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出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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出版日期: 2017年04月01日 內容資訊: 英文


第1章 區分

第2章 主要調查結果

第3章 先進製造業、自動技術區分

  • 協動型工業機器人
  • 電腦整合生產 (CIM)
  • 金屬3D印刷
  • 奈米3D印刷
  • 外骨骼型機器人

第4章 化學、先進材料技術區分

第5章 主要調查結果

  • 2D材料
  • 腐蝕減輕
  • 高強度輕量材料
  • 微、奈米封裝技術
  • 自我復甦材料
  • 智慧玻璃

第6章 環境、永續技術區分

第7章 環境、永續技術區分的趨勢

  • 碳回收利用、儲存
  • 離網海水淡化
  • 精密農業
  • 污水營養素回收

第8章 能源、公共事業技術區分

第9章 能源、公共事業技術區分的趨勢

  • 電池能源管理
  • 分散式發電
  • 提高石油採收率法 (EOR)
  • 鋰電池
  • 海上風力發電

第10章 健康和保健技術區分

第11章 健康和保健技術區分的趨勢

  • 癌症/腫瘤分析
  • 細胞療法
  • 遺傳基因編輯
  • 人類微生物組學
  • 免疫工程
  • 效果預測生物標記

第12章 資訊、通訊技術區分

  • 5G
  • 人工智能 (AI)
  • 塊環鏈
  • 超融合系統
  • 複合現實 (MR)
  • 自然語言互動
  • 小型資料

第13章 醫療設備、影像技術區分

第14章 主要調查結果

  • 人造器官
  • 神經刺激
  • 光活體組織切片
  • 超解像顯微鏡 (SRM)
  • 手術機器人
  • 觸覺成像

第15章 微電子技術區分

  • 全像顯示器
  • 微LED
  • 下一代資料儲存
  • OLED照明
  • 穿戴式
  • 無線充電

第16章 感測器、儀器技術區分

  • 先進駕駛輔助系統 (ADAS)
  • 生物感應器
  • 電子皮膚 (E介面)
  • 智慧觸覺
  • 免接觸感測
Product Code: D7AA-01

Multi-billion dollar technologies ready to energize industries and transform our world

The Top 50 Emerging Technologies research is a comprehensive analysis of the most disruptive technologies that will impact multiple industries, applications, and regions. This extraordinary and comprehensive research will deliver strategic guidance and actionable ideas on the hottest technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation and drive commercial growth. The convergence of several of these 50 technologies will open up unprecedented opportunities for new revenue models and spawn next generation of innovative products and services.

This research emphasizes several imminent growth opportunities of strategic imperative embedded in the following nine technology clusters - Microelectronics, Information and Communication Technologies, Health and Wellness, Medical Devices and Imaging, Sensors and Instrumentation, Chemicals and Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Automation, Environment and Sustainability, and Energy and Utilities.

The study offers in-depth strategic analysis of 50 emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Immune Engineering, Lithium Batteries, Off-grid Desalination, Nano 3D Printing, Self-healing Materials, Biosensors, Wearables, Surgical Robots and many more.

TechVision group's technology experts continuously gather and analyze deep-dive intelligence on several emerging and disruptive technologies through a vast network of innovators, technology developers, funders, and other players in the technology ecosystems around the globe. The technologies are spread across nine technology clusters that represent the bulk of R&D and innovation activity today. Each cluster consists of a unique group of game-changing technologies that are attracting huge investments, powering cutting-edge developments, and driving the creation of new products and services through convergence. This constant research effort spread across numerous technologies, countries, organizations, applications, and industries forms the core of the process used to generate an annual list of top 50 technologies.

This year, over 600 technologies were rated across several criteria, such as regional and industry adoption rates, global IP activity, private and public funding, global market potential, and others to create an innovation index. The top 50 technologies selected for 2017 have the power to drive unique convergence and catalyze wide-scale industry disruptions. This research will empower you with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth in your organization.

Table of Contents

1. Section

2. Key Findings

3. Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Technology Cluster

  • Collaborative Industrial Robots
    • Reduction in Operational Costs and Error Rate with Cobots
    • Automotive, Healthcare, and Industrial Sectors Contribute to Market Growth
    • Four Key Areas Drive Developments
    • US Leads Patent Filing Trends followed by China and Europe
    • Aerospace Will Become a Promising Market in the Future
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
    • Increase in Revenue Through Virtual Factory Simulation
    • Europe Leads in CIM Adoption
    • OEMs Involved In Adopting Innovative Digital Solutions For Industrial Purposes
    • Majority of the Funding Is Focused Towards Developing User-friendly Software Platforms
    • Automotive, Aerospace, and Industrial Are High Impact Sectors
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Metal 3D Printing
    • Developments in Inks, Materials, and Equipment can Propel Adoption
    • Germany Leads Adoption of Metal 3D Printers
    • China Leads in Patent Publication Trend Followed By US
    • Increased Growth Rate with Developments in Aerospace and Healthcare Markets
    • Aerospace Offers Increased Growth Opportunities
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Nano 3D Printing
    • Nano 3DP Enables Miniaturization and Reduces Scrap Rate
    • Advances in Nanomaterials and Nano-inks Can Drive Developments
    • North America Leads Patent Publication Activities
    • High Funding Observed in Europe and Nanomaterials and Nanostructures are Key Focus Areas
    • Consumer Electronics is a Major Market Driving Growth
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Robotic Exoskeletons
    • R&D Efforts Are Geared toward Integrating Artificial and Human Intelligence with Exoskeletons
    • Military and Healthcare Sectors Drive Market Growth
    • Improving Functionality, Physical Strength, and Integration Drive Innovations
    • North America Leads Innovation Activities
    • Agriculture, Mining, Gaming, Oil and Gas, Construction, and Marine Are Emerging Applications
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning

4. Chemicals and Advanced Materials Technology Cluster

5. Key Findings

  • 2D Materials
    • Large-area Synthesis of 2D Materials Acts as a Key Factor for Adoption
    • Miniaturization of Printed Electronics Set to Drive Market Adoption
    • South Korea Leads in IP Filing with Governmental Organizations Acting as Key Funding Agencies
    • Maximizing 2D Materials' Benefits Relies Heavily on Overcoming Scalability Issues
    • Innovations Spread across Material, Process, and Product Developments
    • Development of Scalable Processing Techniques is Key for Adoption of 2D Materials beyond Graphene
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions for 2D Materials
  • Corrosion Mitigation
    • Evolution of New Corrosion Mitigation Approaches Driven by Advanced Sensing Capabilities
    • North America is the Front-runner in Adoption of New Corrosion-proof Materials
    • EPO and South Korean Patent Office are Active in IP Filing Trends While Corrosion-proof, High-strength Materials are Gaining Funding Focus
    • Application Impact Dependent on Mitigation Design and Performance
    • Technology Developers Focusing on Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation
    • Development of New High-performance Mitigation Approaches Holds Key to Meet Anti-corrosion Standards
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions for Corrosion Mitigation
  • High-strength Lightweight Materials
    • High Strength-to-weight Ratio Providing Better Dynamic Performance To Structural Parts
    • Market Grows Exponentially and High Demand in North America and APAC
    • The United States and EU Lead in Patent Filing and Government Funding
    • Automotive and Aerospace Sectors Continue to be Key Sectors for Adoption, While Healthcare and Energy are Considered as Emerging
    • Companies Focus on Developing Highly Durable Materials for Mass Production
    • 3D Printing to Act as Key Enabler for Future of Lightweight Material Development
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions For High-strength Lightweight Materials
  • Micro- and Nano-encapsulation
    • Development of Customizable Microcapsules and Nanocapsules Influences Disruptive Potential across End-use Sectors
    • Market Driven by Demand for Functional Ingredients and Targeted Drug Delivery Compounds, and Adoption Is Highest in North America
    • The United States Dominates in IP Filing and R&D Investment for Technology Development
    • Healthcare, Personal Care, and Food and Beverage Industries Have High Adoption Potential in the Next Three Years
    • Companies Focus on Stabilizing Functional Materials Using Encapsulation Processes
    • Technology Developments Focused on Developing New Encapsulation Coating Materials
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions for Micro- and Nano-encapsulation
  • Self-healing Materials
    • Self-healing Materials Facilitate Development of Products with Unique Functionalities
    • Self-healing Ability Becoming a Must-have Attribute for Composites
    • APAC Witnessing Steady Growth In Patent Filings While Government Funded Consortiums are Key Contributors to Material Development
    • Aviation, Automotive, and Construction Markets to be Highly Impacted In the Next 3 Years
    • Companies Focusing on New Product Developments
    • Achieving Stable Autonomic Healing Imperative for Wide Adoption of Self-healing Materials
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions for Self-healing Materials
  • Smart Glass
    • Dynamic Glass Systems to Meet the Growing Need for Energy-efficient and High-performance Products
    • Market Adoption Driven by Rising Green Energy Initiatives and Favorable Government Policies
    • The United States Dominates in IP Filing and Investments for Technology Development
    • Automotive and Building & Construction Sectors Lead Adoption of Smart Glass
    • Companies Develop Cloud-based Smart Glass Systems for Intelligent Controlling of Heat and Light
    • Developments Targeted Toward Resilient, High-performance, Large-area Smart Glass at Lower Costs
    • Key Strategy Planning Questions for Smart Glass

6. Environment and Sustainability Technology Cluster

7. Trends in Environment and Sustainability Cluster 2017

  • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
    • Innovations are Gradually Disrupting the CCUS Industry
    • The Highest Impact Is on the Environment and Climate, Energy and Utilities, and Oil & Gas Sectors
    • Highest Patent Activity is Observed in the NA Region
    • Companies to Watch
    • On-site Conversion of CO2 is Expected to be Adopted to a Greater Extent in the near future
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Off-grid Desalination
    • Off-grid Desalination Is Expected to Have Huge Impact on the Future Infrastructure Development
    • Highest Patent Activity Is Observed in the NA Region
    • Highest Impact Is on the Environment and Climate, Energy and Utilities, and Agriculture and Food Sectors
    • Companies to Watch
    • Wave Energy-based Desalination Is an Interesting Opportunity Being Investigated by Technology Developers
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Precision Agriculture
    • Digitizing the Farming Industry Using Precision Agricultural Technologies Increases Crop Yield Per Hectare
    • Precision Agriculture Primarily Contributes to Reducing Energy Costs and Improving the Agriculture Infrastructure
    • The US is the leader in the Number of Patents Granted
    • Precision Agriculture Can Influence Five Different Sectors with High to Moderate Impact Levels
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
    • Advanced Weather Forecasting and Geo-Location Tracking Can Drastically Improve the Efficiency of Precision Agriculture Equipment
  • Wastewater Nutrient Recovery
    • Transformation of Wastewater Nutrients into Efficient Feedstocks Creates a Stable Market for Fertilizers Globally
    • The Step Changing Technology has High Potential in the APAC Region and Very High Adoption Rates in North America and Europe
    • The US has Registered a Very High Number of Patents for Wastewater Nutrient Recovery
    • Nutrient Recovery from Wastewater Has a Very High Impact on the Food and Agriculture Industry
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
    • Cost-effective Innovative Technologies to Recover Nutrients from Wastewater at High Efficiency Provides a Sustainable Future

8. Energy & Utilities Technology Cluster

9. Trends in the Energy and Utilities Cluster

  • Battery Energy Management
    • Battery Management System Is the Brain Behind a Battery Pack
    • Battery Energy Management System Is Crucial for Industries that Require High Capacity Batteries
    • APAC is the Most Active Region for Funding and Patents
    • Companies to watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
    • Market Competition and Technology Advancements will Reduce the Cost of Technology
  • Distributed Energy Generation
    • Diesel Generators and Distributed Solar Phototovoltaics (PV) Dominate the Current Market
    • Europe and North America Lead the Adoption with Encouraging Funding and Private Participation
    • Funding and Subsidies Will Enable Faster and Wider Adoption in Developing Nations
    • Development of Financing and Subsidy Models Would Be Necessary for the Adoption of Distributed Generation Solutions
    • Companies to Watch
    • Distributed Energy Generation Will Define the Evolution of Microgrids
    • Solar and Storage Hybrid Option Will Become the Dominant Distributed Generation Solution
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
    • Market for Enhanced Oil Recovery to Reach Over $250 Billion by 2020
    • Global Rise in Energy Demand and Increasing Number of Matured Oil Wells Are Driving the Growth Prospectus of EOR
    • Oil and Gas Industry Would Face Higher Disruption with Enhanced Oil Recovery Than the Other Sectors
    • IP Portfolio for Enhanced Oil Recovery Has Been Sharp in US followed by Australia
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Lithium Batteries
    • Lithium Battery Becomes One of the Most Crucial Invention in 20th Century
    • Governments Worldwide Provide Funding on Lithium-ion Batteries.
    • Multi-billion Opportunity in Various Spectrums
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
    • Advanced Anode and Cathode will Bring Down the Battery Cost Even Further.
  • Offshore Wind Energy
    • More Consistent Wind Pattern Enables More Consistent Power Generation
    • US Is Keen on Developing Offshore Wind-based Assets
    • Europe and NA are Keen on Developing Offshore Wind Assets
    • Companies to watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
    • Floating Turbines and Large Scale Offshore Wind will Dominate the Future Wind Industry

10. Health and Wellness Technology Cluster

11. Trends in the Health & Wellness Cluster

  • Cancer/Tumor Profiling
    • Liquid Biopsy Profiling Platforms Likely to Disrupt Tumor Tissue Biopsy Techniques
    • Tumor Profiling Market Poised for Continued Growth
    • US Leads the IP Landscape for Tumor Profiling
    • Liquid Biopsy Startups Dominate the Venture Landscape
    • Liquid Biopsy Techniques likely to Transform Early Tumor Screening
    • Companies with Liquid Biopsy Platforms Lead the Global Tumor Profiling Landscape
    • Strategic Insights for Cancer/Tumor Profiling
  • Cellular Therapeutics
    • Stem Cell Therapy is Expected to Address the Most Crucial Medical Challenges
    • CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology Will Significantly Impact the Market by 2025
    • Gene Editing Techniques Paving the Way for Precision Medicine
    • Both Big Pharma and Big Biotech are Consistently Propelling Business Actions
    • New Japanese Regulatory Framework Impacting Healthcare Globally
    • Unprecedented Synergy Among Advanced Omics-based, Biotechnologies and Nanotechnologies
    • Leading Companies Adopting Different Strategies for Achieving Success in the Stem Cells Space
    • Cell-Based Immunotherapies Changing The Capability of Therapeutics for Rare Diseases
  • Gene Editing
    • Gene Editing Techniques Paving the way for Disease Research and Novel Therapeutics
    • CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Technology Will Significantly Impact the Market by 2025
    • Gene Editing Techniques Paving the Way for Precision Medicine
    • High Series Funding from Venture Capitalists for Genome Editing Innovators
    • North America and Europe Are Dominating the Gene Editing Market
    • CRISPR is Expanding the Horizon of Therapeutics Discovery
    • CRISPR Inventors Directly Involved in Business Operations
    • Gene Editing Could Revolutionize Business Models Across The Biopharmaceutical Space
  • Human Microbiomics
    • Microbiomics Impacts Key Consumer Benefit Areas Such as Skin and Gut Health
    • Diversity of Market Potential Provides Multiple Opportunities for Rapid Growth
    • US-based Inventors are Leading in Microbiome-Focused R&D
    • Increasing Synergy Amongst Pharma and Microbiome-Focused Product Developers
    • Skincare, GI, and Immunity are Key Consumer Benefit Areas for Microbiome-Focused Products
    • Diversified Portfolios are Common across the Microbiomics Market
    • Human Microbiomics Welcomes The Growth of New Business Models
  • Immune Engineering
    • Immunotherapy Is Pushing the Barriers of Standard Cancer Therapy
    • Replacing Chemotherapy as First-line Treatment Option Increases Revenue Potential of Immunotherapies
    • US-Based Inventors are Leading In Microbiome-Focused R&D
    • Immunotherapy Start-Ups Receive Highest Venture Investment In Recent Years
    • Immuno-oncology Is the Largest Application Segment Present Under Immunotherapy
    • Immunotherapy Start-ups Actively Expanding Their Pipeline Contributions
    • Personalized Immunotherapies Across Multiple Types of Cancer
  • Predictive Biomarkers
    • Predictive Biomarker Technologies Lead Personalized Medicine Platforms
    • US Leads the IP Landscape for Predictive Biomarkers
    • Personalized Genomics Start-ups Lead the Venture Landscape
    • Genomic Tests Likely to Lead Biomarker Enabling Platforms
    • US Dominates the Regional Adoption Landscape
    • Illumina Leads the Global Next-Generation Sequencing Landscape
    • Strategic Insights for Predictive Biomarkers

12. Information and Communication Technology Cluster

  • 5G
    • The Driving Force for the Connected World
    • Asia and North America Are Expected To Be Early Adopters and Gain First-mover Advantage in Terms of Revenue
    • APAC Is Significantly ahead of the Race in Terms of Patents and Funding for 5G Technology Development
    • Telecom and Automotive Will Initially Be the Key Revenue Generating Markets for 5G
    • Companies Are Rapidly Moving toward Commercialization
    • 5G Will Enable Easy Upgradation to 6G
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Developing Human-like Cognition for Machines
    • Asia Will Replace the US to Become the Region with the Highest Adoption of AI by 2021
    • Steep Increase in Patents in 2016 Clearly Reflects High R&D and Innovations Globally as China Competes with the US for the Top Spot
    • ICT and Healthcare Are the Earliest Adopters but the Biggest Market in the Future will be Robotics and Automotive
    • Advancements in Deep Learning Giving Rise to Innovative Ideas as Startups Compete Closely with Veterans
    • Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service (AIaaS) Will Dramatically Widen Application Scope in the Coming Years
  • Blockchain
    • Blockchain can be Applied in Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Asset Allocation, and Integrated Services
    • Major Wave of Adoption Noted in the Middle East Region
    • Venture Capital-led Funding Drives Investments in Blockchain
    • Finance and Retail are Among the Early Adopters Followed by Healthcare
    • Blockchain Helps to Track Supply Chain and in Identity Management
    • Blockchain Would Streamline Business Processes by Providing Traceability and Transparency in Transactions
    • Key Findings for 2017 Top ICT Technologies
  • Hyper-Converged Systems
    • Significant Cost Savings and Faster ROI Drive HCS Adoption
    • Promising Growth Opportunities Noted in the European Region
    • Increasing Focus on Mid-market Presence to Drive Market Penetration
    • Banking and Manufacturing Are the Highest Adopters of HCS
    • Incumbent System Vendors Continue To Dominate HCS Market
    • Demand for Flexible IT Infrastructure to Drive HCS Adoption in the Future
  • Mixed Reality
    • Advancements In Communication, Content Creation, and Graphics Technology are Paving the Way
    • North America Will Experience First-mover Advantage And Grab A Major Part Of Revenue
    • United States And China Rapidly Progressing Towards Commercialization
    • Consumer Electronics and Training Simulation Will Be among the Early Adopters, Improving User Interface Is the Key Purpose
    • Companies Are Emerging Across The Value Chain With Diversified Products
    • Convergence With 5G Will Enable Seamless Experience In the Future
  • Natural Language Interaction
    • Adoption of Big Data Analytics is Driving Natural Language Interaction
    • Presence of Technology Leaders and AI-based Start-ups Driving Adoption in North America
    • Key Investments Have Been Made in the Areas of Healthcare Followed by Automotive and Retail
    • Virtual Agents can Handle Complex Query Using NLI
    • NLI Helps Increase Productivity in Areas of Customer Relationship Management
    • Growth of E-commerce Companies Will Embrace NLI Application Such as Sentiment Analysis
  • Small Data
    • Internet of Things Increasing Demand for Small Data Analysis
    • Increasing Amount of Sensor and Social Data Is Facilitating Adoption in Retail, Government, and Manufacturing
    • China Is Providing the Gateway to the APAC Market for Developers
    • BFS and Retail Are among the Early Adopters, but Government and Manufacturing Will Soon Experience the Benefits
    • Companies Trying to Capture Minute Details to Facilitate Analytics Efficiently
    • Advent of IoT and Autonomous Vehicles to Accelerate Adoption

13. Medical Devices and Imaging Technology Cluster

14. Key Findings

  • Artificial Organ
    • Artificial Organ Disrupting Conventional Organ Transplantation
    • Artificial Organ Industry Driven by Increase in Age Related Organ Functioning Disorders
    • US Patent Office Leads the Way With Maximum Patent Applications
    • Artificial Organ Shows High Application Diversity
    • The Artificial Heart Market is Driven by Private and Corporate Venture Funding
    • Leading Companies in the Artificial Organ Industry
    • Key Questions for Strategy
  • Neurostimulation
    • Top Medical Device Manufacturers Aim to Consolidate the Neurostimulation Market
    • Growing Product Portfolio is the Latest Trend Amongst Leading Manufacturers
    • Medtronic Leads IP Activity in the Neurostimulation Market
    • Increasing Obesity and Stroke Expected to Boost the Neurostimulation Market
    • Expansion to New Clinical Indications Generates Interest Amongst Investors
    • Spinal Cord and Deep Brain Stimulation Witness Tremendous Adoption across the Neurostimulation Space
    • Technological Developments Expected to Boost the Commercialization of Neurostimulators
  • Optical Biopsy
    • Real-time Information through Optical Biopsy Reduces Delay in Diagnosis to Treatment
    • Similar Pricing Strategy can Rule out Traditional Forms of Physical Biopsy
    • Combination of Laser and Optical Biopsy to Detect Suspicious Malignancies
    • Optical Biopsy to Aid in Confocal Light Endomicroscopy for Detecting Tissue Abnormality
    • North America to Remain the Strongest Adopter of Optical Biopsy
    • Optical Biopsy for Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Expected to Witness Demand
    • Key Questions
  • Super-resolution Microscopy
    • Super-resolution Microscopes Represent Fundamental Innovations, not Merely Generational Improvements
    • The Need for Nanometer-level Resolution for Sub-cellular Imaging has been the Key Demand Driver
    • IP Landscape is Dominated by Large Medical Imaging and Microscopy Companies
    • Impact of Advanced Microscopy Will Go Beyond Life Sciences and Benefit Nanotechnology, Semiconductors, and Electronics
    • Investment is Largely Corporate-driven, With Some Private Venture Funding to Support Growth-stage Companies
    • Zeiss, Leica, Nikon, and Canon are the Big Four Microscopy Companies
    • Key Questions for Strategy
  • Surgical Robots
    • Surgical Robots Will Disrupt Traditional Open and Invasive Surgeries
    • Surgical Robot Industry Driven by Increase in Complex Procedures Requiring More Precision, Flexibility, and Control
    • Intuitive Surgical Leads the Way With Maximum Patent Publications
    • Surgical Robots Impacting Major Surgery Application Areas
    • United States is a Hot Spot for Surgical Robot Innovations
    • Leading Companies in the Surgical Robot Industry
    • Key Questions for Strategy
  • Tactile Imaging
    • Tactile Imaging Will Infuse New Capabilities to Soft Tissue Imaging
    • Tactile Imaging Will be Driven by its Unique Ability to Quantify Tissue Health
    • European and Asian Companies Lead Patent Publication
    • Tactile Imaging Benefits Accurate Diagnosis of Liver Diseases and Early Breast Cancer Screening
    • Europe is Home to Innovators and Pioneers of Tactile Imaging
    • Echosens and Resoundant are Championing Elastography in Different Imaging Modalities
    • Key Questions for Strategy

15. Microelectronics Technology Cluster

  • Holographic Display
    • Immersive 3D Viewability, Wider Screen, and Increasing Adoption of Smartphones and Wearables Generate Interest
    • Automotive and Healthcare Industries Drive Market Growth
    • China Grabs About 42% of the Total Patent Publications
    • Performance Improvement and Commercialization are Key Focus Areas for Investment
    • Manufacturing Applications may become Attractive in the Future
    • Key Influencers
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Micro-LED
    • Advances in GaN and Manufacturing Processes have Enabled Technology Development
    • APAC is Expected to Become the Fastest Adopter of Micro-LED
    • China Accounts 75% of Patent Publications
    • Setting up Manufacturing Facility is a Key Investment Area
    • Automotive may become Attractive Market for Micro-LEDs in the Future
    • Companies and Research Institutes Expected to Influence Micro-LEDs
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Next Gen Data Storage
    • Demand for Storage Solutions on the Rise, Paves Way for Innovative Technologies
    • Enterprise and Cloud based Storage can Drive Market Growth
    • China Leads Patent Publication Trend
    • Focus on Software-Defined and Enterprise Storage
    • Manufacturing Sector can have High Impact in the Medium Term
    • Companies Expected to Influence the Data Storage Market in the Near Term
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • OLED Lighting
    • Better Encapsulation can Enhance Lifetime of OLEDs
    • Asia-Pacific Leads Technology Development Due to Large Consumer Electronics Base
    • Panel Manufacturing and Efficiency Enhancement are Key R&D Focus Areas
    • Government Largely Supports Development of OLED lighting
    • Automotive, Architectural, and Aerospace Sectors Have a High Impact
    • Companies Expected to Influence the OLED Lighting Sector in the Near Term
    • Strategic Decision Making Questions
  • Wearables
    • Lithium-Ion Batteries, Wireless Charging, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G Drive Advancements in Wearables
    • Fast Adoption Anticipated in APAC Regions by 2021
    • US Accounts for About 72% of the Total Patents Filed
    • Funds Focused on Encouraging Technology Development and Commercialization
    • Consumer Electronics and Healthcare Have Witnessed High Adoption, Followed by Automotive
    • Companies Expected to Impact the Wearables Market in the Near Term
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Wireless Charging
    • Adoption of Smart Devices and Electric Cars will Propel Technology Advancements
    • High Growth Anticipated in APAC Region with China to Lead Developments
    • APAC Leads R&D Activities with China Recording the Highest Patent Publication
    • Increasing Technology Investments are Driving Development and Commercialization Activities
    • Healthcare will be an Attractive Application in the Medium Term
    • Companies Expected to Impact the Wireless Charging Arena in the Near Term
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning

16. Sensors & Instrumentation Technology Cluster

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
    • Advancements in Sensor Technologies Capitalizing on Growth Opportunities in ADAS Applications
    • North America Continues to Lead the ADAS Market, Followed by European Region Which Has the Potential to Gain Market Share
    • US Emerges as a Hotspot for ADAS with Start-up Companies Strengthening IP Portfolio
    • Accelerating Commercialization Is a Investment Area
    • ADAS to Highly Impact Automotive Sector Enabling Autonomous Vehicles
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Biosensors
    • Miniaturization and High Sensing Accuracy Fosters Technology Advancement
    • Europe is Emerging as a Key Technology Developer
    • US Leads Number of Patents Filed for Biosensors Research
    • Developments are Supported by Government and VC Investments
    • Healthcare, Food, and Agricultural Industries are High Impact Sectors
    • Companies and Research Universities to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Electronic Skin (E-Skin)
    • E-skin Enables Development of Stretchable Electronics and Next Gen Wearables
    • APAC Poses Increased Market Opportunity with Japan Becoming a Key Market for E-skin
    • APAC Region Emerging as a Hotspot for E-skin with Local Companies Strengthening IP Portfolio
    • Government and VC Funds Boost Innovations in Healthcare Sector
    • Healthcare and Consumer Electronics are High Impact Sectors
    • Companies and Research University Innovations to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Smart Haptics
    • Touchscreen, VR, and Holographic Displays are Key Enabling Technologies
    • Collaborative R&D Efforts in Europe Drive Innovations in Various Applications
    • US Leads R&D Activities in Smart Haptics
    • Increase in Government Funding Spurs Innovation
    • Consumer Electronics and Automotive Sectors Have Witnessed High Adoption Followed by Healthcare
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
  • Touchless Sensing
    • Touchless Sensing Enables Next-gen Human-Machine Interfaces
    • Several Start-ups from Israel and Europe Pioneering Technology Development
    • The US Leads the World in the Number of Patents Published
    • Funding by VCs Driving Faster Adoption in Developed Economies
    • Automotive and Consumer Electronics Sectors Are Key Growing Markets
    • Companies to Watch
    • Key Questions for Strategy Planning
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