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汽車售後市場的電子零售全球市場 - 策略性分析:2020年

Strategic Analysis of eRetailing in the Global Automotive Aftermarket, 2020

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 395209
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 117 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
汽車售後市場的電子零售全球市場 - 策略性分析:2020年 Strategic Analysis of eRetailing in the Global Automotive Aftermarket, 2020
出版日期: 2020年02月24日內容資訊: 英文 117 Pages






全球汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 概要

  • 全球汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 預測
  • 全球售後市場電子零售的快速概覽
  • 全球獲益市佔率
  • 機會地圖:零件類別
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售POS
  • 電子零售的新商業模式
  • 用戶體驗地圖的利害相關者活動
  • 數位KPI - 售後市場的電子零售
  • 影響線上售後市場零售業的主要趨勢
  • 線上售後市場零售業的主要課題
  • 影響汽車售後市場電子零售的法律

全球汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 競爭分析

  • 獲益比例細項:參加企業類型別
  • 主要參加企業:地區別
  • 全球售後市場的電子零售 - 競爭企業地圖
  • 競爭情勢:新興大企業
  • Amazon的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣
  • Alibaba的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣
  • Mercado Libre的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣
  • eBay的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣
  • Oscaro的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣
  • Tuhu的售後市場策略 - 安索夫矩陣

國別分析 - 北美

  • 國別快照 - 北美
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 北美
  • 競爭情勢 - 北美
  • O2O - 線上輪胎販售:Goodyear
  • O2O - Walmart.com與AAP
  • 對像DIFM 電子零售 - Amazon與eBay

地區別分析 - 歐洲

  • 國別快照 - 英國
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 英國
  • 國別快照 - 德國
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 德國
  • 國別快照 - 法國
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 法國
  • 國別快照 - 義大利
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 義大利
  • 國別快照 - 西班牙
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 西班牙
  • 國別快照 - 俄國
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 俄國
  • 競爭情勢 - 歐洲
  • O2O - Yakarouler
  • O2O - Oscaro
  • 對像DIFM 電子零售 - Avatacar (法國)

國別分析 - 印度

  • 國別快照 - 印度
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 印度
  • 競爭情勢 - 印度
  • O2O - 配件販售 (myTVS)

國別分析 - 中國

  • 國別快照 - 中國
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 中國
  • 競爭情勢 - 中國
  • 對像DIFM 電子零售 - SAIC (中國)
  • 對像DIFM 電子零售 - Tuhu (中國)

國別分析 - 巴西與墨西哥

  • 國別快照 - 巴西
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 巴西
  • 國別快照 - 墨西哥
  • 汽車售後市場的電子零售 - 墨西哥
  • 競爭情勢 - 巴西與墨西哥


  • 未來的電子零售通路
  • 通路1 - 車載市場
  • 在外出地點的零售服務
  • 汽車用Amazon Alexa
  • 隨選服務情勢走向
  • 汽車作為服務進接點
  • 既有的配送服務
  • 通路2 - 服務市場
  • 服務市場的機會地圖
  • 服務市場與OES的締結

成長機會與推薦行動 (C2A)

  • 售後市場電子商務的成長機會
  • 成功及成長的策略性要務



Product Code: K3C9-18

One in Ten Parts Sold in the Automotive Aftermarket will be Through Online Sales by 2030

The aim of the study is to analyze and estimate the adoption of eRetailing in the automotive aftermarket, deep diving into key markets and market participant activity.

The study provides a complete analysis of market revenues and a 7-year forecast for online sales of parts across key global markets: North America, Latin America, Europe, and certain regions in Asia. It also focuses on detailed analysis of new business models, competitive factors, and other country-level and global dynamics that will impact the growth of this segment.

According to Frost & Sullivan research, B2C eRetailing in the automotive aftermarket for replacement parts and accessories is currently estimated at 4.5% in 2019, while it is expected to generate $78 billion annually by the end of the forecast period. This growth is attracting both traditional aftermarket companies such as original equipment sellers and also new technology companies (e.g., Amazon) to dive into the market. The changing ownership behavior of customers and the growing popularity of new mobility services is also influencing the growing preference for these digital channels for purchasing parts and accessories. Analysis on penetration of different parts and their popularity in different markets provides a direction to various stakeholders in developing their go-to market strategy.

On the supply side, newer business models, both for selling these parts and accessories, and also for the fulfillment of orders, which includes delivery and installation, are being developed to increase the relevance and value from these online sellers. At the same time, various governments around the world are also working on creating a regulatory environment, both for safeguarding customer interest in data security and privacy, but also in keeping the market competitiveness intact by imposing certain tariffs and taxes to safeguard local businesses.

The research also analysis the key trends driving eRetailing channel adoption and also the share of the key market participants in each of the markets.

Key Features:

The key objectives of the study include the following:

  • Calculate the automotive aftermarket eRetailing revenue at the global and regional levels
  • Determine the regions, product categories, and channels that will exhibit the highest growth potential
  • Identify the main industry trends in each region
  • Identify key business models and elaborate on the companies adopting them
  • Predict major developments possible in the aftermarket eRetailing by 2026 and beyond
  • Identify opportunity areas for different market participants in automotive aftermarket eRetailing

Key Issues Addressed:

  • What is the penetration of online retailing in the automotive aftermarket?
  • Which product categories offer the most growth potential?
  • What are the penetration levels of online retailing in the automotive aftermarket in key markets, and how are they expected to evolve?
  • What are the new business models in aftermarket digitization?
  • How are the different market participants reacting to the increasing popularity of online channels?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary-5 Big Predictions for Aftermarket eRetailing
  • Executive Summary-Global Aftermarket eRetailing Snapshot
  • Executive Summary-Global Aftermarket eRetailing Growth
  • Executive Summary-Aftermarket eRetailing Penetration (2026)
  • Executive Summary-Global Snapshot of Key Local Market Participants
  • Executive Summary-eCommerce Value Chain Evolution
  • Executive Summary-Global Heatmap of Aftermarket Parts Retailing
  • Executive Summary-Key Findings and Future Outlook

Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology

  • Research Scope
  • Research Aim and Objectives
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Background
  • Channel Participant Definitions

Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing-Overview

  • Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing-Outlook
  • Global Aftermarket eRetailing Dashboard
  • Global Revenue Share-2016, 2019, and 2026
  • Opportunity Mapping by Parts Category
  • Points of Sale in Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing
  • New Business Models in eRetailing
  • Stakeholder Activity in Customer Journey
  • Digital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)-eRetailing in Aftermarket
  • Key Trends Impacting Online Aftermarket Retailing
  • Key Challenges in Online Aftermarket Retailing
  • Legislation Impacting eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket
  • Legislation Impacting eRetailing in the Aftermarket (continued)

Global Automotive Aftermarket eRetailing-Competitive Analysis

  • Percent Revenue Breakdown by Participant Type
  • Key Participants by Region
  • Global Aftermarket eRetailing-Competitor Mapping
  • Global Aftermarket eRetailing-Competitor Mapping (continued)
  • Competitive Landscape-Emerging Heavyweights
  • Competitive Landscape-Emerging Heavyweights (continued)
  • Amazon's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix
  • Alibaba's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix
  • Mercado Libre's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix
  • eBay's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix
  • Oscaro's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix
  • Tuhu's Aftermarket Strategy-Ansoff Matrix

Country Analysis-North America

  • Country Snapshot-North America
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-North America
  • Competitive Landscape-North America
  • O2O-Selling Tires Online: Goodyear
  • and AAP
  • Targeted DIFM eRetailing-Amazon and eBay

Regional Analysis-Europe

  • Country Snapshot-United Kingdom
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-United Kingdom
  • Country Snapshot-Germany
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Germany
  • Country Snapshot-France
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-France
  • Country Snapshot-Italy
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Italy
  • Country Snapshot-Spain
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Spain
  • Country Snapshot-Russia
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Russia
  • Competitive Landscape-Europe
  • O2O-Yakarouler
  • O2O-Oscaro
  • Targeted DIFM eRetailing-Avatacar (France)

Country Analysis-India

  • Country Snapshot-India
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-India
  • Competitive Landscape-India
  • O2O-Selling Accessories (myTVS)

Country Level Analysis-China

  • Country Snapshot-China
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-China
  • Competitive Landscape-China
  • Targeted DIFM eRetailing-SAIC (China)
  • Targeted DIFM eRetailing-Tuhu (China)

Country Analysis-Brazil and Mexico

  • Country Snapshot-Brazil
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Brazil
  • Country Snapshot-Mexico
  • eRetailing in the Automotive Aftermarket-Mexico
  • Competitive Landscape-Brazil and Mexico

Future of eRetailing in the Aftermarket

  • Future eRetailing Channels
  • Channel 1-In-car Marketplace
  • On-the-go Retailer Services Leveraging on Car as a Marketplace
  • Amazon Alexa for Cars
  • On-demand Service Landscape Movement
  • Car as an Access Point of Service
  • Existing Car Delivery Services
  • Channel 2-Service Marketplace
  • Service Marketplace Opportunity Mapping
  • OES Engagements With Service Marketplaces

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Growth Opportunity in Aftermarket eCommerce
  • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth

Conclusions and Future Outlook

  • 5 Big Predictions for Aftermarket eRetailing
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Glossary
  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)