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2012 IT Decision Makers' Views on the Evolution of Enterprise Communications

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 70 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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企業通訊的發展相關資訊科技決策者的見解 2012 IT Decision Makers' Views on the Evolution of Enterprise Communications
出版日期: 2013年01月17日 內容資訊: 英文 70 Pages


第1章 調查背景·目的·手法

第2章 摘要整理與預測

第3章 整體員工趨勢·通訊相對應的商務流程的實行

第4章 社群媒體策略的態度,實行及利用

  • 社群媒體策略的態度
  • 社群媒體策略的積極態度的各產業比較
  • 社群媒體策略的實行相關重要性的影響

第5章 視訊會議的利用設備

  • 各設備的視訊會議利用頻率

第6章 企業通訊解決方案的雲端利用與轉移

  • 企業通訊/資訊科技解決方案的利用頻率
  • 「雲端」的企業通訊解決方案
  • 「雲端」轉移的優先資訊科技/通訊
  • 未來的「雲端」型通訊/資訊科技解決方案轉移計劃的現在雲端利用的影響
  • 「雲端」型通訊/資訊科技解決方案轉移的短期計劃的各產業比較

第7章 企業行動通訊趨勢

  • 員工利用的智慧型手機擁有趨勢
  • 員工利用的平板電腦擁有趨勢
  • 現在引進,以及將來預定引進的行動應用程式
  • 現在及未來的行動應用程式利用
  • 行動應用程式解決方案引進的最重要的優點

第8章 企業統計

第9章 關於Frost & Sullivan

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A Perspective on Enterprise Communications Technology Adoption and IT Strategies

Businesses increasingly deploy advanced communications and collaboration applications in order to enhance employee productivity, streamline business processes, and reduce costs. However, they also face various challenges that prevent them from investing in enterprise communications and collaboration technologies or that delay their investment decisions. This service provides insights into current usage and adoption strategies for enterprise communications as well as into the future investment plans that will enable vendors, service providers, and channel partners to develop sustainable and competitive business practices. The base year for this service is 2012 and the region covered is the United States.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Research Background, Objectives, and Methods
  • 2. Executive Summary and Implications
  • 3. Overall Workforce Trends and Communication-enabled Business Process Implementation
  • 4. Attitudes, Implementation, and Usage of Social Media Strategy
    • Attitudes toward Social Media Strategies
    • Industry Comparison of Positive Attitudes toward Social Media Strategies
    • Impact of Importance on Social Media Strategy Implementation
  • 5. Devices Used for Videoconferencing
    • Frequency of Use of Videoconferencing on Different Devices
  • 6. Usage of and Migration to Cloud for Enterprise Communications Solutions
    • Frequency of Use of Enterprise Communications/IT Solutions
    • Enterprise Communications Solutions in the “Cloud”
    • Prioritized IT/Communications to Move to the “Cloud”
    • Impact of Current Cloud Use on Future Plans for Moving Communications/IT Solutions to the “Cloud”
    • Industry Comparison of Short-term Plans for Moving Communications/IT Solutions to the “Cloud”
  • 7. Trends in Enterprise Mobile Communications
    • Ownership Trends in Smartphones Used by the Workforce
    • Ownership Trends in Tablets Used by the Workforce
    • Mobile Applications Currently Deployed and Future Deployment
    • Current and Future Use of Mobile Application Implementation
    • Most Important Benefits in Deployed Mobile Application Solutions
  • 8. Firmographics
  • 9. The Frost & Sullivan Story
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