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奈及利亞的聚乙烯 (PE) 市場分析:至2023年的預測

Analysis of Polyethylene Market in Nigeria, Forecast to 2023

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 919978
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 83 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
奈及利亞的聚乙烯 (PE) 市場分析:至2023年的預測 Analysis of Polyethylene Market in Nigeria, Forecast to 2023
出版日期: 2019年12月11日內容資訊: 英文 83 Pages

本報告提供奈及利亞國內的聚乙烯 (PE) 市場相關分析,市場基本結構和主要的促進、阻礙因素,整體生產量、消費量、貿易額趨勢預測 (今後5年份),各等級詳細趨勢,奈及利亞國內的主要的應用領域,主要企業的簡介,產業相關人員今後應致力處理的課題等資訊彙整,為您概述為以下內容。


聚乙烯 (PE) 市場概要

  • 聚乙烯的需求量:各等級、各用途
  • 市場宏觀形勢:奈及利亞
  • 市場機會
  • 市場的主要影響因素


  • 推動市場要素
  • 阻礙市場要素


  • 聚乙烯市場價值鏈
  • 聚乙烯的市場規模
  • 聚乙烯的貿易量、貿易額:各等級


  • 聚乙烯的生產能力
  • 聚合物的用途:奈及利亞國內的情況


  • 薄膜的等級
  • 射出成型的等級
  • 吹塑/旋轉成型的等級
  • 管線、Raffia、層壓用等級


  • 聚乙烯市場競爭環境
  • 主要打入市場企業:從需求方面分析


  • 各種工業取向用途
  • HDPE (高密度聚苯乙烯) 市場主要參與企業
  • LLDPE (鎖狀低密度聚乙烯) 市場主要參與企業


  • 原料的供應鏈
  • 全球市場的各企業的地位


  • 市場規模預測 (以數量為準)
  • 市場規模預測 (以金額為準)

成長機會及推薦行動 (C2A):

  • 成長機會 (1):新的用途、市場開拓與產品差異化的產品開發
  • 成長機會 (2):具綠色環保永續性的產品
  • 對聚乙烯廠商/加工業者來說的策略性課題



  • 圖表一覽


Product Code: 9AB4/2B

Market Stability Driven by Economic Recovery, Expansion of Virgin Polymer Capacity, and Growth in End-use Industries; Focus on Environment-friendly and Sustainable Product Offerings

In this analysis, the Nigerian PE market is bifurcated by analyzing the supply-side and demand-side dynamics. From a supply standpoint, the local PE manufacturing industry is consolidated with one PE manufacturer. The local PE manufacturer, IEPL, supplies 47% of local demand, and the remaining 53% is supplied through imports.

However, from demand perspective, the converter market generally ranges from small extrusion converters to big multinational injection molding converters. The conversion industry is fragmented with increased participation of foreign companies. The PE downstream applications can be segmented as blow molding, rotational molding, injection molding, film, coatings, and pipe & sheet applications. The various industries utilizing these downstream applications include consumer goods, medical and pharma, packaging, automotive, and construction, among others. Local converters generally source PE from both local suppliers and through imports due to the limited availability of locally produced polymers. On average, converters source 40.0% of their polymer feedstock locally and 60.0% through imports. It is assumed that the larger converter companies are more likely to source raw PE polymers from both local and global suppliers due to local PE feedstock constraints. The local packaging industry is the largest consumer of polyethylene and, therefore, the largest contributor to the economic growth. It encompasses many industries ranging from agriculture to cosmetics and further plays a role in virtually all other industries by means of application in the transport of end products. Based on drivers and restraints and the country's GDP growth rate, which is expected to grow from 2.3% in 2019 to 2.4% in 2023, the PE market size growth rate is likely to increase from 4.5% in 2019 to 6.4% in 2023. In terms of material and product development, functionality and performance are key Mega Trends; these are the two top qualities that customers across industries seek. End-user industries, such as electrical and electronics, automotive, and construction are constantly evolving, leading to requirement for technically and functionally superior performance. Engineering plastics are increasingly feeling the pressure from high-performance polymers in new applications. The global plastics market is reeling under the weight of regulations for health hazards and emissions. With rising public consciousness, Nigeria is making strides with greener alternatives. Bio-based alternatives are now gaining ground. For instance, the Council of Science for Scientific and Industrial Research has developed a 100% biodegradable carrier bag made from maize and sugar cane by-products.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Findings
  • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • Scope of Study

PE Market Overview

  • PE Grades by Demand Application Processing
  • Macro Overview-Nigeria
  • Macro Overview-Nigeria (continued)
  • Macro Overview-Nigeria (continued)
  • Market Opportunities
  • Market Opportunities (continued)
  • Key Sectors Affecting PE Market
  • Key Sectors Affecting PE Market (continued)
  • Key Sectors Affecting PE Market (continued)
  • Key Sectors Affecting PE Market (continued)
  • Key Sectors Affecting PE Market (continued)

Drivers and Restraints-PE Market

  • Market Drivers
  • Drivers Explained
  • Market Restraints
  • Restraints Explained

PE Market Analysis

  • PE Value Chain
  • PE Value Chain Explained
  • PE Market Size
  • PE Trade by Volume
  • PE Trade by Value

PE Production and Application

  • PE Production Capacity
  • Polymer Application-Nigeria

PE Grades Manufactured in Nigeria

  • Film Grades-Nigeria
  • Injection Molding Grades-Nigeria
  • Blow & Rotational Molding Grades-Nigeria
  • Pipe, Raffia, and Lamination Grades-Nigeria

Competitive Environment

  • PE Competitive Environment
  • PE Competitive Environment Assessment
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)
  • Top Market Participant-Demand Side (continued)

PE Industry Application

  • Industry Application
  • Top HDPE Industry Participants
  • Top LLDPE Industry Participants
  • Top HDPE Market Participants
  • Top LLDPE Market Participants

Converter Characteristics

  • Raw Polymer Supply Chain
  • Raw Polymer Supply Chain Discussion
  • Global Position

PE Market Forecast

  • PE Market Forecast Explained
  • PE-Volume Forecast
  • PE-Volume and Value Forecast

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Growth Opportunity 1-Product Development to Capture New Application Markets and Product Differentiation
  • Growth Opportunity 2-Environment-friendly and Sustainable Product Offerings
  • Strategic Imperatives for PE Manufacturers and Converters

The Last Word

  • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360º Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy