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Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Market: Future Implications

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 42 Pages
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動力傳動·電動車的全球市場:未來的影響 Powertrain and Electric Vehicle Market: Future Implications
出版日期: 2016年05月11日 內容資訊: 英文 42 Pages


本報告提供全球各地區 (歐洲,中國,日本,北美,印度,南美,韓國等) 的小客車燃油消耗率趨勢,及引擎數及引擎排氣量的變化方向性相關分析,提供您新的CO2排放法規·規格 (NEDC (新歐洲測試循環) 及WLTP (全球統一輕型車輛測試)) 的普及情形和今後預測,各企業採用的CO2排放·後處理策略,彙整CO2後處理技術對柴油車市場的影響度,歐洲市場上消費者的見解 (對汽油/柴油/混合/電力引擎的偏好等) 等資訊,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 電動車的分類
  • 全球動力傳動·混合:各地區的出貨台數
  • 歐洲的柴油車動力傳動的銷售額:實際成果值·預測值
  • 歐洲的動力傳動市場:柴油車用 vs. 汽油車用
  • 歐洲的空氣品質問題和風險:未來展望
  • 全球內燃機的未來展望:氣筒數方案
  • 全球內燃機的未來展望:引擎排氣量方案
  • 檢驗工程和差異化
  • 廢氣排放相關法規藍圖
  • EU加盟國的WLTP實施時間軸
  • 統計指標潛在的影響度:從NEDC轉換到WLTP
  • 電動車的銷售額:各地區·混合化的方式別
  • 電力小客車銷售台數 (2015年)

為了遵守CO2排放法規 (95g/km) 的主要動力傳動策略

  • 汽車廠商和CO2排放量:類別M1的情況
  • CO2排放量的控制:過去的嘗試與今後的預測
  • 歐洲的內燃機技術之未來預測
  • 電氣化動力傳動:生產台數的預測與不同種類的明細
  • CO2削減技術的成本·效益分析


  • 全球柴油後處理系統普及的熱點
  • 汽車製造商廢氣排放後處理策略:藍圖

歐洲市場消費者問卷調查 (2015年)


Product Code: 9AD6-00-02-00-00

Global Decline in Diesel Cars Due to Taxation and Low Emission Zones in Major Markets

This study highlights passenger-car fuel trends in Europe, China, Japan, North America, India, South America, and South Korea and discusses changes in engine count and engine displacement in the automotive industry. The study also provides an overview and implementation roadmap of the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) and World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) cycle. Strategic powertrain technologies necessary for carbon-dioxide reduction in Europe are also highlighted, and the impact of exhaust after-treatment solutions on diesel cars has also been discussed. The study concludes with a European voice-of-consumer study, which analyses consumer preferences towards gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric engines.

Table of Contents

2015 Overview of Powertrain Trends

  • 1. Electric Vehicle Segmentation
  • 2. Global Powertrain Mix-Unit Shipment by Region
  • 3. Global Powertrain Mix-Unit Shipment by Region Explained
  • 4. Global Powertrain Mix-Unit Shipment by Region Explained (continued)
  • 5. Diesel Powertrain Sales Outlook for Europe-Retrospection and Future
  • 6. European Powertrain Market-Diesel versus Gasoline
  • 7. Air Quality Concerns and Risks-Europe, 2020 Outlook
  • 8. Global IC Engine Outlook-Cylinder Count Scenario
  • 9. Global IC Engine Outlook-Engine Displacement Scenario
  • 10. Test Procedures and Differentiation
  • 11. Regulation Roadmap with Emissions
  • 12. Timeline for Implementation of the WLTP in the European Union
  • 13. Parameters and Potential Impact-NEDC to WLTP Conversion
  • 14. Parameters with Potential Impact with NEDC to WLTP Conversion
  • 15. Electrified Vehicles Sales-By Region and Hybridization Type
  • 16. Electric Vehicle Sales 2015

Key Powertrain Strategies to Comply with CO2 Regulation (95g/km)

  • 1. OEMs and CO2 Numbers-Class M1
  • 2. CO2 Emission Control-Retrospection and Future Outlook
  • 3. Europe-Internal Combustion Engine Technology Forecasts
  • 4. Production Forecast and Types of Split- Electrified Powertrains
  • 5. Cost-benefit Analysis of CO2 Reduction Technologies

Outlook of Exhaust After-treatment Strategies

  • 1. Global Diesel After-treatment System-Adoption Hot Spots
  • 2. Roadmap of OEM Exhaust After-treatment Strategies

2015 European Voice-of-Consumer Survey

  • 1. Voice of Consumer Survey
  • 2. Voice of Consumer Survey (continued)
  • 3. Voice of Consumer Survey (continued)
  • 4. Voice of Consumer Survey (continued)
  • 5. Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • 3. Global Perspective
  • 4. Industry Convergence
  • 5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. Implementation Excellence
  • 7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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