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Growing Burden of Lifestyle Diseases in Emerging Countries

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 59 Pages
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新興國家生活習慣病所造成的負擔擴大 Growing Burden of Lifestyle Diseases in Emerging Countries
出版日期: 2016年02月03日 內容資訊: 英文 59 Pages





  • 從大眾到小眾的EMI-A
  • 經濟動向
  • 經濟動向:構造方法



  • 商業觀察
  • 世界疾病患者負擔動向
  • 疾病患者概要
  • 負擔變化
  • 發展中國家疫病學變化的原因
  • 非感染性疾病患者
  • 發展中國家所得引起的風險原因增加
  • 世界非感染性疾病患者市場:風險與疾病患者


  • 成長動向
  • 危險國家相關行動與代謝風險
  • WHO的世界觀察制度
  • 行動風險:抽煙
  • 行動風險:飲酒消費
  • 行動風險:不適當的身體活動
  • 人口統計中央年齡群疾病脆弱性


  • 利益動向
  • 非感染性疾病患者負擔率高的國家醫療費增加
  • 非感染性疾病患者負擔率高的國家目前與中期矚目領域
  • 為何投資印尼?
  • 早期成長階段的印尼醫療
  • 州分類醫院分佈:印尼
  • 醫療基本設施擴大標的都市:印尼
  • 都市分類主要醫院:印尼
  • 墨西哥如何促進預防照護需求
  • 墨西哥醫療:課題與未滿足需求
  • 墨西哥醫療:發展與機會
  • 墨西哥民間組織與醫院EHR發展
  • 墨西哥:醫院分佈
  • 結論與概要
  • 法律免責事項


關於Frost & Sullivan

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The Healthcare and Life Sciences Growth Trajectory Beyond BRICS

While low and middle income group countries are typically characterized by a high burden of communicable diseases, the trend appears to be changing. By 2030, NCDs are expected to account for nearly 55% of the disease burden of these country groups. A growing middle aged population increases the risk of NCDs in the low and middle income country groups, especially Asia, Africa, and parts of Latin America. Growth in burden of NCDs-diabetes and cardiovascular diseases-not only calls for greater healthcare infrastructure and a larger healthcare workforce but also adequate preventive care. The initiatives of the government to develop eHealth in some countries open up avenues for investment in areas, such as tele-medicine, healthcare platforms and application software, and electronic health records.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • Executive Summary
  • Executive Summary (continued)

Economic Insights: Micro Boom-Definitions and Tie-ins

  • EMI-A Journey from Macro to Micro
  • What Are Economic Insights-Micro Booms?
  • Economic Insight: Micro Booms-What is the Structured Approach?

Introduction-Scope and Research Methodology

  • Issue-Based Brainstorming About Mega Trends and Emerging Markets
  • Research Methodology
  • Research Methodology (continued)

Business Insights

  • Business Insights
  • Global Disease Burden Landscape
  • Disease Bucket
  • Shifting Disease Burden
  • What Caused the Epidemiological Shift in Developing Countries?
  • Non Communicable Diseases-Diseases of Affluence
  • Income Induced Risk Factor Growth in Developing countries
  • Global Market for NCDs-Risks and Disease

Growth Insights

  • Growth Insights
  • NCDs-Behavioral and Metabolic Risks for Top Countries
  • Global Monitoring Framework by WHO
  • Behavioral Risk Factors-Smoking Prevalence
  • Behavioral Risk Factors-Alcohol Consumption
  • Behavioral Risk Factors-Inadequate Physical Activity
  • Disease Vulnerability by Demographic Median Age Group
  • Disease Vulnerability by Demographic Median Age Group (continued)

Profit Insights

  • Profit Insights
  • Healthcare Expenditure Growth in High NCD-Burdened Countries
  • Current and Mid-term Focus Areas in NCD-Burdened Countries
  • Why Invest in Indonesia?
  • Indonesian Healthcare at the Early Stage of Growth
  • Indonesia-Hospital Distribution by Province
  • Indonesia-Target Cities for Healthcare Infrastructure Expansion
  • Indonesia-Top Hospitals by City
  • What is Driving the Need for Preventive Care in Mexico?
  • Mexican Healthcare-Challenges and Unmet Needs
  • Mexican Healthcare-Development and Opportunities
  • Evolution of EHR in Mexican Public Institutions and Hospitals
  • Mexico-Distribution of Hospitals
  • Conclusion and Key Takeaway
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Important Definitions
  • Important Definitions (continued)
  • List of Abbreviations

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition-Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360° Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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