Outlook of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Market in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, 2017

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阿根廷,巴西,哥倫比亞的網路電視市場展望(2017年) Outlook of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Market in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, 2017
出版日期: 2017年09月28日內容資訊: 英文 33 Pages

阿根廷處於集中型服務的最前線; 巴西將在未來5年成為引進先鋒; 哥倫比亞智慧型手機使用者多,預計三合一服務將會日益暢銷。



  • 電信付費電視運營商被要求提供線性電視,寬頻,OTT和VOD捆綁服務; 積極努力增加與IP的最後一公里連接



  • 政府部署,政策改革和開放投資機會; 提升頻譜分配,4G服務和OTT應用的發展
  • 領先的市場相關利益者轉換到整合的環境,提供五合一服務,肯定投資者的價值主張
  • 允許有線電視運營商提供電話和電信服務來提供TV服務的條例將使服務多樣化
  • 公司簡介 - 阿根廷Cablevisión-Fibertel公司
  • 在通訊技術市場停滯不前的情況下,提供完善的數位滲透優先服務
  • 電信業者的競爭主要由電視推動; 市場領導者之間的舉措已經存在,可以擴大IPTV服務,並以激進的價格綁定套組
  • 儘管市場環境充滿挑戰,但國際運營商仍在建立有巨大潛力的集中型服務市場
  • 公司簡介 - 巴西TelefônicaVivo
  • 哥倫比亞致力於增加數位電視和寬頻普及率
  • 政治穩定性的改善加上供應商透過單一設備捆綁三合一服務來擴大其業務
  • 哥倫比亞是拉丁美洲的第三大有前途的市場,因為有潛力客戶尋求高科技解決辦法
  • 公司簡介 - 哥倫比亞Claro


  • 主要決策者關注及時實施和推廣服務
  • 在隨後的投資機遇步驟中,透過發展藍圖幫助進行更深入的市場分析
  • 阿根廷在集中型服務方面處於領先地位,熱衷於新服務的引進和數位環境的整備
  • 由於巴西在ICT指標和基礎設施發展方面處於領先地位,它將在未來5年開創下一個引進週期
  • 隨著哥倫比亞緩慢復甦,互聯網服務供應商將有機會利用高端智慧型手機普及三重服務


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Argentina at the forefront of converged services; Brazil to be adoption pioneer in the next 5-years; Colombia's high smartphone use can popularize triple-play services

The Industry Docket gauges the business opportunity for converged media services in Latin America, identifying the hottest markets for investment and scope for near term IPTV launch. It formulates a go-to-market strategy to penetrate such markets leveraging existing telecom and pay TV operators. The potential challenges of establishing triple-play or multiple play services and the tune of capital required are assessed in the study. A comprehensive road map for operational set-up and SWOT of concepts are analyzed for investors to make strategic decisions on the growth opportunity in the region.

Geographic scope: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina

Markets covered: telecom operators, internet service providers, pay TV operators, IPTV provides, OTT platforms, VOD,

This study validates the concept of managed services like linear TV, video on demand, internet access and other IP-based offerings from a TV head end to the last mile using private telecom infrastructure. It also evaluates an international business strategy where global participants can leverage local operators to set up converged services. It also provides an understanding of the growth opportunities across regions, shortlisting countries to pursue in the short and long terms, validate its concept across a few key industry stakeholders, formulate its pricing and business strategy and understand the market landscape in countries of interest.

In LATAM, major telecom operators are offering pay TV services either via cable or satellite or have established subsidiaries to distribute these services. The telecom market is highly concentrated in most countries and they are under pressure to provide bundled services that includes linear TV, broadband services as well as OTT and VOD. Although the region is rife with political and economic uncertainty, the level of infrastructural development is testament to the rising demand for bundled services.

A highly concentrated telecom market and mature pay TV services validate the demand and the vested interest from industry stakeholders. With state support and international investment, the opportunities for growth in the region are tremendous. This is reiterated by the success of Netflix and local OTT, IPTV offerings in select countries.

Key Questions this study will answer

  • 1. Who are the key telecom, pay TV and broadband service providers in the region?
  • 2. What are the growth opportunities in key market like Argentina, Brazil and Colombia?
  • 3. What are the key success factors for international participants to penetrate the market?
  • 4. What are the major drivers, challenges and restraints steering this market?
  • 5. What is the level of adoption of multiple play services and the demand for on-demand video consumption?

Table of Contents

Regional Overview

  • 1. Telcos Pay TV Operators pressurized to offer bundled services catering to linear TV, broadband, OTT & VOD; active efforts to increase last mile connectivity with IP

Scope & Limitations

  • 1. Scope & Limitations

IPTV Outlook:Argentina, Brazil, Colombia

  • 1. Government setup, policy overhaul and opening investment opportunities improve; Spectrum allocation, 4G services and OTT applications gain momentum
  • 2. Leading market stakeholders migrate toward a converged environment to offer quintuple play services, affirming value proposition for investors
  • 3. Regulations allowing cable operators to provide telephony and telcos to offer TV will enable services diversity
  • 4. Company Profile - Cablevisión-Fibertel, Argentina
  • 5. Company Profile - Cablevisión-Fibertel, Argentina
  • 6. Affordable services with complete digital penetration priority in a stagnating ICT market
  • 7. Telco competition primarily driven by TV; initiatives among market leaders exist to scale up IPTV services and create bundles at aggressive prices
  • 8. A market with vast potential for international operators to build converged services, despite challenging market conditions
  • 9. Company
  • 10. Company Profile - Telefônica Vivo, Brazil
  • 11. Colombia fully committed to increase Digital TV and broadband penetration
  • 12. Improved political stability leads providers to expand their operations by bundling triple-play services into a single device
  • 13. Colombia is the third most promising market in LATAM owing to an informed demography seeking high-tech solutions
  • 14. Company Profile - Claro, Colombia
  • 15. Company Profile - Claro, Colombia

Going Forward...

  • 1. Focus of key decision makers toward timely implementation and roll-out of services
  • 2. Deeper market analysis aided with roadmaps on the subsequent steps toward investment opportunities
  • 3. Argentina at the forefront of converged services with high appetite and digital readiness to adopt new services
  • 4. With Brazil leading the region in most ICT indicators and infrastructural developments, it will pioneer the next adoption cycle in the next 5 years
  • 5. As Colombia recovers from slow growth, opportunities emerge among ISPs to leverage high smartphone usage to popularize triple-play services

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