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Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 913153
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 40 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
區塊鏈:全球投資分析 Blockchain: Global Investment Analysis
出版日期: 2019年09月26日內容資訊: 英文 40 Pages

本報告研究全球區塊鏈投資趨勢,彙整區塊鏈投資概要、區塊鏈融資推動和阻礙因素分析、區塊鏈投資的區域趨勢、ICO (首次貨幣發行) 、VC (創投資金)、企業基金、STO (證券型代幣發行) 融資分析等情報。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 區塊鏈投資:概要

  • 投資增加及服務交付模式為推動導入區塊鏈的主要趨勢
  • 銀行仍是區塊鏈領域主要投資者
  • VC融資模式正逐漸加速超越ICO
  • 相較Crypto Token,企業不斷發展證券型代幣(Security Token)

第3章 成長推動因素

  • 收益性及ROI是推動區塊鏈投資的主要因素

第4章 區塊鏈投資:區域趨勢

  • 美國主導區塊鏈投資環境
  • 中國正漸漸加速區塊鏈融資計畫
  • 美國擁有全球ICO市場的16%,突出於加密貨幣生態系統中
  • 瑞士是新興的加密貨幣國家
  • 英國正致力於透過增加投資以建立區塊鏈基礎建設

第5章 ICO、VC、企業基金、STO資金分析

  • 區塊鏈協議是ICO之間最受歡迎的投資選項
  • 吸引了來自創投家的大型投資
  • ICO從2018年下半年開始的融資熱度降低
  • 投資數量方面,TGE(代幣產生活動)等同於傳統融資
  • 投資和交易引領STO市場
  • ICO的違規為STO鋪路
  • 區塊鏈最高額的VC融資

第6章 主要初創企業和活躍投資者

第7章 策略建議

第8章 產業聯絡資訊

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Blockchain Funding and Investment Trends- An Overview

The rising demand for faster and more secure transactions along with full transparency has made blockchain one of the fastest growing technology markets in the world. Banks and technology providers are investing heavily in R&D activity related to verifying and recording finance transactions. Also, major US technology companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and startup innovators are developing blockchain-based services and applications, thereby driving the global blockchain market. The maturing technology and increasing adoption in the marketplace is encouraging the investment environment. Support from governments in public services projects is attracting investments.

Blockchain technology is positioned to meet the increasingly complex demands of the digital-first future through smart contract capabilities, middlemen elimination, and provenance and consensus on all transactions. Blockchain greatly reduces transaction costs by eliminating middlemen along the supply chain. This is a key factor that will drive the investments in innovative applications and adoption of this technology across all industries. Cryptocurrencies are experiencing high growth, which is attracting lots of investment through various funding models. Venture capitalists (VCs) are investing in startups to realize their gains in faster way through tokenization.

In brief, this research service covers the following points:

  • Blockchain Investments - An Overview
  • Drivers and Challenges for Blockchain Funding
  • Blockchain Investment Regional Trends
  • ICOs, VCs, Corporate Funding, and STOs Funding Analysis

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

  • 1.1 Research Scope
  • 1.2 Research Methodology
  • 1.3 Research Methodology Explained
  • 1.4 Key Findings

2.0 Blockchain Investments - Overview

  • 2.1 Increasing Investments and Service Delivery Models are the Key Trends Driving Adoption of Blockchain
  • 2.2 Banking Institutes Continue to Remain Key Investors in the Blockchain Space
  • 2.3 VC Funding Model is Slowly Accelerating and Surpassing ICOs
  • 2.4 Companies are Increasingly Exploring Security Tokens as Compared to Crypto Tokens

3.0 Growth Drivers

  • 3.1 Profitability and Return on Investment are Key Growth Drivers for Blockchain Investment

4.0 Blockchain Investment - Regional Trends

  • 4.1 The US Dominates the Blockchain Investment Environment
  • 4.2 China is Slowing Accelerating its Blockchain Funding Programs
  • 4.3 The US Holds 16% of Global ICO Market, Making it a Prominent Country in the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
  • 4.4 Switzerland is the Emerging Crypto Nation
  • 4.5 UK is Focusing on Building Blockchain Infrastructure Through Increased Investments

5.0 ICOs, VCs, Corporate Funding, and STOs Funding Analysis

  • 5.1 Blockchain Protocols are Popular Investments Options Among ICOs
  • 5.2 2018 Attracted Significant Amount of Investment from Venture Capitalists
  • 5.3 ICOs Started to Loose the Steam with Respect to Funding from Second Half of 2018
  • 5.4 In 2018, Token Generation Events Equaled the Conventional Funding with Respect to Number of Investment Deals
  • 5.5 Investment and Trading is Leading the STOs Marketplace
  • 5.6 Noncompliance of ICOs is Paving way for STOs
  • 5.7 Highest VC Funding in Blockchain was Witnessed in 2018

6.0 Key Startups and Active Investors

  • 6.1 Key Blockchain Startups with More than $100 Million Funding by 1H2019
  • 6.2 FinTech Sector Continues to Remain the Prime Focus Area for Active Investors

7.0 Strategic Recommendations

  • 7.1 Regulatory Advancements and Awareness will Enhance the Overall Global Funding Scenario
  • 7.2 Blockchain to Enable New Revenue Streams for Industrial Sectors in Sharing Economy

8.0 Industry Contacts

  • 8.1 Key Contacts
  • 8.1 Key Contacts (continued)
  • Legal Disclaimer