Innovations in Solid State Battery

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固體電池相關革新 Innovations in Solid State Battery
出版日期: 2018年06月20日內容資訊: 英文 50 Pages

爆炸事故讓鋰離子電池的安全問題引起全球嚴重關注,甚至禁止飛機搭載鋰離子電池,鋰離子電池的安全問題並不新鮮; 消費者被迫在安全性和電池容量中取捨,對更安全電池的迫切需求推動了固態電池市場,因為這種類型的電池可以阻止枝晶的形成和溶液外漏,這是爆炸的兩個主要原因。


第1章 摘要整理

第2章 技術差距分析

  • 為何需要固體電池?
  • 鋰離子電池電解質市場現狀
  • 對無機固體電解質的高影響度
  • 市場現狀:固體電解質式/液體電解質式的鋰離子電池 (LiB)
  • 只有LiRAP和硫化物結晶具有更高的電導率
  • 無機導電性高和電位窗高,成為最重要的屬性
  • 固體電解質相關技術支援度水準
  • 技術性優先順序評估,展現出2個市場機會 - 固體氧和高分子凝膠
  • LLZO和LGPS是研發中最優選的電解質

第3章 技術管理策略

  • 授權合約,分拆上市:最常見的策略
  • SolidEnergy:在技術方面·性能方面的優勢
  • 電池製造商大半是美國企業
  • 電池製造商大半是Start-Ups (新創業企業)
  • 組件材料供應商價值鏈對固態電池成本和質量的影響最大
  • 高品質的智慧介面開發,始於出色的材料採購,然後是強力的產品製造標準
  • 電源品牌所有者和製造商可能是不同的實體
  • 推動及阻礙市場要素:概要
  • 對更安全的電池的需求仍然是最大的市場促進因素
  • 適用材料的開發今後仍是重要的課題
  • 最新型電池提供巨大的潛力
  • 北美·亞太地區地區政府的高度支持

第4章 專利分析

  • 北美·日本企業主導全球專利
  • 其他地區缺乏防止亞太地區產品流入的興趣
  • 對Start-Ups企業的巨大興趣
  • 各種層級的相關利益者的興趣
  • 對主要專利只有中低影響
  • 前五名專利申請公司,誰是「領導者」或「挑戰者」
  • 豐田是固態電池領域最具創新力的公司

第5章 未來展望

  • 在醫療產業中,IoT展現出最大的潛力
  • 物聯網對固態電池的影響最大
  • 在固態電池中,成功因素包括材料科學和製造技術的進步
  • 嚴重缺陷最小化很重要
  • 除了最大企業,所有利益相關者都應該合作或加強
  • 高性能電池

第6章 主要相關企業的聯繫資訊

Product Code: D7F9

Need for Safer Alternatives Drives Innovations in Solid State Batteries

Exploding lithium-ion batteries have caused serious concerns worldwide and they are no longer allowed on board aircraft. Safety issues with lithium-ion batteries are not new; however, consumers make Faustian bargain between safety and power density. The pressing need for safer batteries is driving the solid state battery market because this type of battery can halt the growth of dendrites and prevent leaking, which are two major reasons for explosions. There has been a lot of hype surrounding solid state batteries, this study investigates the technology readiness level and technology management strategies of these batteries as well as profiles key innovations happening in this space.

Table of Contents


  • 1.1. High Advanced Batteries for Greater Safety
  • 1.2. Technology Readiness Level of Solid State Electrolytes


  • 2.1. Why Do We Need Solid State Batteries?
  • 2.2. State of the Market for Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes
  • 2.3. High Impact for Solid Inorganic Electrolytes
  • 2.4. Current State of Solid State Electrolyte LiB VS Liquid State Electrolyte LiB
  • 2.5. Only LiRAP and Sulfide Crystalline Have Higher Conductivities
  • 2.6. High Ionic Conductivity and High Electrochemical Windows are the Most Important Attributes
  • 2.7. Technology Readiness Level of Solid State Electrolytes
  • 2.8The Technology Prioritization Assessment Reveals 2 Opportunities--Solid Oxide and Polymer Gel
  • 2.9. LLZO and LGPS are the Most Preferred Electrolytes for R&D
  • 2.9. LLZO and LGPS are the Most Preferable Electrolytes for R&D


  • 3.1. Licensing and Spin-offs are the Most Common Strategies
  • 3.2SolidEnergy has the Technological Performance
  • 3.3. Battery Manufacturers are Mostly From the US
  • 3.4. Battery Manufacturers Dominated by Startups
  • 3.4. Battery Manufacturers Dominated by Startups (continued)
  • 3.5. The Component Material Providers Value Chain Has the Biggest Influence on Solid State Battery Cost and Quality
  • 3.6. High-quality Smart Skin Starts with Procurement of Superior Materials, followed by Robust Electronics Manufacturing Practices
  • 3.7. Power Source Brand Owners and Manufacturers Might be Different Entities
  • 3.8. Overview of Market Drivers and Restraints
  • 3.9. Need for Safer Batteries Remains the Biggest Driver
  • 3.10. Development of Suitable of Materials Remains
  • 3.11. Advanced Batteries Offer Huge Potential
  • 3.12. High Support from Governments in NA and APAC


  • 4.1. Entities from NA and Japan Dominate Global Patents
  • 4.2. Lack of Interest from Other Regions to Protect in APAC
  • 4.3. Huge Interest from Startups in this Region
  • 4.4. Interest from Mix Level of Stakeholders
  • 4.5. Only Medium and Low Impact for Key Patents
  • 4.6. Top 5 Patent Assignees are either Leaders or Challengers
  • 4.7. Toyota is the Most Innovative Company in the Solid State Batteries Segment


  • 5.1. IoT Shows the Biggest Potential along with the Healthcare Sector
  • 5.2. IoT has the Highest Impact on Solid State Batteries
  • 5.3. In Solid State Batteries, Success Factors Include Advances in Material Science and Manufacturing Techniques
  • 5.4. Minimizing Critical Defects is Important
  • 5.5. Other than Tier 1s, All Stakeholders Should Partner or Strengthen
  • 5.6. High Advanced Batteries


  • 6.1. Industry Contacts
  • Legal Disclaimer
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