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India Satcom Markets 2014, Country Profile

出版商 Euroconsult 商品編碼 304897
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 30 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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印度衛星通訊市場:國家分類檔案 India Satcom Markets 2014, Country Profile
出版日期: 2014年01月30日 內容資訊: 英文 30 Pages



  • 國家概要:經濟、人口指標
  • 印度通訊市場:主要指標、趨勢
  • 印度衛星通訊部門:進化與ISRO角色
  • 衛星通訊價值鏈:價值鏈構造與集中化等級、各等級主要企業、各等級、區分市場規模的定量評價


  • ISRO國內製造能力評價:ISRO製造業務組織、主要設備、主要契約業者、通訊衛星與其他衛星重要性比較評價
  • 海外製造供應商的業者角色:ISRO內部製造能力與海外的外包比較評價
  • 未來市場發展預測:ISRO未來通訊衛星製造計畫與國內能力比較評價、海外製造業者、供應商、印度子契約商潛在市場機會


  • 衛星營運環境:市場規模與業者市場佔有率、ISRO/Antrix角色、印度容量租用過程、衛星通訊相關法規制度、稅金、海外FSS、HTS業者、容量價格與趨勢、預測、展望
  • 地面設備市場環境:市場規模定量評價、主要企業收益佔有率、設備供應商迷你檔案、法規制度、稅金等主要課題



  • DTH
  • 影像發送
  • 發送影像、DSNG
  • 集群、蜂巢式中繼站
  • VSAT企業市場
  • 摘要、結論
    • 印度衛星通訊價值鏈與市場現況
    • 主要成長區域預測
    • 今後衛星通訊政策、國家衛星通訊方案、發射器開發影響
    • 海外業者展望
    • 衛星需求、容量租借收益10年預測:服務種類分類


Product Code: ISM14

The latest edition to Euroconsult's country profile series, India Satcom Markets 2014 is an in-depth analysis of the Indian satcom value chain assessing key trends, drivers, players, and market growth prospects in the Indian satcom markets, including KPIs and forecasts for each segment.

Highlights from the report:

India's satellite communication sector has experienced significant growth over the past five years driven by explosive demand from DTH pay-TV platforms and growing telecommunication needs in the country. The satcom value chain is strongly influenced by the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) that is present all along the satcom value chain including for satellite manufacturing, launch, satellite operations, regulations and partially services. On the manufacturing level, roughly half of the country's satellite manufacturing sector spending is dedicated to developing communications satellites. While ISRO dominates the satcom manufacturing landscape, outsourcing to foreign and national companies will continue to provide growth opportunities for a number of players with hundreds of millions of dollars to be outsourced from 2013-2021.

Satellite capacity demand from DTH broadcasting grew at a CAGR of over 7% from 2008-2013, now representing 32% of total commercial satellite capacity usage. TV distribution services to cable operators and VSAT enterprise networks have equally seen growing demand in recent years, leading to an increasing number of players now operating in the country's teleport and VSAT service market. In particular the cellular backhaul market has begun to see strong take-up in India with the arrival of HTS systems such as IpStar, but also government-backed networks connecting schools, remote villages, etc. are currently growing with increasing capacity needs. Alongside satellite services, the annual satellite ground equipment market has also seen growth, generating $40 million in equipment revenue in 2012, dominated by international ground terminal manufacturers.

While domestic operator ISRO/Antrix enjoys significant regulatory advantages in the market, only a proportion of the commercial demand for satellite capacity is being met by domestic capacity today, with the majority being provided by foreign satellite operators. Regulatory barriers and capacity supply constraints still challenge market growth. Changes in the country's satcom policy, expected to be released in 2014, are expected to bring positive changes and contribute to additional growth in satcom markets over the coming years, in particular for services using Ku-band capacity from foreign operators. In total, demand for regular capacity is expected to grow at 6% p.a. between 2013 and 2023 in addition to new demand for satcom services using HTS systems.

Key Features:

Report elements:

  • Over 30 pages
  • More than 18 full page graphs and tables
  • PDF, Excel & PPT Files

Key trends, drivers & forecasts:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the Indian satcom value chain/market
  • In-depth assessment of the ISRO along the value chain
  • Assessment of the satcom manufacturing sector in India
  • Assessment of the FSS operator market in India
  • Assessment of the ground equipment (VSAT) market in India
  • Assessment of all major satcom service segments including:
    • DTH TV broadcasting
    • Video distribution, contribution & SNG
    • Trunking and cellular backhaul
    • Enterprise & civil government VSAT networks



                Sources: Interviews, Euroconsult database and analysis,
                ISRO annual report 2012, ISRO 12th five-year plan(2012-2017)


Table of Contents

Telecom and Satcom Market Overview In India

  • Country overview with key economic and demographic indicators
  • Indian telecom market with major indicators and trends
  • The satellite communication sector in India, its evolution and the role of ISRO in the market
  • Satcom value chain: Structure of the value chain and level of concentration on each level; key players at each level; quantitative assessment of market value at each level and for major segments

Satellite Manufacturing Sector in India

  • Assessment of ISRO's domestic manufacturing capability: Organization of ISRO's manufacturing activities; key facilities; major sub-contractors; importance of telecom satellites vs. others
  • Role of foreign manufacturing suppliers for communication satellites. Assessment of ISRO's in-house capabilities vs. foreign outsourcing
  • Prospects for future market evolution: Assessment of ISRO's future communications satellite manufacturing plans vs. domestic capabilities. Potential future opportunities for foreign manufacturers, suppliers and Indian sub-contractors

Satellite Operators and Ground Equipment Players

  • Satellite operator landscape: Market sizing and market shares of operators; role of ISRO/Antrix; Capacity lease process in India; satcom policy, regulations and taxes; foreign FSS and HTS operators; capacity pricing and trends; outlook and prospects
  • Ground equipment market landscape: Quantitative assessment of market value along with revenue shares of key players; mini profiles of equipment vendors; key issues including regulations and taxes

Satellite Service Segments, Market Summary and Forecasts

Assessment of market size, key growth drivers and inhibitors and future outlook for:

  • DTH
  • Video distribution
  • Video contribution and DSNG
  • Trunking and cellular backhaul
  • VSAT enterprise market
  • Summary and conclusion on the current state of the Indian satcom value chain and markets; outlook on major growth areas; impact of future satcom policies, national satcom programs, and launcher development; prospects for foreign operators; 10 year forecast of satellite demand and capacity lease revenue by service segment

Listing of Tables & Graphs:

1- Telecom and Satcom Market Overview In India

Country Overview

  • Key Macro Economic Indicators, Population Density Map, Demographic Pyramid (2012)

Indian Telecom Market

  • Major Telecom Indicators For India (2012)
  • Cellular Subscribers and Penetration (2006-2012)
  • Optical Fiber and Submarine Cable Network Map
  • Broadband Subscribers and Penetration (2006-2012)

Indian Satellite Communications Sector

  • Evolution of Indian Satcom Market
  • Organization Chart of ISRO, Main ISRO Centers And Activities
  • ISRO Space Budget With Activity Breakdown (2013-14)
  • ISRO Budget Evolution (2006-2013)
  • The Indian Satcom Market Value Chain

2- Satellite Manufacturing Sector

The Satellite Manufacturing Sector

  • Major ISRO Sub-Contractors for Satellite Manufacturing
  • ISRO Manufacturing Budget (2013) With Activity Break Down
  • Telecom vs. other Satellite Manufacturing Budget Evolution (2006-2013)

The Use of Foreign Suppliers is Decreasing

  • Foreign Outsourcing vs. Domestic Manufacturing Evolution
  • Benchmark of ISRO Satellites
  • ISRO Domestic Telecom Satellite Manufacturing SWOT Analysis

Prospects for The Future Of India's Manufacturing Market

  • Manufacturing Revenue From Indian Communication Satellites (2013-2021)

3- Satellite Operators and Ground Equipment Market

Satellite Operators

  • Ku-Band Capacity Leasing Process in India
  • C-Band And Ku-Band Demand Breakdown By Operator (2013)

ISRO/Antrix As The Dominant Satellite Operator in the Country

  • INSAT Evolution (1980-2013), Major INSAT Satellites and Customers
  • Active And Planned Regular Capacity Supply Of ISRO (2006-2016), INSAT SWOT Analysis

Capacity Pricing

  • Bandwidth Lease Rate (2013)
  • INSAT Supply vs. Domestic Demand (2008-2016)
  • Orbital Slot Comparison: ISRO vs Foreign Operators

Ground Equipment Providers

  • Annual Satellite Ground Equipment Market Revenue By Operator (2012)

3- Satellite Service Segments, Market Summary and Forecasts

Satellite Services

  • DTH Subscribers by Platform (2007-2012), Key Video Neighborhoods Over India (2013)
  • DTH Channels By Platform & Total Transponders Used (2008-2013)
  • Cable TV Subscribers and Penetration (2007-2012)
  • Licensed and Operational TV Channels (2007-2012)
  • TV Contribution Feeds (2007-2012),SNG Market by Operator (2012)
  • Trunking Capacity Demand By VSNL(2007-2012)
  • Satellite Backhaul Sites and Capacity (2007-2012)
  • VSAT Deployments (2007-2012) and Service Revenue (2012) By Operator
  • Annual VSAT Installations by Service Segments (2012)
  • VSAT Terminal Cost & Import Duty (2000-2012)

Summary and Forecast

  • Summary Of Market Forecasts (2013 & 2023)
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