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Pricing Power - Still Driving Tobacco Industry Profits

出版商 Euromonitor International 商品編碼 138135
出版日期 內容資訊 英文 66 Pages
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全球香菸市場之訂價 Pricing Power - Still Driving Tobacco Industry Profits
出版日期: 2010年11月22日 內容資訊: 英文 66 Pages






  • 平均價格:地區別
  • 香菸1箱之價格比較:地區別
  • 地區別價格趨勢
  • 香菸訂價:主要特徵
  • 未來議題
  • FCTC:香菸法規架構條約
  • 稅金、香菸訂價、消費者
  • 價格及不法交易
  • 價格策略及優質化
  • 全球香菸市場受價格影響
  • 價格對銷售之影響
  • 價格、出貨量、出貨金額vs香菸之價格彈性
  • 消費產品支出比較


  • 西歐:香菸價格分析、展望
  • 西歐:國家別案例研究
  • 西歐:英國之案例研究
  • 西歐:西班牙之案例研究
  • 東歐:香菸價格分析
  • 東歐:國家別案例研究
  • 俄羅斯之案例研究
  • 北美:香菸價格分析
  • 北美:國家別案例研究
  • 拉丁美洲:香菸價格分析
  • 拉丁美洲:國家別案例研究
  • 巴西之案例研究
  • 亞太地區:香菸價格分析
  • 亞太地區:國家別案例研究
  • 日本之案例研究
  • 中東、非洲:香菸價格分析
  • 中東、非洲:國家別案例研究
  • 澳大拉西亞:香菸價格分析


  • 西歐:價格分析、展望
  • 案例研究:西班牙(價格、捲菸、未來機會)
  • 東歐:價格分析、展望
  • 北美:價格分析、展望
  • 拉丁美洲:價格分析、展望
  • 亞太地區:價格分析、展望
  • 亞太地區、澳大拉西亞:價格分析、展望
  • 中東、非洲:價格分析、展望


  • 價格訂定及「優質化」
  • 價格範圍及GFB(全球旗艦品牌)
  • PMI之GFB定位:全球價格領導
  • PMI之全球品牌:市場佔有率及市場佔有率、價格範圍(2009年)
  • BAT之GFB定位 vs 價格領導之PMI
  • BAT之全球品牌:市場佔有率及市場佔有率、價格範圍(2009年)
  • 日本香菸產業之GFB、價格領導定位
  • 日本香菸產業之全球品牌:市場佔有率及市場佔有率、價格範圍(2009年)
  • Imperial TobaccoのGFB定位
  • Imperial之全球品牌:市場佔有率及市場佔有率、價格範圍(2009年)


  • 香菸市場受價格主導之持續性
  • 經濟價格現況、高級品牌現況
  • 價格展望:現況



  • All values expressed in this report are in US$ million at current year-on-year prices.
  • All forecast financial data in US$ are expressed at constant exchange rates unless otherwise stated.
  • Euromonitor International' s global analysis includes on-the-ground research and analysis of the 80 leading markets (which account for over 95% of most consumer markets) with other countries modelled for world and regional totals.

Price bands

  • Euromonitor International divides the cigarettes market into three price bands: premium; mid-price; and economy. Rises in prices can cause consumers to shift from one band to another, creating major differences between countries. Generally, high prices mean stronger mid-price and economy bands though the competitive advantage of major brands can enable the premium band to stay strong in spite of major price rises. The US market is made up of almost 70% premium brands despite major price growth since the Master Settlement Agreement, while in the UK (with the second-highest unit prices in the world) over 60% of the market is made up of economy brands.
  • Actual pack price changes versus average price paid changes
  • Comparing equivalent prices of the same brand is not the same as comparing average price paid. This is because comparing the price of a particular brand, while showing how much manufacturer prices and tax differ from market to market, does not take account of the proportion of consumers buying cheap brands and thus lowering average price paid. When sufficient consumers trade down this can even cause the average price paid for a pack of cigarettes to fall despite the fact that manufacturer price rises and tax-driven price rises have caused the price of all brands to rise.

Key Findings

  • Prices paid by consumers for cigarettes are rising all over the world and (excluding China) prevalence is falling, though global volumes will be protected by growing smoking populations in developing regions.
  • More than public smoking bans, health warnings and marketing restrictions, higher prices through increasing taxation are viewed as the most effective way of cutting smoking and raising tax revenues.
  • Illicit trade stood at 522 bn sticks in 2009 and the connection between higher prices and cigarette smuggling is not disputed. However, illicit trade rise fears will rarely deter governments or the industry from raising prices.
  • All the international companies are currently recording like-for-like volume falls, but pricing gains and premiumisation are keeping sales and profits rising. This will continue, albeit with more flexibility in price band strategies.

Table of Contents


  • Scope
  • Cigarette Pricing - Key Findings
  • Cigarette Pricing - Key Questions
  • Pricing Power Prospects
  • The Financial Future of the Tobacco Industry
  • Pricing Positives and Negatives - Key Extracts From Report


  • Average Cigarette Prices by Region 2009 (US$ Per 20 Pack)
  • Cigarette Pack Price Comparisons - By Region
  • Regional Price Trends
  • Cigarette Pricing - Key Features
  • Pricing Questions for the Future
  • The Fctc - Price As A Primary Instrument of Tobacco Control
  • Tax, Cigarette Prices and the Consumer
  • Price and Illicit Trade
  • Pricing Strategies and ' Premiumisation '
  • How Price Drives the Global Cigarettes Market
  • Price Impact on Sales - Sector Comparison
  • Price, Volume and Value Vs Price Elasticity in Cigarettes
  • Consumer Goods Spend Comparisons


  • Western Europe Cigarette Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Western Europe - Country Case Studies
  • Western Europe - Case Study UK
  • Western Europe - Case Study Spain
  • Eastern Europe Cigarette Price Analysis
  • Eastern Europe - Country Case Studies
  • Russia - Case Study
  • North America Cigarette Price Analysis
  • North America - Country Case Studies
  • Latin America Cigarette Price Analysis
  • Latin America - Country Case Studies
  • Brazil - Case Study
  • Asia Pacific Cigarette Price Analysis
  • Asia Pacific - Country Case Studies
  • Japan - Case Study
  • Middle East and Africa - Cigarette Price Analysis
  • Middle East and Africa - Country Case Studies
  • Australasia - Cigarette Price Analysis


  • Western Europe - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Western Europe - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Case Study Spain - Price, Ryo and the Future
  • Eastern Europe - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • North America - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Latin America - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Asia Pacific - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Asia Pacific and Australasia - Price Analysis and Outlook
  • Middle East and Africa - Price Analysis and Outlook


  • Pricing and ‘Premiumisation’
  • Price Bands and Global Flagship Brands
  • Pmi - Gfb Positioning - The Global Price Leader
  • Pmi Global Brands: Shares and Price Bands 2009
  • Bat - Gfb Positioning Vs Pmi the Price Leader
  • Bat Global Brands: Shares and Price Bands 2009
  • Japan Tobacco - Gfbs and Price Leader Positioning
  • Jti Global Brands: Shares and Price Bands 2009
  • Imperial Tobacco - Gfb Positioning
  • Imperial Global Drive Brands: Shares and Price Bands 2009


  • Is A Price-driven Cigarettes Market Sustainable?
  • Economy Band Scenario Or Premium Band Scenario?
  • Pricing Outlook Scenarios
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