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Customer Experience Management Study - Malaysia's Life Insurance Market, 2015

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 370959
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 109 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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客戶經驗經營管理調查:馬來西亞的人壽保險市場 Customer Experience Management Study - Malaysia's Life Insurance Market, 2015
出版日期: 2016年09月01日 內容資訊: 英文 109 Pages

本報告提供馬來西亞的人壽保險公司的客戶經驗經營管理 (CEM:客戶經驗管理) 選擇,以客戶行動產生影響的重要要素 (購買前、購買時、購買後) 為焦點的各企業分析等系統性資訊。




  • 服務中止的理由
  • 服務中止的明細
  • 最常使用的流通管道
  • 推薦流通管道:各交易
  • 客戶的最優先體驗的矩陣
  • 客戶的最頻率體驗的矩陣
  • 流通管道整合的程度
  • 出色的客戶經驗的優先級
  • 客戶忠誠度報酬
  • 專業活動評估:各人壽保險公司
  • 觸控點的客戶經驗


  • 主要的人壽保險公司選擇要素
  • 產品與服務的推薦:各人壽保險公司
  • 在購買前階段利用的流通管道
  • 購買前的聯絡方式利用的流通管道
  • 觸控點的客戶經驗
  • 購買前階段的客戶經驗指標


  • 在購買階段利用的流通管道
  • 購買階段的推薦流通管道
  • 觸控點的客戶經驗
  • 滿意度/不滿意度:保險代理店/仲介
  • 滿意度/不滿意度:分店
  • 滿意度/不滿意度:線上
  • 滿意度/不滿意度:客服中心,行動應用程式


  • 在購買後階段利用的流通管道
  • 購買後的聯絡方式再訪做的流通管道
  • 購買後的聯絡方式利用的流通管道
  • 觸控點的客戶經驗
  • 購買後階段的體驗的評估:各客戶經驗指標

客戶經驗目錄 (CEI) 分別分析

  • 客戶忠誠度,建議,追加購買
  • 客戶忠誠度,建議,追加購買趨勢
  • CEI整體評分:各流通管道/觸控點
  • CEI整體評分趨勢:各流通管道/觸控點
  • CEI整體評分:各人壽保險公司
  • CEI整體評分趨勢:各人壽保險公司
  • CEI評分:分店
  • CEI評分:保險代理店
  • CEI評分:線上
  • CEI評分:客服中心
  • CEI評分:行動應用程式
  • 淨推薦值 (NPS)

各企業分析:Great Eastern Life Assurance

  • 客戶交易的偏好
  • 客戶優先:體驗簡介
  • 互動的頻率:客戶經驗簡介
  • 競爭要素的評估

各企業分析:AIA Berhad

  • 客戶交易的偏好
  • 客戶優先:體驗簡介
  • 互動的頻率:客戶經驗簡介
  • 競爭要素的評估


  • 客戶交易的偏好
  • 客戶優先:體驗簡介
  • 互動的頻率:客戶經驗簡介
  • 競爭要素的評估

各企業分析:Prudential Assurance

  • 客戶交易的偏好
  • 客戶優先:體驗簡介
  • 互動的頻率:客戶經驗簡介
  • 競爭要素的評估


Frost & Sullivan的客戶經驗解決方案


Product Code: 9AF5-12

Benchmarking the Industry Excellence in Delivering Superior Customer Experience

Customer experience is the accumulation of customers' experiences throughout their journey with the supplier, across any and all functions, products and services, and various touch points. Frost & Sullivan evaluates the various experiences provided by Malaysia's life insurer. This research service takes a look at the critical factors that influence customer behaviour throughout the three phases-pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase-of their journey through life insurers' touch points. The research service utilises the proprietary Customer Experience Index (CEI) methodology, as well as the widely used Net Promoter Scores (NPS) methodology to understand the dynamics of the interactions between customers and their insurer.

Table of Contents


Research Methodology

  • Frost & Sullivan Research Approach
  • Frost & Sullivan Research Step-by-Step Overview
  • Overview of Research Process
  • Sample Methodology
  • Data Collection Quality Process
  • Sample Distribution by Primary Insurer
  • Sample Demographics-Age and Gender
  • Sample Demographics-Main Products Purchased
  • Frost & Sullivan Customer Experience Index (CEI)

Executive Summary

  • Customer Experience Management for the Malaysian Life Insurance Sector in 2015
  • Customer Experience-Definition
  • Factors for Choosing Primary Life Insurance Company
  • Reason for Service Discontinuation
  • Preferred Channel Across Stages
  • Online vs. Insurance Agent
  • Most Often Used Channels for Life Insurers
  • Overall CEI Score by Channels / Touchpoints
  • Overall CEI Score by Life Insurers
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Degree of Channel Integration
  • Customer Loyalty Reward
  • Product and Service Recommendation by Life Insurance
  • Relevant Findings by Demographics

CEM Study-Malaysia's Life Insurance Sector 2015

  • Reason for Service Discontinuation
  • Service Discontinuation Breakdown
  • Most Frequently Used Channels
  • Most Preferred Channels by Transaction
  • Customers' Top Priority-Experience Matrix
  • Customers' Top Frequency Experience Matrix
  • Degree of Channel Integration
  • Prioritisation of Superior Customer Experience and Fulfilment of Sales Promises
  • Customer Loyalty Reward
  • Proactivity Rating by Life Insurer
  • Customer Experience With Touchpoints

Understanding Pre-Purchase Behaviour

  • Factors for Choosing Primary Life Insurance Company
  • Product and Service Recommendation by Life Insurer
  • Channel Used at Pre-Purchase Stage
  • Channel Used for Pre-Purchase Enquiry
  • Customer Experience With Touchpoints
  • Customer Experience Indicators at the Pre-Purchase Stage

Understanding Purchase Behaviour

  • Channel Used at Purchasing Stage
  • Preferred Channel at the Purchase Stage
  • Customer Experience With Touchpoints
  • Degree of Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction-Insurance Agent / Broker
  • Degree of Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction-Branch
  • Degree of Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction-Online
  • Degree of Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction-Call Centre and Mobile Application

Understanding Post-Purchase Behaviour

  • Channel Used at Post-Purchase Stage
  • Channels Revisited for Post-Sale Enquiry
  • Channel Used for Post-Purchase Enquiry
  • Customer Experience With Touchpoints
  • Evaluation of Experience in the Post-Purchase Stage by Customer Experience Indicators

Analysis by Customer Experience Index (CEI)

  • Customer Loyalty, Recommendation, and Additional Purchase
  • Customer Loyalty, Recommendation, and Additional Purchase Trend
  • Overall CEI Score by Channels / Touchpoints
  • Overall CEI Score Trend by Channels / Touchpoints
  • Overall CEI Score by Life Insurer
  • Overall CEI Score Trend by Life Insurer
  • CEI Score for Branch
  • CEI Score for Insurance Agent
  • CEI Score for Online
  • CEI Score for Call Centre
  • CEI Score for Mobile Application
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Company Analysis-Great Eastern Life Assurance

  • Great Eastern Life Assurance-Customer Transaction Preference
  • Great Eastern-Customer Priority-Experience Profile
  • Great Eastern-Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile
  • Great Eastern Life Assurance's Rating for Competitive Factors

Company Analysis-AIA Berhad

  • AIA Berhad-Customer Transaction Preference
  • AIA-Customer Priority-Experience Profile
  • AIA-Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile
  • AIA Berhad's Rating for Competitive Factors

Company Analysis-Etiqa

  • Etiqa-Customer Transactions' Preference
  • Etiqa-Customer Priority-Experience Profile
  • Etiqa-Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile
  • Etiqa's Rating for Competitive Factors

Company Analysis-Prudential Assurance

  • Prudential Assurance-Customer Transaction Preference
  • Prudential-Customer Priority-Experience Profile
  • Prudential-Frequency of Interaction-Customer Experience Profile
  • Prudential's Rating for Competitive Factors

Final Words-What We Are Excited About

  • Call Centre-Where is it Headed with Regards to CEM?
  • Online-The Most Preferred Channel in the Near Future?
  • Mobile Application-Is this the New Battleground for CEM?
  • Timely and Relevant Product Promotions-What is Next?
  • Will Improving the Customer Loyalty Rewards Programme be a Game Changer?

Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Solutions

  • Why Frost & Sullivan
  • Orchestration of Process, People, and Infrastructure Aligned to the Customer Journey Enables Superior Customer Experience
  • Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Maturity Model (CXMM) Serves as a Framework for Best Practice Analysis and Facilitates the Company's Internal Assessment
  • The Where, What, and How Questions Addressed Through a 5-step Strategic Approach to Develop and Implement a Customer Experience Strategy
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Definitions
  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
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