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Shale Boom: Gold Rush-Panning for Opportunities

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 307684
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 37 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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頁岩熱潮:在美國追求巨大的市場機會 Shale Boom: Gold Rush-Panning for Opportunities
出版日期: 2014年07月04日 內容資訊: 英文 37 Pages





  • 頁岩油:美國的新興石油風潮
  • 水力壓裂法:開採頁岩層的喜好選項
  • 石油/瓦斯價格高漲:對頁岩油的關注增加之要因
  • 合理的租賃環境促進個公司對頁岩油的投入
  • 水平開採與水利壓列法的進步,加速了非傳統原油的生產
  • 資源開發動態:加州石油熱潮到來的預感


  • 為了增加遠距離非傳統原油產量,中游工程需要大量的基礎建設
  • 為了將頁岩油運往煉油廠所需的管線/鐵路計畫出現
  • 與管線相關的爭論擴大,隨之促進對替代性基礎建設的投資


  • 正排量泵浦(PD)的利基用途:主要品牌的頁岩市場加入機會
  • 客製化手段與即時對應:對於泵浦製造商而言是確保市佔率的方法


  • 策略性合夥及合作,靠客製化對應與流通策略確保市場通路
  • 葉片/齒輪/螺桿泵需求增加的機會:運輸、自動送油、終點的儲存與卸載等用途
  • 法律方面的免責事項


  • 美國的頁岩油市場:主要運營企業的狀況(大型企業)
  • 美國的頁岩油市場:主要運營企業的狀況(中型企業)
  • 美國的頁岩油市場:主要運營企業的狀況(小型企業)

關於Frost & Sullivan

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Transportation, Water Treatment, and Multiphase Pumping Segments Drive Short-term Growth

The United States is at the cusp of an energy revolution triggered by the shale gas boom and intensified by the tight oil boom. Increased production of tight oil in the US is attracting more investment. In turn, operators position based on focus, geography, land acquisitions, first oil, and compliance to regulations help progress towards increased optimization. This creates tremendous opportunities for motor and drive manufacturers to offer appropriate solutions needed to overcome the challenges of tight oil production. This study also includes key strategies concerning market direction and techniques that a solution provider will need in order to harness market potential.

Table of Contents


Executive Summary

  • 1. Executive Summary

Market Overview

  • 1. Shale Oil: The New American Oil Boom
  • 2. Hydraulic Fracking: A Preferred Option for Shale
  • 3. Fluctuations In Oil/Gas Prices Drives the Focus to Shale Oil
  • 4. Operators Expediting the Shift to Shale Oil due to Favourable Leasing Dynamics
  • 5. Technological Advancement in Horizontal Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Accelerates Unconventional Crude Oil Production
  • 6. Developing Story-California Expected as the Next Oil Boom State

Shale Oil-Midstream Infrastructure

  • 1. Increasing Unconventional Crude Oil from Remote Sites Demand more Midstream Infrastructure
  • 2. Rise in Pipeline and Rail Projects to Transport Shale Oil to Refineries
  • 3. Rising Controversies with Pipeline Diverts Investments to Alternate Midstream Infrastructure

Pump Opportunities in Upstream Shale

  • 1. Niche Application of PD Pumps Make Major Brands a Part of Shale Growth Story
  • 2. Customized Approach and Quick Response would Secure the Pump Manufacturers' Share in the Shale Oil Market

Strategies for Success

  • 1. Strategic Partnership and Alliances, Along with Customised Sales and Distribution Strategy Assure Success
  • 2. Vane, Gear, and Screw Pumps See Growing Applications in Transportation, Custody Transfer, and Terminal Loading/Unloading Applications
  • 3. Legal Disclaimer


  • 1. Shale Oil in US-Key Oil Field Operators' Presence (Tier I)
  • 2. Shale Oil in US-Key Oil Field Operators' Presence (Tier II)
  • 3. Shale Oil in US-Key Oil Field Operators' Presence (Tier III)
  • 4. Shale Oil in US-Key Oil Field Operators' Presence (Tier III) (continued)
  • 5. Shale Oil in US-Key Oil Field Operators' Presence (Tier III) (continued)

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • 1. The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • 2. Value Proposition
  • 3. Global Perspective
  • 4. Industry Convergence
  • 5. 360° Research Perspective
  • 6. Implementation Excellence
  • 7. Our Blue Ocean Strategy
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