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上海汽車展覽 2017的亮點:中國的新能源車 (NEV) 考察

2017 Shanghai Auto Show Highlights - Chinese New Energy Vehicles Insights

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 545453
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 56 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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上海汽車展覽 2017的亮點:中國的新能源車 (NEV) 考察 2017 Shanghai Auto Show Highlights - Chinese New Energy Vehicles Insights
出版日期: 2017年07月31日 內容資訊: 英文 56 Pages

2017年的上海汽車展覽展示1,400台汽車,其中10%以上是新能源車 (NEV) 。

本報告提供中國的新能源車 (NEV) 市場上的行銷策略及3個類型的汽車廠商 (頂級NEV廠商,主力小客車 (PV) 廠商,及新興企業) 的技術開發相關分析。




中國的新能源車 (NEV) 市場概要

  • 中國的汽車產業的轉換
  • 中國的小客車市場主要參與企業


NEPV 市場前3名的主要焦點

  • BYD Auto:BYD Yuan EV
  • BYD Auto:BYD Qin 100
  • Geely Group:Emgrand PHEV
  • Geely Group:Emgrand EV300
  • BAIC Group:ARCFOX:7
  • NEPV廠商前3名的考察


  • Volkswagen Group:Volkswagen e:Golf
  • Volkswagen Group:未來的 NEV 市場計劃亮點
  • Hyundai Group:Hyundai FE Fuel Cell
  • Hyundai Group:未來的 NEV 市場計劃亮點
  • General Motors Group:Buick Velite 5
  • General Motors Group:Future 未來的 NEV 市場計劃亮點
  • 主力PV廠商前3名的考察


  • ICONIQ Motors:ICONIQ Seven
  • Hybrid Kinetic Group:K750
  • YUDO:YUDO pi 3
  • Lynk & Co:Lynk & Co 01
  • Zhiche Auto:Singulato iS6
  • Taihangauto:Taihangauto A1
  • 新興NEV製造商考察


  • 成長機會1:NEV即服務
  • 成長機會2:JV政策的緩和
  • 成長機會3:汽車擁有的替代
  • 對成功、成長來說的策略性的必要事項



Frost & Sullivan

Product Code: 9AB2/6F

NEV-as-a-Service Will Lead Business Model Transformation

1,400 vehicles were exhibited at the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and more than 10% of them were new energy vehicles. The huge number of exhibited NEVs indicates that these vehicles are not only the main focus of the Chinese government, but are also becoming one of the key businesses for automakers in China.

This research study aims to discover the marketing strategies and the technology development of 3 types of automakers: top NEV makers, mainstream passenger vehicle (PV) makers, and emerging new participants.

The high market potential has attracted competitive new participants and they have shown confidence in the shift in consumer preference to battery electric vehicles (BEVs). To stay competitive in the market, existing key Chinese New Energy Passenger Vehicle (NEPV) makers such as BYD and Geely are utilizing various strategies such as "electrifying" current internal combustion engine car models or offering the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) model with the existing BEV model designs. For foreign automakers, localization of the NEV production is getting more important and the relaxation of the joint venture (JV) policy indicates a great opportunity to form a third joint venture in China and access to more market resources. Besides, emerging NEV makers such as YUDO and Zhiche has also shown the confidence in the shift in consumer preference towards BEVs.

Nevertheless, business transformation is a need in the fast-changing market. NEV-as-as-Service and alternatives for car ownership are likely to fulfill the demands of consumers, especially millennials, who are more willing to accept new types of services.

Key Target Audience

  • Global automakers
  • Business development, planning, and strategy
  • Battery manufacturers
  • Venture capitalists
  • Marketing and product management

Research Scope

This research service aims to discover the technology and market strategies of the automakers in the Chinese new energy vehicle market. The following 3 types of automakers are analyzed:

  • Top 3 new energy PV makers in China: BYD Auto, Geely Auto, and BAIC Group
  • Mainstream PV makers in China: Volkswagen Group, Hyundai Group, General Motors Group
  • Key emerging NEV makers in China: ICONIQ Motors, Hybrid Kinetic Group, YUDO, Lynk & Co, Zhiche Auto, and Taihangauto

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

  • What are the technology and market strategies of the top new energy vehicle makers in China?
  • What is the planning and strategy of the mainstream PV automakers for the Chinese new energy vehicle market?
  • Which are the key emerging participants in the market?
  • What business model will help automakers succeed in this market?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • 1. Key Findings

Vehicle Definitions

  • 1. Definition of New Energy Vehicles in China

Auto Show Key Figures

  • 1. 2017 Shanghai Auto Show Key Figures

Chinese New Energy Vehicle Market Overview

  • 1. Chinese Auto Industry Transformation
  • 2. Key Participants of the Chinese Passenger Vehicle Market

Research & Analysis Framework

  • 1. Research & Analysis Framework

Key Highlights of the Top 3 NEPV Makers

  • 1. BYD Auto-BYD Yuan EV
  • 2. BYD Auto-BYD Qin 100
  • 3. Geely Group-Emgrand PHEV
  • 4. Geely Group-Emgrand EV300
  • 5. BAIC Group-BAIC BJEV EX400L
  • 6. BAIC Group-ARCFOX-7
  • 7. Key Insights from the Top 3 NEPV Makers

Future Chinese NEV Market Plan of the Mainstream PV Makers

  • 1. Volkswagen Group-Volkswagen e-Golf
  • 2. Volkswagen Group-Future NEV Market Plan Highlights
  • 3. Hyundai Group-Hyundai FE Fuel Cell
  • 4. Hyundai Group-Future NEV Market Plan Highlights
  • 5. General Motors Group-Buick Velite 5
  • 6. General Motors Group-Future NEV Market Plan Highlights
  • 7. Key Insights from the Top 3 Mainstream PV Makers

Key Emerging NEV Makers in China

  • 1. ICONIQ Motors-ICONIQ Seven
  • 2. Hybrid Kinetic Group-K750
  • 3. YUDO-YUDO π 3
  • 4. Lynk & Co-Lynk & Co 01
  • 5. Zhiche Auto-Singulato iS6
  • 6. Taihangauto-Taihangauto A1
  • 7. Key Insights from Emerging NEV Makers

Growth Opportunities and Key Success Factors

  • 1. Growth Opportunity 1-NEV as a Service
  • 2. Growth Opportunity 2-Relaxation of the JV Policy
  • 3. Growth Opportunity 3-Alternatives for Car Ownership
  • 4. Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

The Last Word

  • 1. The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • 2. Legal Disclaimer


  • 1. Table of Acronyms Used
  • 2. Table of Acronyms Used (continued)

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. Value Proposition-Future of Your Company & Career
  • 3. Global Perspective
  • 4. Industry Convergence
  • 5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. Implementation Excellence
  • 7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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