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North American IoT Cloud Market Insight

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 356945
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 21 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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北美IoT雲端市場考察 North American IoT Cloud Market Insight
出版日期: 2016年04月12日 內容資訊: 英文 21 Pages

本報告以北美物聯網 (IoT) 雲端市場為主題,提供規格的缺乏,設備 (及設備零組件) 的快速生命週期,新的IT應用產品化所需時間長,及開發新應用的人力資源不足,IoT生命週期經營管理雲端型解決方案應對的主要課題的相關調查,使用IoT雲端解決方案的經濟性優點,IoT雲端解決方案供應商的市場機會估計。




  • 新解決方案的開發、發展的複雜
  • 恰當的資料管理的必要性
  • 企業類型的課題


  • IoT 雲端 vs. DIY-IoT 應用的方法


  • 連網型家庭針消費者產品的穩定成長
  • 從連網型設備經營管理到連網型產品經營管理:重視附加價值服務
  • 實現連接性經營管理的組合及應用的功能
  • IoT專用PaaS解決方案的投入
  • 廣告、貿易的IoT



  • IoT雲端的市場機會的估計
  • 主要的討論事項



Frost & Sullivan

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The Best Investment for Enterprise IoT Strategies

This market insight presents an analysis of the North American Internet of Things (IoT) cloud market. It describes the key challenges addressed by cloud-based solutions for IoT lifecycle management. For instance, common industry challenges in IoT application development include lack of standardization, rapid lifecycle of devices (and device components), longer time-to-market for new IoT applications, and lack of qualified personnel to develop new applications. This research provides the key enterprise considerations for selecting an IoT cloud vendor. Also, a high-level analysis of the economic benefits of using an IoT cloud solution is presented as well as estimates on the total market opportunity for IoT cloud solution providers.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Market Overview and Key Definitions
    • Defining IoT
    • IoT Platform Layers
    • Role of IoT Cloud in Driving New Product and Service Innovation
    • IoT Platform Segmentation
  • Key Industry Challenges
    • Complexity of New Solution Development and Deployment
    • Need for Appropriate Data Management
    • Challenges According to the Company Type
  • How IoT Cloud Solutions Can Help
    • IoT Cloud vs. DIY-IoT Application Approach
  • Key Market Trends
    • Strong Growth of Connected At-home Consumer Products
    • From Connected Device Management to Connected Product Management-Focus on Value-added Services
    • Combination of Connectivity Management and Application Enablement Functionality
    • Introduction of IoT-specific PaaS Solutions
    • IoT in Advertising and Commerce
  • Key Considerations for Selecting an IoT Cloud Platform
  • Assessing the Market Opportunity for IoT Cloud Solutions
    • Estimating the Market Opportunity for the IoT Cloud
    • Key Considerations
  • The Last Word
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
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