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Mapping The New World : Global Consumer Foodservice in 2013 and Beyond

出版商 Euromonitor International 商品編碼 279496
出版日期 內容資訊 英文
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新的全球開拓:全球消費者取向食品服務市場未來展望 Mapping The New World : Global Consumer Foodservice in 2013 and Beyond
出版日期: 2013年08月01日 內容資訊: 英文





  • 持續穩定成長
  • 實質銷售額的成長率劣於商店數、顧客數
  • 市場規模亞太地區最大,成長率為南美最高
  • 成長平衡更加傾向新興國家市場
  • 東歐、南美市場加速化及中國市場的減速
  • 全套服務餐廳佔最大的市場佔有率
  • 迅速合適選擇的優勢:各類別成長率調查
  • 新興國家市場重要性更為增加
  • 獨立型商店佔大半,不過零售商店的分店也在全球各地增加
  • 食品服務和零售業、旅遊業的融合
  • 速度、便利性、經驗促進銷售額


  • 雖不會急復甦,不過穩定的成長還會持續
  • 提供亞太地區、南美最大的市場機會
  • 繼續對全球各地進軍的速食
  • 從「分類」朝向「連續體」
  • 北美市場穩定預測
  • 獨立型商店也更加成長,但零售商店、旅遊機構的分店也擴大
  • 未來發展預測:最大的成長機會的地點(今後6年份)
  • 亞洲、南北美洲,主導今後的市場擴大


  • 在景氣復甦中,大型連鎖店的成長率相對變高
  • 大企業維持巨大的市場佔有率
  • 產業高度細分化,至今獨立型商店仍主導
  • 便利性、高級化策略使連鎖店成長
  • 超越獨立型商店的連鎖店
  • 困難條件下持續看好連鎖店
  • 長期性流程的初期階段


  • 速食:北美、亞洲的成長率低
  • 已開發國家:低價商品的銷售促進成長
  • 亞洲:速食的市場機會比看起來大
  • 全方位服務餐廳:在亞洲(與中國)繼續成長
  • 中國市場的因素
  • 美國、南美、中東:中國以外的成長促進因素
  • 咖啡/酒吧:由於西歐的嚴苛業績而減少
  • 咖啡館、咖啡廳:西歐的需求大幅度降低
  • 巴西:酒吧文化的流行與市場機會的實現化
  • 露天、販售亭:交通量的多的地點的分店接連開設
  • 亞太地區:攤販至今仍呈現盛況
  • 宅配業者:停頓持續
  • 比薩外送:英語圈受歡迎而促進銷售額
  • 美國的比薩市場:今後更加成長
  • 咖啡簡餐店:歐洲的高級化動向及巴西的成長
  • 在巴西以外的咖啡簡餐店的低調及繼續革新

With slowing global growth putting an end to any remaining hopes of a booming recovery, foodservice operators must continue to come to terms with an endlessly challenging global competitive environment. However, for many there is still hope amidst the gloom - as this new report, reveals, major changes are under way in the world of eating out, and the opportunities are significant - across every category, from full-service to street stalls, for those with the flexibility and foresight to adapt.

What this report includes

  • Top-level strategic analysis of how major consumer trends will influence global markets
  • Consumer insight
  • Impact across all relevant consumer markets
  • Unique graphics and case studies
  • Key market snapshots
  • Accompanying presentation to synthesise main findings

Why buy this report

  • Identify factors driving change now and in the future
  • Understand motivation
  • Forward-looking outlook
  • Briefings and presentation should provoke lively discussion at senior level
  • Take a step back from micro trends
  • Get up to date estimates and comment

Table of Contents


  • Scope
  • Key findings

Global Performance

  • Steady growth continues in 2012, with clouds on the horizon
  • Real value growth lags well behind outlets, traffic expansion
  • Asia Pacific leads in size, while Latin America dominates growth
  • Balance of growth tilts further towards emerging markets
  • Acceleration in Eastern Europe, Latin America, while China slows
  • Full-service restaurants contribute the largest share of global value
  • Category growth shows strength in quick, affordable options
  • Emerging markets gain relevance by the day
  • Standalone reigns, but retail locations are gaining global relevance
  • Foodservice becoming integral to retail and travel experiences
  • Speed, convenience, and experience to drive sales in 2013

The Way Forward

  • No booming recovery ahead, but steady growth will continue
  • Asia Pacific and Latin America offer major growth opportunities
  • Fast food to continue its global advance
  • From categories to continuum
  • Bullish forecasts for North America
  • Plenty of growth in standalone, but retail and travel to claim share
  • Moving forward: The largest growth opportunities 2012-2017
  • Asia and the Americas to drive expansion over next decade

Competitive Landscape

  • Relatively strong growth for leading chains as expansion returns
  • Top players continue to enjoy share gains
  • Industry highly fragmented, still led by independents
  • Chained growth driven by convenience, premium positioning
  • Chains surge ahead of independents in 2012
  • Difficult conditions continue to favour chained players
  • Early days for a years-long process

Category Highlights

  • Fast food expansion a tale of North America and Asia
  • Developed market trading down continues to drive growth
  • Fast food opportunity in Asia possibly even larger than it appears
  • Full-service remains a story of Asia (and China)
  • The China factor
  • US, Latin America, Middle East to drive growth outside China
  • Grim performance in Western Europe drags cafés/bars down
  • Cafés, coffee shops surge forward as European demand plummets
  • Brazil's thriving bar culture drives real opportunity
  • Street stalls and kiosks still a driving force in global traffic
  • Asia Pacific still a region of street vendors
  • Continued stagnation for takeaway operators
  • English-speaking world's love of pizza drives sales forward
  • US pizza demand to drive future growth
  • European cafeterias move upscale, while Brazil stays in the picture
  • Little top-line growth outside Brazil, yet innovation lurks
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