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European Construction and Demolition Recycling Services Market

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品編碼 299984
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 164 Pages
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歐洲的建築、拆卸(C&D)回收服務市場 European Construction and Demolition Recycling Services Market
出版日期: 2014年04月18日 內容資訊: 英文 164 Pages



  • 市場是否成長?成長率是多少?2013年∼2020年的預期成長率是多少?
  • 市場的推動因素與阻礙因素為何?
  • 現在可利用的技術選擇為何?發展的未來發展預測為何?
  • 今後8年的歐洲各國的市場業績為何?其影響要素

    第2章 市場概要

    第3章 C&D回收服務:綜合市場

    • 外部環境的相關課題:推動因素與阻礙因素
    • 預測與趨勢
    • 市場佔有率和競爭分析

    第4章 德國市場

    第5章 阿爾卑斯各國

    第6章 英國

    第7章 法國

    第8章 伊伯利亞

    第9章 義大利

    第10章 荷比盧三國

    第11章 斯堪地那維亞

    第12章 中歐、東歐

    第13章 彙整

    第14章 附錄

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Legislation Drives Recycling Target Toward Multibillion Dollar Market by 2020

This research service analyses the European construction and demolition (C&D) recycling services market. It describes the present status of waste volume management. The C&D waste covered in this research includes construction, excavation, and demolition waste. Hazardous wastes are excluded from this study. This study does not cover final recycling processes, such as metal or glass smelting, plastic remoulding, and waste to energy processes. The market is analysed for the period 2009 to 2020, with 2012 as the base year.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

  • Is the market growing, and at what rate? What is the anticipated growth between 2013 and 2020?
  • What is driving and restraining the market?
  • What technology options are now available, and what would be the future prospects of their development?
  • How will the countries in Europe perform in this market in the next eight years and due to what factors?
  • How much C&D waste volume will be generated, and what is the current waste management situation in European countries?
  • What will be the pricing trends of the waste management services in this market?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Market Overview
  • 3. Total C&D Recycling Services Market
    • External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
    • Forecast and Trends
    • Market Share and Competitive Analysis
  • 4. Germany Breakdown
  • 5. Alpine States Breakdown
  • 6. United Kingdom Breakdown
  • 7. France Breakdown
  • 8. Iberia Breakdown
  • 9. Italy Breakdown
  • 10. Benelux Breakdown
  • 11. Scandinavia Breakdown
  • 12. Central and Eastern Europe Breakdown
  • 13. The Last Word
  • 14. Appendix
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