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Global Trends in Power Generation

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 36 Pages
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全球發電市場趨勢 Global Trends in Power Generation
出版日期: 2015年04月06日 內容資訊: 英文 36 Pages

本報告提供全球的能源、電力產業的未來趨勢,及各種能源來源的有效利用、市場趨勢預測相關分析、全球整體的能源消費量的擴大趨勢的預測、各能源來源 (煤炭/天然氣/再生能源) 、主要的推動及阻礙市場要素,及各地區的發電量、市場收益額預測、今後應該解決的課題 (歐洲各國的發電廠的運轉率降低等) 等調查、考察。


  • 摘要整理:全球經濟的主要趨勢
  • 摘要整理:全球的能源消費量預測 (2035年)


  • 全球能源需求的今後10年的擴大預測
  • 即使天然氣火力發電大幅度擴大,煤炭火力發電持續獨佔狀態 (2030年)
  • 發電市場:安裝設備的燃料混合
  • 全球發電燃料混合


  • 煤炭發電推動、阻礙市場要素
  • 煤炭發電的各地區趨勢


  • 天然氣發電推動、阻礙市場要素
  • 天然氣發電的各地區趨勢
  • 歐洲的天然氣發電廠的運轉率低
  • 天然氣發電廠的負擔降低:英國
  • 天然氣發電廠的負擔降低:德國


  • 再生能源發電推動、阻礙市場要素
  • 再生能源發電的各地區趨勢


  • 發電廠的資金籌措:成為最大的課題
  • 中國企業在歐洲的設備、資金供給的成功



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Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources Provide Mixed Bag of Opportunities for Process Equipment Suppliers

This research service explores the rising energy demand across the globe and analyzes the key energy resources that will be increasingly used, up until 2035. It explores the drivers and restraints of key energy sources such as coal, gas, and renewables, and features a short discussion of the key geographical trends influencing the growth of the energy market. A brief snapshot of the utilization of gas plants in Europe, focused mainly on the United Kingdom and Germany, is followed by a summary of the key findings of the top three energy resource markets, namely, coal, gas, and renewables.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • 1. Executive Summary-Key Trends in the Global Economy
  • 2. Executive Summary-Global Energy Consumption Snapshot Till 2035

Power Generation

  • 1. Global Energy Demand Set to Grow Over the Next Decades
  • 2. Gas Generation to Significantly Increase but Coal will Dominate up to 2030
  • 3. Power Generation-Installed Capacity Fuel Mix
  • 4. Global Power Generation Fuel Mix

Coal Market

  • 1. Drivers and Restraints for the Coal Power Market
  • 2. Geographical Trends in Coal Generation

Gas Market

  • 1. Drivers and Restraints for the Gas Power Market
  • 2. Geographical Trends in Gas Generation
  • 3. Low Utilization of Gas Plants in Europe
  • 4. Declining Loads of Gas Plants-United Kingdom
  • 5. Declining Loads of Gas Plants-Germany

Renewables Market

  • 1. Drivers and Restraints for the Renewables Market
  • 2. Geographical Trends in Renewable Market

Other Markets and Industries

  • 1. Power Plant Financing is Becoming a Greater Challenge
  • 2. Chinese Equipment and Finance Driving Success in Europe


  • 1. Conclusion
  • 2. Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. Value Proposition-Future of Your Company & Career
  • 3. Global Perspective
  • 4. Industry Convergence
  • 5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. Implementation Excellence
  • 7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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