  • Key Developments That Will Shape the EMR Market in the Future

EMR Maturity and EHR Readiness Analysis

  • EMR Maturity and EHR Readiness Index in Europe


  • EMR Maturity in 10 European Countries
  • Readiness for the Evolution to an EHR

Country-wise Scrutiny

  • Health System Snapshot-Denmark
  • Denmark
  • Health System Snapshot-Sweden
  • Sweden
  • Health System Snapshot-Estonia
  • Estonia
  • Health System Snapshot-UK
  • UK
  • Health System Snapshot-The Netherlands
  • The Netherlands
  • Health System Snapshot-Spain
  • Spain
  • Health System Snapshot-Germany
  • Germany
  • Health System Snapshot-Belgium
  • Belgium
  • Health System Snapshot-France
  • France
  • Health System Snapshot-Italy
  • Italy

Visioning Scenarios

  • Healthcare IT Product and Services Opportunities
  • Trends/Factors Impacting the Europe EHR Market
  • Top 5 Predictions for the EHR Market

Growth Pipeline

  • Levers for Growth

Vision and Strategy-Growth Opportunities

  • Five Growth Opportunities Critical for Future Strategy
  • Growth Opportunity 1-Partnerships to Offer Integrated Care Technologies
  • Growth Opportunity 2-Focus on Clinical Documentation Improvement with Incorporation of AI/ML into EHR Software
  • Growth Opportunity 3-Growth for Device Connectivity Solutions
  • Growth Opportunity 4-Population Health Management Support
  • Growth Opportunity 5-Patient Access to Their EHRs
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Growth Opportunities Matrix

  • Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
  • Growth Opportunities 1-5-Vision and Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities Matrix

Growth Strategy and Implementation

  • Prioritized Opportunities through Implementation
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)