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診療所的照護現場診斷 (POC診斷) 市場調查 2014年

Point-of-Care Diagnostics - Physician's Office Report 2014

出版商 BMI Research 商品編碼 259017
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 193 pages
商品交期: 最快1-2個工作天內
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診療所的照護現場診斷 (POC診斷) 市場調查 2014年 Point-of-Care Diagnostics - Physician's Office Report 2014
出版日期: 2014年12月23日 內容資訊: 英文 193 pages

本報告提供在診療所/基層護理狀況下的照護現場 (POC) 中所使用的體外診斷產品的全球市場相關詳細分析、在該市場活動的90家公司以上的名錄、主要企業簡介等,為您概述為以下內容。


  • 糖尿病管理使用的POC HbA1c分析儀
  • 膽固醇監測儀
  • 使用抗凝血劑的監測患者用PT-INR螢幕
  • 特別對流感等呼吸系疾病診斷有幫助, 基層醫療採用的傳染病檢查
  • 表示感染、發炎的C反應性蛋白質 (CRP) 檢驗
  • 特定癌症類型篩檢使用的腫瘤標記檢驗
  • 診療用途設計的臨床化學、尿液檢查產品


  • 市場估計、預測:各主要產品種類
  • 競爭情形分析
  • 市場趨勢、市場主要產品、新產品,及研發產品線分析
  • 90家公司以上的名錄及11家市場領導公司的詳細介紹
  • 詳細的營運環境分析



This special report takes an in-depth look at the global market for in vitro diagnostic products used at the point-of-care in a physician's office/primary care setting.

Key product sectors analyzed include:

  • POC HbA1c analyzers used in the management of diabetes
  • Cholesterol monitors
  • PT-INR monitors for monitoring patients using anti-coagulants
  • Infectious disease tests used in primary care, particularly those that help to diagnose respiratory illnesses such as influenza
  • C-reactive protein tests that can indicate infection and inflammation
  • Tumors marker tests that are used for screening certain types of cancer
  • Clinical chemistry and urinalysis products designed for use in a physician's office

The ‘Point-of-Care Diagnostics - Physician's Office Report 2014’ also includes a directory of more than 90 companies active in this area, as well as full profiles of the market leaders, including product portfolio, financial, R&D, agreements, and merger and acquisition information.

The Special Report provides a detailed analysis on the following topics:

  • Market estimates for 2007-2013 and market forecasts to 2018 by key product sector
  • An analysis of the competitive landscape
  • A full analysis of key market trends, market-leading and new products, and R&D pipeline
  • Directory of over 90 companies and 11 detailed profiles for the market leaders
  • Detailed operating environment analysis

Published by Espicom - experts in the pharmaceutical field for over 30 years, The ‘Point-of-Care Diagnostics - Physician's Office Report 2014’ brings together a range of often difficult to source information in one single, convenient and comprehensive publication.

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