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The Global Impact of Digital Transformation in Commercial Aviation, 2017

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 602446
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 92 Pages
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商業航空的數位轉型的全球的影響 The Global Impact of Digital Transformation in Commercial Aviation, 2017
出版日期: 2018年01月12日 內容資訊: 英文 92 Pages


第1章 調查範圍

第2章 簡介:數位轉型

  • 所謂數位轉型
  • 數位轉型架構:事業的功能
  • 數位轉型的階段
  • Frost & Sullivan的數位轉型架構
  • 主要的成長5區域
  • 航空運輸的數位轉型
  • 商業航空的事業目的
  • 本報告的焦點:航空旅客管理、航空業務
  • 航空旅客管理:數位接觸點
  • 航空旅客管理:資料來源&管理
  • 航空業務等

第3章 商業航空的數位轉型

  • 數位轉型
  • 數位平台
  • 巨量資料&分析數位
  • 雲端
  • 網路安全
  • AR、VR
  • 行動
  • 塊環鏈

第4章 成長推動因素

  • 成長推動因素、價值的創造
  • 旅客的增加
  • 旅客
  • 商業航空旅客趨勢
  • 旅客中心主義
  • 空氣流量趨勢
  • 新的飛機平台的引進
  • 下一代飛機
  • 新的飛機平台預測
  • 飛機數據傳送
  • 飛機通訊
  • 駕駛座技術的轉變
  • 旅客
  • 旅客效率化計劃
  • 航空交通管制的效率化計劃
  • 商業航空的革新、新技術
  • 航空MRO、供應鏈的IIoT
  • 收益生成:資料收益化模式
  • 經營模式轉移等

第5章 數位轉型的價值創造

  • 連網型航空
  • 主要的引進區域
  • 飛機健全性管理
  • 編隊管理
  • 飛機燃料管理
  • IFEC
  • CRM
  • 途徑規劃
  • 阻礙管理
  • 動態商品營銷

第6章 總論

第7章 所謂數位轉型

第8章 定義

第9章 附錄

Product Code: MD53-22

Capitalizing on Opportunities in the Emerging Digital Economy for Enriched Business Performance

Intense competition in the commercial aviation sector has led industry stakeholders to create new business models to compete heavily on price by limiting margins and improving cost efficiencies. Connected aviation is the central theme around which digital transformation initiatives are evolving to achieve the competitive advantages and differentiate in new ways. Digital transformation initiatives will continue to grow through applications such as digital flight path optimization, predictive maintenance and optimization of aircraft systems, among others. Airlines are inclined toward a passenger-centric approach to cater to the needs of the connected traveler.

Commercial aviation is going through a significant phase of transformation resulting in OEMs developing digital platforms, emerging ecosystems, and new applications. Aviation stakeholders are poised to digitally transform their businesses, and accrue benefits resulting in enhanced business performance and efficient operations through agility, greater integration of systems, and transparency at every stage. Connectivity is becoming more prevalent in the commercial aviation ecosystem, enabling the rapid increase in experimenting potential applications of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud, IoT, cybersecurity, mobility and blockchain components, which are the key aspects of digital transformation across the aviation ecosystem.

As big data and connectivity reach critical thresholds, the key focus of aviation stakeholders are to leverage on the technology to achieve maximum benefits and add value. Nearly all the segments of commercial aviation are being digitally transformed, the impact of which is evident across the supply chain with improved products and services, enhanced passenger experience both in-flight and in airport, and most importantly, greater operational efficiencies across the board through reduced maintenance, operations, and services costs.

Research Scope:

This research study covers the following:

  • Product scope: Industry megatrends and aerospace megatrends;
  • Geographic scope: Global;
  • End-user scope: All industries related to the commercial aviation industry.

Research Benefits:

This study will benefit those who are interested in learning about the impact of digital transformation in commercial aviation, the technological evolution that is happening, and the implications of those. This study discusses the key aspects of digital transformation and identifies areas of opportunities in the commercial aviation industry and also areas where digital transformation will potentially add value in terms of helping with the realization of digitalization in the industry. All aerospace industry participants and the rest of the industry verticals will benefit from this research as this is a visionary study investigating the big picture perspectives of digital transformation and how it is looking to revolutionize the rest of the industries across the globe. Technology companies who are looking to feed into the digital transformation megatrend across industries will also benefit from this study as they will get to understand their potential role in the future. This research is aimed at identifying transformation in the industry ecosystem and emerging growth opportunities available to market participants to convert the transformation to opportunities for revenue/market share growth.

Key Issues Addressed:

  • What are the key industry initiatives and their significance?
  • What are the key trends within the airline domain?
  • What are the key trends within the airport domain?
  • What are they key trends within the downstream services domain?
  • What are the key trends within the commercial aviation industry and the application areas of digital tools?
  • What are the future implications of digital transformation in the commercial aviation ecosystem?

Key Conclusion:

What makes our reports unique?

We provide diverse research services focused on existing and evolving markets across the aerospace, defense and security markets, covering them at global and regional levels. We provide specialist studies focused on specific product or market segments which provide a deep-dive opportunity for strategists and investors who wish to learn about the future state of any ADS market or product in terms of addressable markets, opportunities, and future disruptions.

Table of Contents


  • Project Scope


  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • Digital Transformation Framework-Business Functions
  • Phases of Digital Transformation
  • Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Framework
  • Digital Transformation will have a Profound Impact on Customer Interaction, Operational Performance and People
  • Strategic Imperatives for Growth in Commercial Aviation Industry- Aligning Key Objectives with Digital Transformation Strategy
  • 5 Major Growth Opportunity Areas
  • Air Transportation Digital Transformation
  • Business Objectives in the Commercial Aviation Industry
  • Report Focus-Airline Passenger Management and Flight Operations
  • Airline Passenger Management-Digital Touch Points
  • Airline Passenger Management-Data Sources and Management
  • Airline Flight Operations


  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Platforms (continued)
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Cloud
  • Cyber Security
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Mobile
  • Blockchain


  • Digital Transformation in the Commercial Aviation Industry-Drivers and Value Creation
  • Passenger Growth
  • Passenger
  • Commercial Aviation Passenger Trends
  • Passenger Centricity
  • Air Traffic Movements
  • New Aircraft Platforms-Introduction
  • Next-Generation Aircraft
  • New Aircraft Platforms, 2016-2023
  • Aircraft Data Transmission-AIR to GROUND
  • Aircraft Communication
  • Cockpit Technology Transition
  • Aircraft Communication-COCKPIT: Key Underlying Technology
  • Aircraft Communication-CABIN: Key Underlying Technology
  • Cabin Systems Evolution
  • Passenger
  • Passenger-Efficiency programs
  • Air Traffic Management Efficiency Programs
  • Air Traffic Management Efficiency Programs (continued)
  • Air Traffic Management Efficiency Programs (continued)
  • ATM Equipment Regional Regulations as Outlined by IATA
  • Innovation & New Technology in Commercial Aviation
  • Innovation & New Technology in Commercial Aviation (continued)
  • IIoT in Aviation MRO & Supply Chain
  • Revenue Creation-Data Monetization Models
  • Shifting Business Models
  • Shifting Business Models (continued)
  • Shifting Business Models (continued)


  • Connected Aviation
  • Major Application Areas
  • Aircraft Health Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Aircraft Fuel Management
  • In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Route Planning
  • Disruption Management
  • Dynamic Merchandising


  • The Last Word
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Six Pillars of Digital Transformation
  • Product
  • Operations
  • People
  • Information Management
  • Customer Journey
  • Corporate
  • Digital Solutions that Support each Pillar


  • Definitions
  • Definitions (continued)
  • Definitions (continued)
  • Definitions (continued)
  • Definitions (continued)


  • List of Exhibits
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