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Scorecard for the Global Chemicals Industry

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 264 Pages
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全球化學產業的計分卡 Scorecard for the Global Chemicals Industry
出版日期: 2014年02月21日 內容資訊: 英文 264 Pages



  • 為何中東正逐漸失去成本方面的優勢?
  • 為何頁岩天然氣與美國的化學產業強化相關?
  • 怎樣的因素將美國推上了全球石油化學產業核心?
  • 有效利用以上情形的是哪個企業?
  • 產業的哪個部門,受惠於天然氣的過剩供給?
















  • 附錄:石油化學產業核心的美國
  • 附錄:綠色化學
  • 附錄:化學產業的物流
  • 附錄:中東的化學產業
  • 附錄:金磚四國的化學產業
  • 附錄:奈米化學
  • 附錄:新興國家市場
  • 附錄:農藥
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Strategic Analysis of the Top Industry Trends and Evaluation of High-growth Opportunities

This strategic research service aims at providing an overview of key trends and tectonic shifts that are expected to take place in the global chemicals market. The various chemical segments (basic, specialty, polymer, and agrochemicals) have been considered and an outlined analysis of the next game-changing markets of the future and what impact they could potentially have on the overall industry has been included. Diverse business models, partnership ventures, economic impact analysis, competitive perspectives, and key integrated industry trends have been analyzed to bring a CEO 360 perspective to the study.

Key Questions That Will Be Addressed

  • Why is the Middle East losing its low-cost position?
  • How did shale gas help strengthen the United States chemical industry?
  • What factors are supporting the development of the United States into a petrochemical hub?
  • Who are some of the participants taking advantage of the situation?
  • Which chemical segments will benefit the most from the excess natural gas supply?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. A Sustaining Promise?-The United States to Become an Petrochemical Hub by 2020
  • 4. The 40:30 Ratio-Setting the Stage for the European Chemical Factories of the Future
  • 5. Green Chemistry-Sustainable Chemical Production on Steroids
  • 6. The Case of Synergy-Vertical Integration from Basic to Specialty Chemicals Will Open a $900 Billion Market by 2020
  • 7. Beyond BRIC-A Growth Formula for Success in the Emerging Chemicals Industry
  • 8. Chemical Logistics-Nimbleness is the Name of the Game
  • 9. Small is the New Big-Process Intensification to Optimize Energy, Environment, and Safety
  • 10. Chemicals in the Middle East-Creation of the Downstream Value Parks
  • 11. Nanochemicals-The Next Paradigm Shift in Chemicals Production and Utilization
  • 12. Chemical Evolution in the BRIC Region-A Regulatory Approach to Sustain Competitiveness in the Chemicals Industry
  • 13. 'Rebalancing Innovation'-Sustainable Industry-specific Chemicals Setting the Stage for Competitive Strategy
  • 14. Future Perspectives
  • 15. Appendix
  • Appendix for US as a Petrochemical Hub
  • Appendix for Green Chemistry
  • Appendix for Chemical Logistics
  • Appendix for Chemicals in the Middle East
  • Appendix for Chemicals in BRIC
  • Appendix for Nanochemicals
  • Appendix for Emerging Markets
  • Appendix for Agrochemicals
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