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Use of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers in Emerging Markets

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新興市場上電力資料中心再生能源的利用 Use of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers in Emerging Markets
出版日期: 2014年10月10日 內容資訊: 英文 53 Pages




經濟分析:Micro Boom - 定義和聯合

  • EMI:從宏到微
  • 何謂大趨勢
  • Micro Boom:調查目的


  • 調查範圍
  • 調查手法


  • 全球IP流量飛躍性增加
  • 資料中心的需求持續超過供給
  • 資料中心的能源消費和碳排放量概要
  • 電力資料中心上再生能源的利用
  • 能源利用模式:IT·服務供應商別
  • 大IT企業的資料中心所在地
  • 新興市場資料中心:課題與機會
  • 各地區藉由新興市場擴大資料中心的機會


  • 成長分析
  • 新興市場展現出的網路用戶數和IPtraffic數的增加
  • 維繫網路用戶數增加的宏觀經濟要素
  • 維繫網路用戶數增加的人口統計要素
  • 新興市場再生能源發電數更高
  • 用再生能源發電和智慧電網基礎設施的新投資新興市場優勢
  • 再生能源:新興市場上現在·目標佔有率
  • 比較:新興市場上再生能源發電和網路用戶數的增加
  • 新興市場由都市化來領導市場
  • 智慧城市構想組成架構:城市經營方面ICT的依賴性
  • 主要新興市場上的智慧城市計劃
  • 案例研究:印度新計劃中的智慧城市,及巴西智慧構想已經確立的城市


  • 利益分析
  • 對擴大綠色資料中心的潛在新興市場選擇流程
  • 對擴大資料中心的潛在新興市場
  • 各國分析:南非的IT需求
  • 各國分析:南非再生能源
  • 各國分析:印尼的IT需求
  • 各國分析:印尼再生能源



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Does Your Green Footprint Strategy Leverage Emerging Market Potential?

Information technology and service provider companies are turning to renewable energy to meet sustainability goals because of high energy consumption and excessive emissions from data centers. Companies are investing in on-site renewable energy projects or partnering with utility companies to expand their green footprint. This study establishes that emerging markets hold great potential for green data center expansion, as some of them are focused on increasing renewable-energy generation and improving grid infrastructure. It also identifies potential emerging markets for green data center expansion by 2020.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • 1. Executive Summary

Economic Insights: Micro Boom-Definitions and Tie-ins

  • 1. EMI-A Journey from Macro to Micro
  • 2. What are Mega Trends and Economic Insights Micro Booms?
  • 3. Micro Booms-What Will We Be Looking Into?

Introduction-Scope and Research Methodology

  • 1. Scope of the Study
  • 2. Research Methodology

First Base-Business Insights

  • 1. Business Insights
  • 2. Global IP Traffic Increasing in Leaps and Bounds
  • 3. Data Center Demand Continues to Outpace Its Supply
  • 4. Data Center Energy Consumption and Carbon Emission Picture
  • 5. Use of Renewable Energy in Powering Data Centers
  • 6. Energy Usage Pattern by IT and Service Provider Companies
  • 7. Data Center Locations of Major IT Companies
  • 8. Data Centers in Emerging Markets-Challenges and Opportunities
  • 9. Regional Emerging Market Opportunities for Data Center Expansion

Second Base-Growth Insights

  • 1. Growth Insights
  • 2. Emerging Markets Demonstrating More Growth in Number of Internet Users and IP Traffic
  • 3. Macroeconomic Factors Supporting Number of Internet Users' Growth
  • 4. Demographic Factors Supporting Number of Internet Users' Growth
  • 5. Renewable Energy Generation is higher in Emerging Markets
  • 6. Emerging Markets Excel in New Investments in Renewable Energy Generation and Smart Grid Infrastructure
  • 7. Renewable Energy-Current and Target Shares in Emerging Markets
  • 8. A Comparison-Renewable Electricity Generation and Internet User Growth in Emerging Markets
  • 9. Emerging Markets to Lead in Urbanization by 2025
  • 10. Smart City Initiatives Framework-ICT Dependence in City Operations
  • 11. Smart City Projects in Selected Emerging Markets
  • 12. Case Studies-A New Planned Smart City in India and an Established City with Smart Initiatives in Brazil

Third Base-Profit Insights

  • 1. Profit Insights
  • 2. Selection Process of Potential Emerging Markets for the Expansion of Green Data Centers
  • 3. Potential Emerging Markets for Data Center Expansion
  • 4. Potential Emerging Markets for Data Center Expansion (continued)
  • 5. Country Insight: South Africa-IT Demand
  • 6. Country Insight: South Africa-Renewables
  • 7. Country Insight: Indonesia-IT Demand
  • 8. Country Insight: Indonesia-Renewables

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  • 1. Conclusion and Key Takeaways
  • 2. Legal Disclaimer


  • 1. Data Center Locations of Major IT Companies
  • 2. Renewable Energy Support Policies for Other Potential Emerging Markets
  • 3. Important Definitions
  • 4. Important Definitions (continued)
  • 5. Important Definitions (continued)
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