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Unraveling The Chinese Innovation Puzzle

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 50 Pages
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中國的「創新之謎」的闡明 Unraveling The Chinese Innovation Puzzle
出版日期: 2017年09月29日 內容資訊: 英文 50 Pages


本報告提供中國的研究開發 (R&D) 及發明、革新之全球性實力各種指標評估,及為了提高全球排名、強化革新能力應致力處理的課題 (知識產權 (IP) 保護等) 相關考察。

第1章 摘要整理

第2章 全球革新指數 (GII)

  • 全球革新指數 (GII)的概要:以127個國家為對象,以7種變數評估 (輸入變數5種,輸出變數2種)
  • 中國的GII為第22名
  • 中國的GII排名近幾年為上升趨勢
  • 美國、英國、德國、日本、法國、加拿大,排名在中國前面
  • 輸入變數第31名,輸出變數第11名

第3章 Bloomberg的革新指數的評估

  • Bloomberg的革新指數使用的指標
  • Bloomberg的革新指數上,中國第21名

第4章 全球經濟論壇 (WEF)的R&D革新指數 (2016-17)

  • 全球經濟論壇 (WEF)的R&D革新指數,中國第36名

第5章 美國商會的GIPC (全球知識產權中心) 排名

  • GIPC使用的指標
  • GIPC上,中國第27名

第6章 主要革新輸入變數上,中國的排名

  • GERD (R&D費用佔GDP比率) ,中國第15名
  • 中國的GERD近幾年大幅度上升,但大幅落後美國、日本、德國
  • 過去10年,中國的GERD上升58%

第7章 主要革新輸出變數上,中國的排名

  • 專利活動為基礎中國家排名
    • 中國、美國、日本,是全球專利活動最繁盛的前3名國家
    • 2015年,中國最初申請的專利數量突破年度100萬件
    • 中國的專利申請件數的大幅度增加
    • ZTE和Huawei,以全球PCT專利申請件數進入前幾名
  • 以研究論文的品質為基礎,中國的排名
    • 以論文的引用回數 (H指數) ,中國進入第14名
  • 以發明叢集為基礎,中國的排名
    • 東京、橫濱,深圳、香港,San Jose、舊金山,是專利活動相關的全球三大叢集

第8章 中國的知識產權 (IP) 保護體制及品質的課題

  • 保護發明的新型:對中國也有作用
  • 主要10個國家裡面,只有中國、德國、法國,許可專利和新型並用
  • 中國的「專利數和品質」的問題

第9章 分析師的見解

  • 中國提高排名的促進因素是什麼?
  • 為了強化R&D、提高排名,中國應該要做什麼?
  • 中國的R&D強化系統:SWOT分析
  • 中國進入革新前25名:對其他國家的影響為何?

第10章 附錄

  • 簡稱一覽
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Where Does The World's Second Largest Economy Stand ?

In 2015, China became the first office to receive a million patent applications in a single year. Chinese patent office received almost as many as the combined total received by patent offices in US, Japan, and South Korea. Such recent developments are closely watched by Governments, Policymakers and Multinational corporations outside China and they have several questions in their mind. This research service aims to provide answers to following questions.

  • Where does China stand on various innovation indices globally?
  • What factors led to China's significant improvement in its R&D-based innovation ranking during last few years?
  • What were the policy initiatives taken by Chinse government which boosted innovation ecosystem in China?
  • What is the global competitiveness of scientific publications and intellectual property (IP) rights obtained by the Chinse inventors?

Table of Contents

1.0. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. China Has Significantly Improved Its Innovation Ranking in the Last Decade and Now It Is Featured in the Top 25 List Globally
  • 1.2. Research Objectives and Scope
  • 1.3. The Chinese Innovation Puzzle?
  • 1.4. Innovation Is an Outcome of Close Collaboration between Multiple Stakeholders

2.0. Global Innovation Index (GII)

  • 2.1. Global Innovation Index (GII) Ranked 127 Countries Based on 7 Parameters Covering 5 Innovation Inputs and 2 Outputs
  • 2.2. Global Innovation Index Ranks China at Number 22
  • 2.3. China Has Improved its Ranking on Global Innovation Index by 7 Places between 2014 and 2017
  • 2.4. USA, UK, Germany, Japan, France, and Canada Ranked Ahead of China based on Global Innovation Index
  • 2.5. China is Ranked at 31st and 11th and Based on Innovation Input and Output Parameters Respectively

3.0. Bloomberg Innovation Index (2017)

  • 3.1. Parameters Used for Bloomberg Innovation Index
  • 3.2. Bloomberg Innovation Index Ranks China at Number 21

4.0. World Economic Forum (WEF) R&D Innovation Index (2016-17)

  • 4.1. World Economic Forum's R&D-Based Innovation Index Ranked China at Number 36

5.0. The US Chamber of Commerce's Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) Ranking

  • 5.1. Parameters Used for GIPC IP Index
  • 5.2. The US Chamber of Commerce's GIPC IP Index Ranked China at Number 27

6.0. China's Ranking Based on Key Innovation Inputs

  • 6.1. Based on GERD (As % of GDP) China Ranked 15th
  • 6.2. China Has Significantly Increased Its GERD (As % of GDP) but Still Lags behind USA, Japan, and Germany
  • 6.3. China Increased its GERD (As % of GDP) by 58% during the last 10 Years

7.0. China's Ranking Based on Innovation Outputs

  • 7.1. China's Ranking Based on Patenting Activity
    • 7.1.1. China, USA, and Japan Are Top 3 Patent Offices Based On Patenting Activity Globally
    • 7.1.2. In 2015, China Became the First Office to Receive a Million Applications in a Single Year
    • 7.1.3. Chinese Patent Office Witnessed 317.18% Increase in Resident Patent Applications per 100 Billion USD GDP between 2005 and 2015
    • 7.1.4. Chinese Patent Office Witnessed 880.56% Increase in Resident Patent Applications per Million Population between 2005 and 2015
    • 7.1.5. ZTE and Huawei, Telecommunication Equipment Suppliers Based in China, Were Leading PCT Applicants Globally in 2016
  • 7.2. China's Ranking Based on Quality of Research Papers
    • 7.2.1. China Ranked at 14th Position Based on Quality of Research Publications as Measured by Citable Documents H-index
  • 7.3. China's Ranking Based on Inventive Clusters
    • 7Tokyo-Yokohama, Shenzhen-Hong Kong, and San Jose-San Francisco Are Top 3 Inventive Clusters Based on Patenting Activity

8.0. IP Protection Regime and Quality Issues in China

  • 8.1. Utility Model Provides an Affordable Route for Protection of Inventions and Are Well Adopted by Chinese Inventors
  • 8.2. China, Germany, and France Are the Only Countries among the Top 10 Economies Which Allow Utility Models along with Patents
  • 8.3. Patent Quantity vs Quality Issue in China

9.0. Analysts Insights

  • 9.1. What Factors are Driving China's Improvement in its Ranking?
  • 9.2. What Should China Do to Improve its R&D Focused Innovation Ranking Further?
  • 9.3. R&D-Focused Innovation System in China - SWOT Analysis
  • 9.4. China's Entry into Top 25 List Based on Innovation - What does it Mean for other leading Economies?
  • Legal Disclaimer

10.0. Appendix

  • 10.1. Acronyms
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