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伊波拉出血熱 - 威脅·課題·反應:個人防護設備 (PPE) 市場的展望

Ebola - Threat, Challenge, and Response: A PPE Perspective

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 57 Pages
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伊波拉出血熱 - 威脅·課題·反應:個人防護設備 (PPE) 市場的展望 Ebola - Threat, Challenge, and Response: A PPE Perspective
出版日期: 2015年03月20日 內容資訊: 英文 57 Pages

隨著伊波拉出血熱 (伊波拉病毒病) 的感染者增加和對策的強化,個人防護設備 (PPE) 市場雖然規模仍小但需求正在擴大。

本報告提供近年來隨著伊波拉出血熱 (EVD) 由西非洲擴散到全球各地,其對個人防護設備 (PPE) 市場的影響相關分析,提供您EVD及其治療方法概要,及相關人員PPE的技術性要件,市場成長時產業相關人員應該克服的課題,全球市場的競爭情形,隨著近年來的全球大流行對市場的影響度等調查、考察。


  • 主要調查結果


  • 伊波拉病毒病:概要
  • 伊波拉出血熱的患者數及死者數:非洲
  • 伊波拉出血熱的患者數及死者數:其他地區


  • 治療EVD時PPE所扮演的角色
  • 伊波拉出血熱的治療活動和危險
  • 防止伊波拉熱用的PPE種類
  • 誰最需要預防·防止?


  • EVD在PPE市場突顯出的課題
  • 課題:各國機關所提出PPE規格的混亂
  • CDC (美國疾病預防中心)所提出的防止伊波拉熱用PPE規格:PPE規格中沒有的規格
  • WHO所提出的防止伊波拉熱用PPE規格:僅是建議,非強制
  • 課題:PPE的恰當使用相關之醫療專家訓練
  • 課題:為了滿足需求擴大PPE的生產量
  • 課題:對PPE廠商而言保障產品性能的困難
  • 課題:缺乏人因工程PPE及舒適性PPE的課題


  • 由於伊波拉出血熱的流行造成PPE需求的增加
  • 初期反應:來自PPE產業的部分捐款
  • 重度感染國的EVD流行:防堵伊波拉熱傳染的需求
  • 其他各國EVD的流行:準備對付伊波拉熱的需求
  • 防堵伊波拉熱所需的PPE需求估計
  • 對付伊波拉熱是PPE需求推動因素
  • 對付伊波拉熱:美國
  • 對付伊波拉熱所需PPE需求估計:美國
  • 對付伊波拉熱:歐洲


  • 預防伊波拉熱用PPE的供給
  • 競爭情形:預防伊波拉熱用PPE市場主要相關利益者
  • 伊波拉熱危機上的PPE廠商:主要的成功因素


  • 管制伊波拉熱用的特殊PPE:什麼是不可或缺的?
  • 管制伊波拉熱用的特殊PPE:課題是什麼?
  • 管制伊波拉熱用的特殊PPE的市場發展


  • 預防伊波拉熱用PPE的需求:封鎖用/支援用
  • 伊波拉出血熱的流行對PPE市場的影響:各地區·各PPE類型
  • 伊波拉出血熱的流行:PPE市場不可能持續的急速成長
  • 免責聲明


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Ebola Containment and Preparedness has Spurred a Small Boost to the PPE Market

This research service discusses the impact of the current West African Ebola outbreak on the global personal protective equipment (PPE) market. An outline of hazards in Ebola care and the PPE requirements are discussed. The challenges to the PPE industry posed by the outbreak are presented, and the response from the industry's product offerings and the competitive landscape are outlined. Additionally, this service analyzes the PPE demand generated by containment of the disease in West Africa and by the preparedness efforts in Rest of World, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • 1. Key Findings

Ebola Virus Disease-Fast Facts

  • 1. Ebola Virus Disease-Fast Facts
  • 2. Ebola Cases and Fatalities-Africa
  • 3. Ebola Cases and Fatalities-ROW

Role of Personal Protective Equipment in Combating the Ebola Virus Disease

  • 1. Role of PPE in Combating EVD
  • 2. Activities and Hazards in Ebola Care
  • 3. Types of PPE Used for Ebola Protection
  • 4. Who Needs Precaution and Protection?
  • 5. Who Needs Precaution and Protection? (continued)

Challenges Presented by the Ebola Virus Disease to the Personal Protective Equipment Market

  • 1. Challenges Presented by EVD to the PPE Market
  • 2. Challenge-Confusion Pertaining to PPE Specifications by Different Agencies
  • 3. PPE Specifications by the CDC for Protection against Ebola-No Specifications for PPE Standards
  • 4. PPE Specifications by WHO for Protection against Ebola-Recommendations and Not Requirements
  • 5. Challenge-Training Healthcare Professionals in Appropriate PPE Use
  • 6. Challenge-Scaling Up PPE Production to Meet Demand
  • 7. Challenge-PPE Manufacturers' Difficulty in Ensuring the Performance of Products
  • 8. Challenge-Lack of Ergonomic and Comfortable PPE

Impact of Ebola Virus Disease on the Personal Protective Equipment Market

  • 1. PPE Demand Boosted by the Ebola Outbreak
  • 2. Initial Response-Some Donations from the PPE Industry
  • 3. Initial Response-Some Donations from the PPE Industry (continued)
  • 4. Evolution of EVD in Intense-transmission Countries-Requiring Ebola Containment
  • 5. Evolution of EVD in ROW-Necessitating Ebola Preparedness
  • 6. Assessing PPE Demand for Ebola Containment
  • 7. Ebola Preparedness as a PPE Demand Driver
  • 8. Ebola Preparedness-United States
  • 9. Assessing the PPE Demand for Ebola Preparedness- United States
  • 10. Ebola Preparedness-Europe

Ebola Personal Protective Equipment-Product Offerings and Competitive Landscape

  • 1. PPE Offerings for Ebola Protection
  • 2. Competitive Landscape-Main Stakeholders in Ebola PPE
  • 3. Competitive Landscape-Main Stakeholders in Ebola PPE (continued)
  • 4. PPE Manufacturers in the Ebola Crisis-Key Success Factors

Specialized Personal Protective Equipment Products for Ebola Control-Feasibility for Product Innovation

  • 1. Specialized PPE Products for Ebola Control-What are the Needs?
  • 2. Specialized Ebola Control PPE Products-What are the Challenges?
  • 3. Specialized Ebola Control PPE Products-What are the Challenges? (continued)
  • 4. Market Developments for Specialized Ebola Control PPE Products


  • 1. Ebola PPE Demand-Containment versus Preparedness
  • 2. Impact of Ebola Outbreak on the PPE Market by Region and PPE Type
  • 3. Ebola Outbreak-An Unsustainable Boost for the PPE Market
  • 4. Legal Disclaimer

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • 3. Global Perspective
  • 4. Industry Convergence
  • 5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. Implementation Excellence
  • 7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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