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Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity

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客艙娛樂及連接的展望 Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity
出版日期: 2014年06月30日 內容資訊: 英文



第1章 策略性課題與預測

  • 在2013年中總合1萬9,300架飛機提供乘客連接服務
  • Panasonic Avionics 及 ThalesIFE壟斷市場
  • IFE的新形態進入市場
  • 成長的可定址市場
  • IFE、連接的匯流
  • 未來的航空法規大幅度推升衛星通訊的利用
  • 機內連接的成長障礙
  • 支撐機內連接的各種網路
  • 到來的HTS功能更加促進成長
  • IFEC市場預測

第2章 IFE(客艙娛樂)市場促進成長要素、阻礙成長要素、主要應用

  • 多樣的IFE服務由乘客的需求促進
  • 抑制IFE發展的阻礙因素

第3章 商務航空航線市場分析、展望

  • 商務航空市場
  • 民航市場

第4章 IFE供應商的策略、實際成果

  • 客艙娛樂:2公司控制之高度集中市場
  • 確立市場領導的Panasonic Avionics
  • IFEC供應商導向之不同的商務策略
  • 機內連接吸引新企業到市場
  • 大部分的連接服務供應商在過去10年內創設了
  • 服務供應商預計大部分提供Ka波段服務
  • MSS、FSS供應商雙方皆投資航空市場
  • MSS依然保有相當的機內通訊市場佔有率
  • Inmarsat在1990年之後,提供航空解決方案
  • 競爭的MSS環境預計持續發展
  • 航空市場留下FSS業者業務的一部分
  • HTS衛星支撐新世代的寬頻系統
  • 空對地支配北美市場
  • 為了衛星業者而存在的各種經營模式


Product Code: AERO14

Prospects for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity is a 90-page in-depth strategic review of the aeronautical industry, including sector dynamics, analysis and forecasts and addressing the In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC) market for commercial airlines and business aviation. Including company-by-company and airline-by-airline analysis in terms of connectivity. Market forecasts for revenue, installation, and bandwidth by region, by segment and by network technology is provided.

Highlights of the report:

The global In-Flight Connectivity market is expected to grow over the next 10 years, with approximately 13,000 commercial and 24,000 business airplanes to provide in-flight connectivity to passengers by 2023. With a take-up rate of 6% for commercial airline passengers, in-flight connectivity services generated around $440 million in revenue from airline passengers last year.

At present, 59 airlines in the world provide passenger in-flight connectivity services via satellite or ATG networks. Over 80% of connected aircraft are still from North America, however, Europe, the Middle East and Asia are getting increasingly important in the market, and are expected to be the major growth engine in the next decade. Besides the mature ATG and L-band networks, Ku and Ka-band satellite systems are increasingly being adopted by airlines. Capacity requirements from in-flight passenger traffic are expected to grow in the next ten years, supported by the launch of HTS satellites. About one third of the traffic is expected to be over oceanic regions.

The In-Flight Entertainment market is growing rapidly alongside in-flight connectivity. Over the past few years, several breakthrough technologies such as seat-centric systems and wireless IFE have entered the market, transforming the in-flight passenger experience. Airlines are benefiting from new solutions which increase passenger satisfaction, reduce costs and provide more ancillary revenue opportunities.

Report Features:

  • Over 90 pages
  • More than 60 full page graphs and table
  • PDF, Excel & PPT Files

The report covers 11 regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Oceania, North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean

Key trends, drivers & forecasts:

IFEC market drivers, inhibitors, and key applications

  • Overview and trends on the IFE market
  • Analysis of IFE content distribution
  • Inhibitors constraining IFE development

Analysis and prospects of business aviation and commercial airline markets

  • Analysis of the business aviation and commercial aviation addressable market
  • Analysis of airlines' IFEC business model
  • Regional analysis of IFEC current installations and ten-year forecasts on the business aviation and commercial aircraft markets

Strategies & performance of IFEC providers

  • Divergent strategies of IFE market players
  • Analysis of in-flight connectivity service providers
  • Analysis of satellite operators
  • Market share of connectivity service providers on the commercial aircraft market
  • Market share by operators on the business jet market


Table of Contents


  • A total of 19,300 aircraft providing passenger connectivity in 2013
    • Close to 3,300 commercial aircraft providing cabin connectivity in 2013
    • 16,000 business aircraft providing cabin connectivity in 2013
    • $1.5 billion revenue for IFEC equipment sales in 2013
  • Panasonic Avionics and Thales dominate the IFE market
  • New forms of IFE have entered the market
  • A growing addressable market
  • The convergence of IFE and connectivity
  • Future aero regulations to drastically drive satcom usage
  • Barriers inhibiting inflight connectivity growth
  • Various networks supporting inflight connectivity
  • Upcoming HTS capacity to further drive the growth
  • IFEC market forecast to 2023


  • A diversified IFE offer driven by passengers' demand
    • IFE is becoming an ancillary revenue generator for airlines
    • A mature IFE market for Twin-aisle and large aircraft
    • Various IFE applications require in-flight connectivity
    • Wireless and seat centric solutions are being adopted by an increasing number of airlines
    • The IFE market tends to be vertically integrated
  • Inhibitors constraining IFE development
    • The upfront cost for IFE installation is still high
    • Adoption of new IFE systems could bring risks
    • Regulations are still a major issue


Business Aviation Market

  • Global business aviation fleet has been growing for a decade
    • Bombardier and Gulfstream stand for nearly 50% of business jet deliveries
    • Multiple business models exist for business aviation operation
    • Large and medium jets stand for the major IFEC market
  • Global business aviation fleet grew by 2.7% in 2013
    • Number of deliveries grew for the first time in 2013 since 2009
    • Replacements are expected to drive the growth
    • Fractional ownership is pulling the demand
  • North America is the largest market, but emerging markets are chasing behind
  • Business aviation is a mature satcom market
  • The business aviation connectivity market is highly competitive
    • MSS is still dominating the market
    • VSAT is growing with big potential
    • Air-to-Ground connectivity has only one major provider

Commercial Airline Market

  • Close to 24,500 commercial aircraft in operation at the end of 2013
  • Air traffic growth and adoption of larger aircraft drive the satcom market
    • Commercial airline traffic is rebounding
    • Profitability is still a challenge for airlines
  • Aircraft replacements and new deliveries foster satcom installation
  • Take rate for inflight connectivity still remains low
  • Airlines' IFEC business model
    • Linefit and retrofit are two ways for IFEC installation
    • Different airline pricing strategy for connectivity service
    • International and long-haul flights have higher IFEC demand


  • In-flight entertainment: A highly concentrated market controlled by two players
  • Panasonic Avionics as the established market leader
  • Different business strategies for IFEC providers
  • In-flight connectivity brings new players into the market
  • Most connectivity service providers were created within the last 10 years
  • The majority of service providers will offer Ka-band services
  • Mergers & acquisitions are changing the market structure
  • Both MSS and FSS operators are investing in the aeronautical market
  • MSS still hold a significant in-flight communications market share
  • Inmarsat has been offering aero solutions since the 1990s
  • A competing MSS environment which will continue to evolve
  • Aeronautical market remains a fraction of FSS operators' business
  • HTS satellites to support new generation broadband systems
  • Air-to-ground dominating in North American market
  • Different business models exist for satellite operators

Listing of tables & graphs


Key Performance Indicators for Airlines and Business Aviation

  • Scope and definition of the study
  • Commercial airlines passenger in-flight connectivity service revenue by technology
  • Number of MSS terminals in commercial aviation
  • Number of Ku-band terminals in commercial aviation
  • Number of Ka-band terminals in commercial aviation
  • Number of ATG terminals in commercial aviation
  • Total terminals in commercial aviation, by technology
  • Ku-band capacity requirements - commercial aviation
  • Ka-band capacity requirements - commercial aviation
  • Total VSAT capacity requirements - commercial aviation
  • Ku-band transponder usage (36 MHZ units) - commercial aviation
  • FSS satellite operators' revenue - commercial aviation
  • Number of ifec equipped aircraft - commercial aviation
  • IFEC equipment revenue by type of commercial aircraft
  • Service revenue by technology - business aviation - satcom SP level
  • Number of MSS terminals in business aviation
  • Number of Ku-band terminals in business aviation
  • Number of Ka-band terminals in business aviation
  • Number of ATG terminals in business aviation
  • Total terminals in business aviation, by technology
  • Ku-band bandwidth requirements - business aviation
  • Ka-band bandwidth requirements - business aviation
  • Total vsat capacity requirements - business aviation
  • Ku-band transponder usage (36 MHZ units) - business aviation
  • FSS satellite operators' revenue - business aviation
  • Commercial airlines forecasts
  • In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) forecasts
  • Business aviation forecasts

Forecasts Business Aviation

  • Passengers' journey driven by various services
  • Passenger entertainment during a flight
  • Types of IFE
  • Various data rates for different applications
  • Technical roadmap
  • Sample of key events of in-flight connectivity market

Analysis and Prospects of Business Aviation and Commercial Airlines Market

  • Business aviation market - facts & figures: addressable market (2013)
  • 2013 worldwide business jet shipments
  • Value chain for the business aviation industry
  • US jet utilization by category
  • Business jets segmentation
  • Satcom applications for businessmen
  • Example of equipment manufacturers on the business aviation market
  • Satcomdirect pricing for Inmarsat and Viasat services
  • Satcomdirect pricing for iridium aero service
  • GoGo Biz services before July 2014
  • GoGo Biz services after July 2014
  • Number of connected business jets (in 2023 vs. 2013)
  • Commercial airlines market - facts & figures: addressable market (2013)
  • Commercial aircraft segmentation
  • Value chain for commercial aviation industry
  • Commercial aircraft's traffic
  • Evolution of monthly RPK (in billions)
  • Regional RPK growth year-over-year
  • Evolution of commercial airline industry revenue and net profits
  • Service package pricing range for onboard connectivity* ($)
  • Connected aircraft by type of technologies
  • Number of low-cost connected aircraft
  • Number of connected commercial aircraft (in 2023 vs. 2013)
  • Number of in-flight connection enabled commercial
  • Aircraft by airline and by region, ye 2013
  • Penetration rate - commercial aircraft - 2023 vs. 2013

Strategies and Performance of IFEC Providers

  • Strategies and performance of IFEC providers
  • Main equipment manufacturers by type of system
  • Service providers' strategies
  • Inmarsat aeronautical satcom service portfolio
  • Ku-band vs. Ka-band


  • In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) forecasts
  • Business aviation forecasts
  • Passengers' journey driven by various services
  • Passenger entertainment during a flight
  • Various data rates for different applications
  • Sample of key events of in-flight connectivity market
  • Example of equipment manufacturers on the business aviation market
  • 2013 worldwide business jet shipments
  • Satcomdirect pricing for Iridium Aero Service
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