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Blockchain Technology Powering Emerging Applications

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 526034
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 50 Pages
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區塊鏈技術新興用途市場機會 Blockchain Technology Powering Emerging Applications
出版日期: 2017年06月29日 內容資訊: 英文 50 Pages



第1章 摘要整理

  • 調查範圍
  • 調查方法
  • 主要調查結果

第2章 區塊鏈介紹

  • 交易承認時不需第三者的區塊鏈
  • 加密貨幣、智慧契約、資產分配、整合服務的活用
  • 完全分散化的公共區塊鏈
  • 虛擬貨幣是將貨幣價值數位化

第3章 種類分類用途

  • 區塊鏈產品的透明性
  • 可鎖定贓貨位置的區塊鏈
  • 區塊鏈可橫跨跨國交易價值鏈的關係者
  • DeepMind開發中的加密保護工具「Verifiable Data Audit」
  • 醫療記錄共享區塊鏈
  • Tierion在醫療訴訟時使用區塊鏈
  • NASDAQ與Chain合作共有開發區塊鏈分類帳
  • 不需第三者供應商承認交易的區塊鏈技術
  • Zebpay提供行動比特幣錢包
  • 減少製造流程的區塊鏈
  • 區塊鏈免除了所有權問題
  • 鎖定偽造產品的區塊鏈

第4章 區塊鏈技術藍圖

  • 主要考察

第5章 市場規模測定與今後市場機會

  • 區塊鏈的世界市場潛力
  • 今後潛在的市場機會

第6章 主要專利評價

  • 詐欺管理、登入管理、分散型分類帳專利申請中

第7章 成長機會

  • 成長機會
  • 相關人士策略緊急課題

第8章 分析師的分析

  • 使用數位投票的可能性

第9章 主要聯絡資訊

第10章 關於Frost & Sullivan

Product Code: D7B7

Emerging Applications and Opportunities for Blockchain

Blockchain refers to a distributed ledger technology that is programmed to maintain records of financial and non-financial (anything of value) transactions. Technology advancements in blockchain in the recent years have led to significant improvements in quality and reductions in overall cost, and have attracted deep investments from private companies, federal bodies, and other funding organizations globally.

The objective of this research service is to understand development trends, offer a technology roadmap for ecosystem participants, identify the key emerging applications across industries, highlight patent trends, and assess the future opportunities in the blockchain space. In brief, this research service provides the following:

  • A brief snapshot and overview of blockchain and its types
  • Development trends impacting mega trends
  • Key emerging application areas across industries
  • Key market participants across industry-specific applications
  • Market sizing and future opportunities
  • Evaluate the future roadmap and understand key insights
  • Key patent trends in blockchain

Table of Contents

1.0. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Research Scope
  • 1.2. Research Methodology
  • 1.3. Key Findings

2.0. Introduction to Blockchain

  • 2.1. Blockchain Eliminates Third Party to Verify Transaction
  • 2.2. Blockchain Can Be Applied in Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, Asset Allocation, and Integrated Services
  • 2.3. Public Blockchain is Completely Decentralized
  • 2.4. Virtual Currency is Defined as Digital Representation of Monetary Value

3.0. Applications by Industry Type

  • 3.1. Blockchain Will Provide Transparency about Products
  • 3.2. Blockchain Will Help to Locate Stolen Merchandise
  • 3.3. Blockchain Connects Members across International Trade Supply Chain
  • 3.4. DeepMind is Developing a Cryptographically Secured Tool Called “Verifiable Data Audit”
  • 3.5. Blockchain Will be Used in Sharing Medical Records
  • 3.6. Tierion is Using Blockchain for Medical Claims
  • 3.7. NASDAQ in Collaboration with Chain Inc. Has Developed Blockchain-powered Ledger for Share Transfer
  • 3.8. Blockchain Technology Will Remove Third-party Vendors for Transaction Validation
  • 3.9. Zebpay Offers Mobile-based Bitcoin Wallet
  • 3.10. Blockchain is Likely to Ease Manufacturing Process
  • 3.11. Blockchain Will Resolve Ownership Issues
  • 3.12. Blockchain to Identify Counterfeit Products

4.0. Blockchain Technology Roadmap

  • 4.1. Key Insights from Technology Roadmap

5.0. Market Sizing and Future Opportunities

  • 5.1. Blockchain Global Market Potential
  • 5.2. Potential Blockchain Opportunities in the Future

6.0. Key Patent Evaluation

  • 6.1. Key Patents Are Being Filed Specially in the Areas of Fraud Control, Access Control, and Distributed Ledger

7.0. Growth Opportunities

  • 7.1. Growth Opportunities-Blockchain
  • 7.2. Strategic Imperatives for Blockchain Stakeholders

8.0. Analyst Insights

  • 8.1. Blockchain Application is Likely to Be Seen in Digital Voting

9.0. Key Contacts

  • 9.1. List of Contacts
  • 9.1. List of Contacts (continued)
  • Legal Disclaimer

10.0. The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 10.1. Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • 10.2. Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • 10.3. Global Perspective
  • 10.4. Industry Convergence
  • 10.5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 10.6. Implementation Excellence
  • 10.7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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