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汽車連網服務之顧客心聲 (VoC) 分析:歐洲 (2018年)

Voice of Customer Analysis on Automotive Connected Services - Europe, 2018

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 926017
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 53 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
汽車連網服務之顧客心聲 (VoC) 分析:歐洲 (2018年) Voice of Customer Analysis on Automotive Connected Services - Europe, 2018
出版日期: 2020年02月03日內容資訊: 英文 53 Pages


本報告研究歐洲汽車連網服務 (數位助理、線上娛樂資訊服務、Telematics服務、導航服務、數據對應服務等) 使用趨勢,彙整顧客最有興趣的連網車服務/利用案例、控制顧客數據對應服務的課題、顧客未來期待的連網車服務、汽車製造商共享數據的顧客意願等情報。



  • 樣本結構概要
  • 樣本結構
  • 人口統計剖析


  • 10大研究結果
  • 顧客研究涵蓋的主要部分
  • 車輛購買標準和對新技術的興趣
  • 數位助理
  • 線上服務和車載功能
  • Telematics和導航服務
  • 數據對應服務


  • 購買新車的一般基準
  • 對汽車技術的興趣
  • 對汽車和駕駛的態度


  • 一般數位助理的使用方法
  • 車內的數位助理利用
  • 電話中的數位助理利用頻率
  • 數位助理的利用:按應用程式


  • 目前車內的線上服務利用
  • 車載功能和目前使用情況
  • 因應未來需求的車載功能


  • 對導航和安全服務的興趣
  • 對Telematics服務的興趣
  • 偏好訂閱模式
  • 控制功能的HMI偏好


  • 汽車經銷商/汽車製造商共享數據的意願
  • 對數據共享之報酬/支付的期望
  • 數據對應服務



Product Code: MF37-18

Understand Consumer Perceptions, Technology Preferences, and Expectations for the Future

The scope of the research study is to evaluate the current use of connected car applications such as digital assistants, online infotainment services, telematics services, navigation services, and data-enabled services among respondents in Europe. In addition, this study will also focus on customer analysis bifurcation by vehicle segment type across different European countries and who prefers to use what types of services. This research will also investigate the most interesting connected car applications and use cases for customers in the future.

Data was collected by means of a panel-based survey in Europe - France, Italy, UK, and Germany. A total of 2137 decision makers or key influencers for connected car services were surveyed to obtain the results.

Research Scope:

  • Identify the most interesting connected car services/use cases for the customers
  • Deep-dive analysis on what services/use cases are preferred across different vehicle segment owners
  • Understand what challenges are limiting customers in their adoption of data-enabled services
  • Identify the major, interesting connected car services that customers would like to see in the future
  • Understand the willingness of customers to share data with automakers for providing personalized services

Connected Car Services Highlights:

  • More than 40% drivers currently use digital assistants and the main task in a vehicle is telephony and navigation
  • Navigation and online music streaming are the most preferred Internet services in cars, local search and concierge services are still low
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay still under penetrated - familiarity only from 17” models
  • Customers prefer flexible payment plans and a-la-carte options for telematics service. Emergency assistance tops the most-needed option - Unbundling of services
  • More than 60% drivers are willing to share data and expect money as incentive

Research Highlights:

  • Criteria for vehicle purchase and interest towards new technologies - Analyses the consumer's perspective for purchasing vehicles in key European regions. It also identifies driver's attitude towards use of different connected vehicle technologies and autonomous cars in the future
  • Digital Assistants - Showcases the key use cases and frequency of use of digital assistants in connected vehicles and reasons for increasing interest among consumers
  • Online infotainment services and in-car features - Identifies key online services and features largely used in cars and presents the preferred online services for the future
  • Telematics and navigation services - Highlights the current, interesting telematics and navigation services among vehicle owners and also identifies the preference for connected services of the future
  • Data-enabled services - Highlights the increasing interest towards data-enabled services and identifies consumer's data-sharing expectations for automakers

Table of Contents

Research Objectives and Methodology

  • Research Scope and Objectives
  • Features and Services Covered in the Study
  • Research Methodology
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer

Respondents Sample Overview

  • Survey Sample Structure
  • Sample Structure
  • Sample Structure (continued)
  • Demographic Profile

Executive Summary

  • Top Ten Findings from the Survey
  • Key Sections Covered in the Customer Research
  • Criteria for Vehicle Purchase and Interest Towards New Technologies
  • Digital Assistants
  • Online Services and In-car Features
  • Telematics and Navigation Services
  • Data-Enabled Services

Criteria for Vehicle Purchase and Interest Towards New Technologies

  • General Criteria for Purchasing a New Vehicle
  • General Criteria for Purchasing a New Vehicle (continued)
  • Car Technology Interest
  • Car Technology Interest (continued)
  • Attitude Towards Cars and Driving

Digital Assistants

  • General Digital Assistant Usage
  • In-car use of Digital Assistants
  • Frequency of Use of Digital Assistants on Phone
  • Digital Assistants Use by Applications

Online Service and In-Built Vehicle Features

  • Current Use of Online Services in Cars
  • In-built Vehicle Features and Current Usage
  • In-built Vehicle Features Future Demand

Telematics and Navigation Services

  • Interest in Navigation and Safety Services
  • Interest in Navigation and Safety Services (continued)
  • Interest in Telematics Services
  • Preferred Subscription Model
  • HMI Preference for Controlling Features

Data-Enabled Services

  • Willingness to Share Data with Car Dealer/Car Maker
  • Expectations towards Reward/ Payment for Sharing Data
  • Data-Enabled Services

Key Conclusions

  • Key Conclusions from Voice of Customer Analysis on Connected Services
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)