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Analysis of the Global Mobile Satellite Market

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出版日期 內容資訊 英文 59 Pages
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全球行動衛星通訊市場分析 Analysis of the Global Mobile Satellite Market
出版日期: 2014年01月03日 內容資訊: 英文 59 Pages

行動衛星通訊市場,由其可靠性和小型天線必要條件,一般是 利用S波段以及L波段的衛星通訊技術。利用衛星通訊技術的行動裝置中,有所謂行動電話、手機數據機、M2M3個分類。在用戶/組織,導入語音服務用、資訊服務用,或以上的組合。現在,行動電話有持續需求,手機數據機和M2M的需求急速增加。



  • 行動衛星通訊市場如何成長?
  • 哪個地區的行動衛星通訊最有成長潛力?
  • 各地區促進成長的要素為何?
  • 急速引進前進的技術為何?(電話、數據機、M2M)
  • 市場上主要課題為何?
  • 設備和網路可預期的演進為何?


  • 摘要整理
  • 市場概要
  • 行動衛星通訊:綜合市場
    • 推動因素、阻礙因素
    • 預測與趨勢
    • 市場佔有率和競爭分析
  • 北美
  • 南美
  • 歐洲
  • 亞太地區
  • 其他地區
  • 彙整
  • 附錄


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The Growing Popularity of M2M and Other Data Capabilities Drive Mobile Satellite Growth

The mobile satellite market typically utilizes traditional S-Band or L-Band satellite technology due to their reliability and relatively small antenna requirements. Mobile devices which utilize satellite technology fall under three categories: mobile handsets, mobile modems, and M2M. In these three categories there are adopting users and organizations for voice services, data services, or a combination of the two. Currently, mobile handsets are experiencing consistent demand while mobile modems and M2M demand continues to increase at a more rapid rate. Emergency applications and remote field applications continue to drive the mobile satellite market for handsets and modems while tracking and remote monitoring drive satellite M2M growth.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

  • What sort of growth will the mobile satellite market experience?
  • Which regions will experience the highest mobile satellite growth?
  • What is driving growth in each of these regions?
  • What technology is seeing the most rapid adoption? (phone, modem, or M2M)
  • What are the key challenges in this market?
  • What is the anticipated evolution for these devices and their respective networks?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Market Overview
  • 3. Total Mobile Satellite Market
    • Drivers and Restraints
    • Forecast and Trends
    • Market Share and Competitive Analysis
  • 4. North America Breakdown
  • 5. Latin America Breakdown
  • 6. Europe Breakdown
  • 7. APAC Breakdown
  • 8. ROW Breakdown
  • 9. The Last Word
  • 10. Appendix
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