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Globalisation and the Future of Trade

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 39 Pages
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全球化及貿易的未來 Globalisation and the Future of Trade
出版日期: 2016年03月01日 內容資訊: 英文 39 Pages

供應鏈的全球化及生產過程的分拆帶來貿易的軸輻式方式。同時,全球整體自由貿易協定 (FTA)擴散。可是國際貿易,面臨包含宏觀經濟環境的惡化、WTO的關聯性低、地緣政治學性的緊張的高漲,及移住的限制等幾個課題。


第1章 全球化及貿易的未來



  • 到目前為止主要的貿易條款:商品
  • 國際貿易急劇的增加
  • 全球貿易的分拆
  • 全球整體的FTA的擴散
  • 貿易依然有大幅地區性的本質
  • 貿易的全球化的影響
  • 貿易和全球化的正面影響
  • 貿易和全球化的負面特徵


  • 國際貿易所面臨的課題
  • 國際貿易的成長減速招來的課題
  • 二國間貿易協定的增加
  • 政治經濟的貿易區域的登場


  • 貿易的未來為何?
  • 新技術增加從節點 (物流據點) 到節點的貿易
  • 塊環鏈及P2P結構造成的全球經濟結構的分拆
  • 全球政治糾紛改變貿易的聯繫
  • 貿易支援的全球性法規的均一化
  • 到目前為止的主要貿易條款:商品
  • 主要的貿易條款:假設
  • 新的石油的資料
  • 免責聲明


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Impact of Technologies, Changing Economic and Political Structures, and Regulations on Global Trade

Global trade has grown tremendously due to technological innovations in transportation and the resulting decline in shipping costs. Globalisation of supply chains and the unbundling of production processes have led to a hub-and-spoke model in trade. Simultaneously, there has been a proliferation of free trade agreements across the globe. However, global trade faces several challenges including worsening macroeconomic conditions, declining relevance of WTO, rising geopolitical tensions, and restrictions on migration. This study discusses the future of trade given the new technological, economic, political, and regulatory shifts globally.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • Key Findings
  • Key Findings (continued)

Current State of Global Trade

  • Top Traded Items across Historical Periods-Commodities
  • Exponential Growth in Global Trade
  • Unbundling in Global Trade
  • Proliferation of FTAs across the Globe
  • Trade is still Largely Regional in Nature
  • Effects of Globalisation of Trade
  • Positive Impact of Trade and Globalisation
  • Negative Impact of Trade and Globalisation

Challenges Faced by Global Trade

  • Challenges Faced by Global Trade
  • Challenges Faced by Global Trade (continued)
  • Challenges Faced by Global Trade (continued)
  • Challenges Lead to Slowdown in Global Trade Growth
  • Growth of Bilateral Trade Agreements
  • Emergence of Political-Economic Trading Blocs

Future of Global Trade and Investments

  • What does the Future Hold for Trade?
  • New Technologies will Increase Node-to-Node Trade
  • Unbundling of Global Economic Structures through Blockchains and Peer-to-Peer Structure
  • Global Political Conflicts may Change Trade Linkages
  • Homogenisation of Global Regulations to Favour Trade
  • Top Traded Items Across Historical Periods-Commodities
  • Top Traded Goods in 2150-A Hypothesis
  • Data as the New Oil
  • Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360° Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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